Faraday cloth for sanity

Last night I slept under a Faraday cloth cover and for the first time in about six weeks I had a full nights real sleep with no night sweats and slept in one uninterrupted block from 11pm to 7am dreaming all night. Then I woke up, rolled over and immediately went back to another two […]


One of my favourite movies is “24 Hour Party People” because it features a lot of very cool bands including Joy Division and The Happy Mondays. And it’s both sad and funny too. The Happy Mondays were legendary for their drug intake – just check out this video to see how wasted they were: I […]


About 20 years ago when you logged in to a website you usually clicked on a button saying either “login” or “enter” Now most websites want you to “SUBMIT” This is no accident, it is part of the constant process of programming the masses to be submissive sheeple. “Submit” means to yield or surrender to […]

The state of things in NZ

These are pretty fucked up times. Here is an email I just sent to a friend in Australia – now posting it here just to give you all a look at what it’s like in NZ: They are definitely going to pull a global monkeypox lockdown, it’s just a matter of guessing when – it […]


Back in the day (as I often like to say) before everything was completely fucked, we used to post “dangerous” stuff online. Not because we wanted to make 18 cents in rewards by submitting to some libtard community standards, but because we still laboured under the delusion that we could make the world better a […]

Well that didn’t work….LOL

Fakebook are censoring my posts from 11 years ago…. No problem, I will make it libtard friendly! No, their arse crack detector still picks that one up I will censor it myself Oh no! – now I have been suspended from Facebook, I need help, my feelings are hurt, where is BULLYWATCH????? Bunch of arse… […]

A few lols at the new world

Back in the day (and when I say that I usually mean somewhere between 10 and 30 years ago) funny emails were a big thing. There was a lot less spam and a lot more funny emails. These days they are so rare that I send a copy of my mass mailouts to myself because […]


Emailing with a friend, he said something along the lines of “They will keep this Ukrainian war going until China invades Taiwan” https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/check-out-these-3-insane-cold-war-tanks-were-never-mass-produced-81416 And it got me wondering, has there ever been a time when there wasn’t a war going on? They don’t end one before starting another, wars are really profitable, so like crypto […]


I know I keep going on about these perverts but I live in New Zealand! – WTF is our so called prime minister? (apart from an ugly lying horse faced psycopath). Now before anyone in America laughs, have a good look at your previous “first lady” for eight years! – the one called Michael Robinson […]