How to Clear Toxic Metals from the Body

ContentsHow to Avoid Toxic Metals and Clear Them from the BodyChronic ExposureA Litany of Adverse EffectsBig Fat ProblemPro Oxidants and AntioxidantsAntibiotics and Toxic MetalsA Protective DietLaboratory AssessmentA Dirt Cheap SolutionA Complete Nutritional Therapy ProgramSome CautionsMaking Wise PoliticiansMercury, Mercury EverywhereReducing Environmental […]

Fluoride Officially Classified As A Neurotoxin

ContentsFluoride Is Officially Classified As A Neurotoxin In World’s Top Medical JournalsThe research team involved in the study was headed by William Hirzy, PhD, a former US EPA senior scientist who specialized in risk assessment. He offers the following explanation of […]

Nutrition For Mental Health

Nature’s Prozac: Nutrition For Mental Health In a pill-popping world, the idea of simply providing your brain and body with what it needs for mental health is nothing short of revolutionary. 1 in 5 Westerners […]

The Drugs May Be The Problem

Inconvenient Truths About Big Pharma And The Psychiatric Industry Thousands of Big Pharma whistle-blowers, along with millions of other skeptics concerning the alleged safety (now disproven) and alleged efficacy (now disproven) of […]

Can Tumeric offset fluoride?

THE SPICE THAT PREVENTS FLUORIDE FROM DESTROYING YOUR BRAIN Fluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, non stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more reason why […]


American Food “Science” Is Totally Corrupt And It’s All A Failed Decades Long Diet Experiment Although we have been saying most of the stuff for many […]


The Bountiful Benefits of Bone Broth: a Comprehensive Guide  Traditional cooking uses meat bones […]

Fluoride: Killing Us Softly

Fluoride: Killing Us Softly  There’s nothing like a glass of cool, clear water to quench one’s thirst. But the next time you reach for one, you might want to question whether that water is […]

The sorry story of salt

ContentsThe sorry story of salt, and how we got fooled, againHave we been tricked into thinking salt is unhealthy, when actually it is vital to life and health? I believe so.Real SaltSupermarket saltWhich one shall we choose?I’ve chosen my salt, […]

Roundup Now Proven To Cause Liver Disease

Roundup Now Proven To Cause Liver Disease, And It’s In Your Food In addition to the other documented risks of Monsanto’s Roundup, a cutting-edge study using molecular profiling reveals […]

Why we use Paleo or other Real Food diets for healing

ContentsWhy we use Paleo or other Real Food diets for healingDieting to lose weightChanging diet for improved healthA special note about sugarIn summaryMore resourcesThanks for reading and let me know how you get on[I offer one on one nutritional coaching […]

Should you eat Dairy products? Part 1 – Pasteurisation

ContentsShould you eat Dairy products? Part 1 – PasteurisationWho can you believe?What we need to considerRaw or Pasteurised?Why milk is pasteurisedRisk of illnessDestruction of enzymesFormation of histaminesBad for calvesBenefits of raw milkReferencesThanks for reading[I offer one on one nutritional coaching […]

The Continuing Decline of McDonald’s

The Continuing Decline of McDonald’s by James Corbett Long-time Corbett Reporteers might recall my 2015 video, “Celebrate! McDonald’s is Dying!” where I detailed the many, many woes the fast “food” giant was dealing with at the […]

Fluoride & IQ: The 50 Studies

ContentsFluoride & IQ: The 50 StudiesQuick Facts About the 50 Studies: Methodological LimitationsSummary  Studies Finding Association Between Fluoride & Reduced IQ: Fluoride & IQ: The 50 Studies Fluoride Action Network  – By Michael Connett & Tara Blank, PhD   As of […]

So what exactly is the PALEO diet?

ContentsSo what exactly is the PALEO diet? Should we care?When it comes down to the bottom line, Paleo is about eating REAL FOOD. That’s all. You can take it in lots of different directions, but the commonality is eating food, […]

20 Health Benefits of Gelatin

20 Health Benefits of Gelatin Skin Health: Gelatin has amazing skin healing properties because it is a rich source of dietary collagen, which is the key protein in the body made up of amino acids. Gelatin […]

Monsanto Causes Worldwide Infertility

ContentsIs Monsanto Promoting Worldwide Infertility? –  Academic GMO Shills Exposed: Fraud And Collusion With Monsanto Is Monsanto Promoting Worldwide Infertility? –  Academic GMO Shills Exposed: Fraud And Collusion With Monsanto Monsanto has a long and infamous history of manufacturing and […]

Toxic Multivitamins

Contents Is Your Multivitamin a Toxic Waste Of Money?  Is Your Multivitamin a Toxic Waste Of Money? In episode #11 (season 2) of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a woman poisons her husband with the chemical sodium selenite.  Strange as it may […]

What happens when you drink a can of coke

Cocacola – first 60 minutes of abuse In the first 10 minutes of drinking a Coke, 10 teaspoons of sugar enter the body. That’s 100 percent of a person’s recommended daily intake. A person […]

Nightshades can cause pain

Problems from eating nightshades exposed to the light of day The nightshades are members of an enormous family of plants called Solanaceae, represent a huge family […]

More uses for Vitamin C

ContentsVitamin C stops drug addiction with zero withdrawal symptomsVitamin C offers a safer way to recover from drug addictionWhy isn’t vitamin C for drug addiction getting more publicity?Vitamin C helps to reduce food cravings and improve sleep patternsWhy add vitamin […]

Statins Are Totally Worthless

Statins Are Totally Worthless Big Pharma Suffers Another Major Blow As Study Debunks High Cholesterol Myths and shows Statins Are Totally Worthless. It’s been a tough few weeks for Big Pharma, as three major studies have now […]


ContentsFOUR COMMON LIES ABOUT BREADLie #1: “Whole Grains & Whole Wheat are an Essential Part of a Healthy Diet”Whole Grains Spike Your Blood Sugar“Heart Healthy” Whole Wheat… Causes Heart Disease!Are You High on Bread? The Addictive Properties of WheatLie #2: […]


ContentsTAURINEThe Multiple Benefits of TaurineThe Forgotten Longevity Benefits of Taurine   Why We Need Supplemental TaurineTaurine Prevents ObesityTaurine Promotes Glucose Control—and Treats DiabetesWhat You Need to KnowTaurine: Bountiful BenefitsTaurine Reverses Cardiovascular Disease FactorsEnhance Your Exercise PerformanceTaurine Provides Potent Retina ProtectionTaurine Helps […]

The Truth about Tetanus Vaccines

ContentsThe Truth about Tetanus…So what is Tetanus?“But what if???”TRICKED by TETANUSOne thing I would like to point out is the ridiculousness of giving a tetanus shot AFTER you have a puncture wound.  Why get a puncture wound that definitely contains tetanus […]

Fermented Cod Liver Oil controversy

ContentsFermented Cod Liver Oil: Friend or Foe?An Objective Peek at the Facts, Fiction, & Missing LinksControversy TimelineThe AccusationsFermenting Cod Livers: Fact or Fiction?Measures of Rancidity: An Industry StandardBiogenic Amines: “Harmless” Byproducts of Fermentation?Fat Soluble Goldmine or Not?Fermented “Cod” Liver Oil?Trans […]

Ankylosing Spondylitis

ContentsAnkylosing SpondylitisWhat is Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)?Is there a way to reverse the underlying disease and heal from the symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)?The IBS low starch diet (LSD)Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBrideThe Autoimmune Paleo ProtocolReal Food diet for […]


ContentsCREATINETen Health and Performance Benefits of Creatine1. Helps muscle cells produce more energy2. Supports many other functions in muscles3. Improves high-intensity exercise performance4. Speeds up muscle growth5. May help with Parkinson’s disease6. May fight other neurological diseases7. May lower blood […]


ContentsGlutamineThe Benefits of l-glutamineWhat is L-Glutamine?Assisting Muscle GrowthCell HydrationMetabolism and GrowthGastrointestinal HealthBrain FunctionReduced Cravings for Alcohol and SugarSide EffectsIn SummaryL-Glutamine: Seven Do’s and Don’ts for People with Leaky Gut & AutoimmunityFour L-Glutamine “Do’s” You Need to Know About1) Test It2) […]

The Food Industrial Complex

The Food Industrial Complex In 2011, during a debate over the nutritional guidelines for school lunches, the US Congress decided that pizza counts as a vegetable. And not for the first time The American government first proposed […]

What is Kaayla Daniel really up to?

ContentsKaayla’s Slander Campaign Green Pasture reportKaayla’s Slander Campaign Along with Rosita, Kaayla Daniel appears to have been engaged in an aggressive slander campaign against Green Pastures CLO and WAPF Kaayla Daniel has dedicated herself to spreading misinformation about Green pastures Fermented […]


ContentsIs Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil really rancid?Summary of Dr. Kaayla’s reportHow are cod livers fermented?Is fermented cod liver oil rancid?PeroxideAnisidineTOTOXTBA (THIOBARBITURIC ACID)/ malondialdehyde (MDA)Free fatty acids contentAldehydesRancidity test summaryAmine contentVitamin contentVitamin AVitamin DVitamin K/ co-Q10Vitamin EIs FCLO from cod?Trans-Fat […]


Cancer Treatments There are a number of cancer treatments that have a history of success, without the toxicity of the so-called conventional treatments. Also see this article from DietNet covering approaches to healing cancer. This article is a good summary […]

NZ Government bans yet another effective cancer treatment

ContentsThe NZ government has rushed through legislation banning the sale of apricot kernels, under the pretence of them being toxic. The real reason they have done so is to protect the cancer industry – 14/1/2016 Where can I get apricot kernels?Treating Cancer with Apricot KernelsWhere can I get […]

Apricot kernels are a threat to the cancer industry

ContentsThe NZ government rushed through legislation banning the sale of apricot kernels, under the pretense of them being toxic, in January 2016. The real reason they did so was to protect the cancer industry. Where can I get apricot kernels?Treating Cancer with Apricot KernelsWhere can I get […]


ContentsWAPF RANDOM UPDATES 2015The “fibre is good” conWhich low carb diet will work best?Toxic Canola Oil The Koanga Institute Wheat BellyThings that can happen if you cut out “healthy whole grains”Pottenger Cat’sA new vegan trend seems to be vegan tattooingThe […]

How To Enable Your Body To Self-Repair From Virtually Any Disease

ContentsHow You Can Restore Your Health And Enable Your Body To Self-Repair From Virtually Any Disease Or Affliction About Clive Some Truths About DiseaseVarious Diseases & CancerRestoring HealthSaltMagnesiumVitamins & MineralsIodineFulvic Minerals Other RecommendationsOrganicsWaterBad FoodCancerCandidaHealth Restoration PackagesAbout Ancient PurityHow You Can […]

Genetic Engineering is Pure Deception

ContentsGE Food Venture: Chronically Dependent On Deception The Disaster Caused by GE’s First Edible Product Was ObfuscatedThe Problems Linked to the First GE Whole Food Were Also Covered UpGE Foods Reached the Market Through Governmental FraudThe State of the Research […]

How Big Oil Conquered The World

ContentsHow Big Oil Conquered The WorldOil PART ONE: BIRTH OF THE OIL-IGARCHY The story of the rise of Standard Oil is an oft-told one.PART TWO: COMPETITION IS A SINPART THREE: THE WORLD IN THEIR IMAGEThey transformed the practice of medicine.Conclusion: […]