Windows stopped for me at 7. When the disaster that is Windows 10 was released, I updated the classic evolution of windows meme to include it. While it would have been more appropriate to use a picture of a stenching bucket of fetid manure with a massive leak in the bottom, I wanted to stick with the house theme, so I used a photo of a house that had collapsed.

Up until Windows 8 came out I used to help friends and family set up their computers from time to time. I’m certainly no geek, but I know how to do basic stuff like turning off the updates. I even wrote a webpage about Windows 7 – – and if I say so myself, it’s quite a handy page that I still refer back to quite often.

All that has changed now, and if anyone asks me a computer question, the first thing I ask is “what operating system?” If the reply is anything other than Windows 7, they need to find themselves a real geek.

I once wrote a very basic page about Windows 8 that included the line “Don’t worry; I’m not going to do a page about Windows 8. That would be like trying to train goldfish to herd sheep. Microsoft has lost the plot, so here are a few random pictures and links” –

And for Windows 10 I wrote: “There is a line and Microsoft have crossed it with Windows 10 – I don’t plan to ever use it, which is why I have copied this information from another site rather than researching it for myself”

And that is the end of the line for me with Microsoft. These days I still use Windows 7, along with Google Android. I have no plans to change, but if I had to modernise, it would be with Linux Mint.

So no more new spyware from Bill Gates, and I hope he gets busted for his vaccination crimes too.

I wouldn’t be all that surprised if a real Steemit geek comes up with a better operating system one day.

SIFT666 aka Ian Gregson from Wellington, New Zealand, is a professional Microsoft code developer who is designing a new social media system based on Windows 8.1 that may eventually replace Facebook.

In between posting self pics of his six-pack abs on Google+ he is also planning to release a new website portal to rival Steemit called where he is testing out a new feature called “refrotting” that may revolutionise blogging and overcome any need to produce new content.