Is there any point in posting long comments on Steemit posts?

After reading a very interesting Steemit post and upvoting it, I continued down and started reading the comments. Eventually I came to one that was literally longer than the post itself. It quoted the post extensively and disagreed with damn near everything.

The author of the comment hadn’t seen fit to upvote his own comment, so it was half way down the comment section, where very few people would ever see it.

Although the comment was longer than the original post, it contained no images. In fact, it was just one long paragraph and didn’t even start with a capital letter. In most circumstances, hell would have frozen over before I would have read a comment like this one. If the content wasn’t such a load of bollocks, it probably could have been edited into a post. Not surprisingly, the comment received no upvotes, and gained no payout.

This got me thinking about comments and here are my three profound thoughts.

1. Make it short

Long comments are a complete waste of time, and it’s safe to say, you are not going to get paid for them. If you have a truckload of shit to say, you could always write your own post, and who knows, it might be popular. But it’s safe to say, a long comment won’t be.

2. Upvote your own comment

This will move your comment towards the top of the comments where someone might see it. When I first started using Steemit two months ago, I read a post saying it was bad etiquette to upvote your own comments. From that day on, I have made it a point to upvote every comment I post.

3. Include a picture with your comment

I’m really into this myself and always include a link to a picture in every comment I post. This is mainly because I really like pictures. But the other big reason is it makes my comments stand out like dog’s balls. Again, when I first started using Steemit, I read that it was bad etiquette to include images in your comments, and you can guess the rest!

If you fail to follow any of the three guidelines of good commenting etiquette, I will make a point of posting a righteous comment, underneath your comment. As well as being righteous, my comment will be short, it will contain an image and I will upvote it myself.

SIFT666 aka Ian Gregson from Wellington, New Zealand, is the world’s foremost authority on Steemit etiquette and works full time as a professional Steemit blogger.
In between being commissioned to re-write the rules of how to use Steemit and doing weird things to vegetables, he is currently developing a new website portal to rival Steemit called where he is testing out a new feature called “refrotting” that may revolutionise blogging and overcome any need to produce new content.

Apart from the image above, which is one of my own photos, all the images on this post were randomly copied from the internet, using Google image search.
If you would like to find other sources for any of them I highly recommend doing a reverse Google image search – just don’t be surprised if you find say 25 billion of them

As to where any of them really originated from, I think the internet has been interbreeding for decades, and the idea that we can work out the original source for most images is an idealistic myth.
There are two sides to this position, but even as a person producing original art and photography myself, my opinion is that gate has long been open, and the horse has bolted. So that is why I’m buggered if I’m going to go through the pretence of crediting the supposed original sources of all the images I use on my Steemit posts.