I’m Deb and I teach therapeutic exercise classes in Wellington, New Zealand.

Although my regular exercise classes are primarily for seniors, they are suitable for many other people as well.

My Seated Exercise classes were originally for seniors with osteo arthritis, so include mobilisation exercises for the joints. We also focus on improving strength, balance and coordination. They may be suitable if you are new to exercise or cannot exercise standing up. Previous class members include those recovering from stroke or heart attack, people recovering from surgery, and people with MS or chronic fatigue. [More info here…]

Spin Poi is inspired by traditional poi, and has been adapted for safe and effective use for seniors. It can be done seated or standing so is suitable for nearly all ages and physical conditions. People typically notice improvements in grip strength, balance, coordination and attention span. As well as that, it’s a lot of fun! [More info here…] 

I run classes most week days and you can see my timetable here.

If you can’t get to my classes or any suitable live classes locally, here are some online exercise resources.