Just trying to chill out at Xmas

Just trying to chill out at Xmas

This guy was just sitting at the bus stop minding his own business when a lady with a bunch of bags came and sat down next to him.

Sweating and nervous, he tried to maintain his own personal safety zone.

But then she said out loud “Happy Christmas, how’s your day going?”

“WTF?” screamed out from every pore of his face. Did she just speak to me? “OK” he squawked…

Meanwhile across the road, a voyeuristic sifter with a camera was watching all of this take place and recording it so he could post a photo on Steemit, and also on his blog.

And that is why, when in public, it’s always safer to wear a blank mask, because somebody may well be eyeing you up for a photo op.

So be sure to stare expressionlessly down at the footpath, or at your phone, and this won’t happen to you.

But if you ever are out in the streets of Wellington looking a bit odd, hopefully I will be lurking around to get a got shot of you and post it online next year 