The American “health” con job

The American “health” con job

Let’s Begin in the Year 1900

In the year 1900 the death rate from heart disease was 10%. By 1950 it had sky-rocketed to 30%. People were dropping dead at an alarming rate and the masses could not figure out why.

Then on September 24, 1955, American President Dwight D Eisenhower suffered a heart attack that sent the nation into a media-fuelled panic that is not dissimilar to AIDS, Y2K, Terrorism, Ebola and many other media fuelled epidemics – how much was fact and how much was fiction in all of these cases is a story for another day, but I digress.

Two days after Eisenhower’s heart attack on Monday September 26 the Dow Jones plunged 6.5% wiping $14 Billion of value from the market. This was the biggest single drop in history at the time, even bigger than that of the Great Depression.

Enter Poster Boy Scientist – Ancel Keys

Government researcher Ancel Keys (pictured on the cover of Time Magazine) was a Harvard educated scientist. Soon after Eisenhower’s alleged heart attack Keys set out to discover why America had the highest rate of heart disease of any first world country in the world and the mainstream media propaganda machine was willing and able to take the citizens of America along for the ride.

Keys gave the American public a sense of hope that an honorable man was stepping up to the plate with a commitment to discover the root cause of heart disease.

Nothing could be further from the truth as you will soon see!

To be clear, for all that I know Eisenhower may well have had a heart attack and I am not hear to deal in semantics, but truth be told, unless you were in the White House inner-circle at that time you honestly don’t know if Eisenhower had a heart attack or not.

The media may have told you that he did, but is that categorical proof and does anyone still trust the media today? If you can’t trust the media today why on earth would you trust what the media told you 60 years ago when it was much easier to carry out a psyop, seeing that we didn’t have the internet back then? I can categorically prove that psyops have been carried out for well over 100 years but that is a story for another day, I digress.

Keys discovered that Mediterranean countries (and Japan) had the lowest rates of heart disease and that their diets also contained the lowest amount of fat. Keys concluded that the American high-fat diet was to blame. The American people now had an answer, or so they thought.

1956 – The American Heart Association

In 1956 the American Heart Association ran a national advertising campaign in print media, radio and television informing people that a high-fat diet will lead to coronary heart disease. They recommended that everyone should eat a low-fat diet as they rammed the benefits of a low-fat diet deep into the American psyche, and the masses for the most part believed every single word of it.

The American Heart Association lied to you back then and like every other government agency they continue to lie to you to this very day.

It gets worse – brochures were handed out to all school children informing them that they should be on a low-fat diet.

Indoctrinating children is one of the core tenets of the highly successful and subversive brainwashing that has been going on for centuries. Children largely believe whatever adults tell them so the best way to sway public opinion and beliefs is to slowly, and progressively indoctrinate each subsequent generation with the new beliefs, morals and values that the state wants them to embrace.

As the children become adults they are absolutely convinced that they are right, but the reality is that they have been suggestively programmed since the day that they were born and most of them will die without ever knowing it – this is why so few people can see the indoctrination taking place. It has been a process of slow, consistent and subtle indoctrination from the moment they were born. It only takes 15-20 years to radically change the beliefs of any society, I digress.

If you would like to investigate this topic further read Education and Indoctrination – Is There a Difference?

I also recommend that you listen to Yuri Bezmenov talk about Idealogical Subversion

I have dozens of other resources that I could link you to so if this is of interest to you please reach out to me and I will be more than happy share them with you.

Mixed Messaged – Designed to Confuse

Ancel Keys became a scientific celebrity overnight and he was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in 1961. In 1984 Time warned us about cholesterol and how fats including butter were bad for us. In 2014 Time backflipped and told us that we needed to eat more butter.

Without fat:

  • Your brain cannot function properly.
  • Your system cannot fight disease as effectively.
  • Your body cannot manufacture optimum energy levels.
  • Your joints (and the rest of you) is like a motor without oil.
  • Vision, cosmetic appearance and even temperature regulation, all start to fail.

Keys and the US Government Knew This

Scientists and the governments and globalists that fund science knew all of this but they intentionally deceived the citizens of the world and manipulated data for profits because profits and your poor health are far more important to them – and nothing has changed.

Science is still lying to you.

Real foods were increasingly replaced with processed foods (from a factory) and the era of obesity and chronic disease began in earnest.

“Although doctors do learn some biochemistry, it’s not enough, and what little we do learn is not put in the context required to become relevant. Bottom line is I didn’t learn what hydrogenated fats were in medical school, and the doctors of Keys’ day would have had no idea either. So when Keys said saturated fat from butter and eggs caused atherosclerosis, he was intentionally misleading everyone by implying that he was speaking of the results of his experiments, when he was not.

But Keys did more than fool physicians into believing eating butter and eggs would kill us.

Keys also convinced doctors that eating polyunsaturated fats would help people live longer. This is how Keys managed to pull the wool over the eyes of generations of doctors – because he understood chemistry better than they did.” Dr. Cate Shanahan

With this in mind (along with the plethora of other cases of scientific fraud that I have researched and witnessed) it staggers and troubles me that the vast majority of people continue to blindly trust science, medicine, education, corporations and government.

History has repeatedly proven that all of these entities, in their various guises have been conspiring against us via hidden agendas. History tells us that they continuously lie to us and that they are trying to deceive us, and even kill us so as to profit from our poor health (physical, mental and spiritual).

That is because the people that rule this world are psychopathic mercenaries with an insatiable appetite for power, money, control, deception, manipulation, corruption and I am convinced that they get pleasure when they see billions of people suffer for own their personal gain – because they do not know the meaning of the word empathy – how they can sleep at night is beyond me but I do know how their minds works.

How people can’t see what is going on is much easier for me to understand – they are the people that I empathize with and hope to reach in my posts – most of them are too trusting, busy, distracted and the education system and media has not done them any favors.

Big Food Conglomerates

This infograph is a more modern day representation of the food conglomerates that currently control our food supply and it does not include the GMO, agricultural, seed, fertilizer, insecticide, supermarkets, transportation and packaging companies that play their role, and take their cut from the global food supply chain that they have designed and control 100% – never mind Big Pharma which profits when you are sick – this is very, very big business folks and I am only scratching the service.

The one sector that was not happy with Keys findings was the big food conglomerates of the day because their favorite way of flavoring their food products was by adding more fat. Food scientists had long known that fat was a flavor carrier that could efficiently, and inexpsensibably deliver taste and odour compounds from different parts of food while adding texture and mouth-feel that made food taste better. Without fat, their foods tasted like cardboard but now the public was demanding that their food be low-fat because they had been conditioned to demand it.

Problem > Reaction > Solution springs to mind.

Sales of processed foods began to decline as people turned to more natural, lower-fat sources of food. If it didn’t say low-fat on the label people stopped buying it. The Big Food Conglomerates scrambled to find low-fat alternatives that still tasted good.

They soon found something that was even better than fat – because it was also highly addictive.

Refined Sugar

As early as the 1950’s scientists and doctors knew that refined sugar was not good for you. As far back as 1808 studies had conclusively proven that refined sugar was not only bad for you – but that is was toxic and dangerous for human consumption – way back in 1808!

Scientists knew that sugar not only had no nutritional value, they knew that it had negative health effects, that it was toxic and that it caused premature death.

Fast forward to 1957 and research showed that foods manufactured with sugar was winning every single taste test hands down – but would the public buy it?

The conglomerates needed to make their move and they did this just like they have always done – they used the government, media, education system and scientific community that they had always been in bed with to deceive the masses.

Enter Professor E. V. McCollum

In 1957 the noted (or I should say notorious) Professor E. V. McCollum, whom the government, media and scientific community promoted as ‘America’s Top Nutritionist’ published a book called ‘A History of Nutrition‘ in which, despite of the fact that dozens of experiments and studies had been conducted since the early 1800’s proving that sugar was toxic – McCollum argued in his book that all of the previous studies were flawed due to human error.

But where did McCollum get the money from to research and write a book of this magnitude? Few scientists have the money to fund the research that is required for a book (or study) on such a grand-scale. And let’s be honest, with the title ‘A History of Nutrition‘ it wasn’t exactly going to fly off the book shelves.

A peek inside the cover of the book reveals that the publisher was ‘Nutrition Foundation Inc. which was a front for the leading sugar conglomerates of the day – approximately 45 sugar conglomerates were in collusion.

And did it work – you bet it did – sales of sugar-laced processed food sky-rocketed as the book was marketed with the same ferocity that you see them market every other ‘best-seller’ today. All that they had to do was put low-fat on the label, add a heap of refined sugar and bingo, processed food was back in vogue.

McCollum failed the general certification examination, but was allowed to enter high school provisionally based on his habit of extensive reading and his memorization of standard poetry – Wikipedia

From an early age McCollum displayed a number of the attributes that are required to become a ‘leading figure’ in later life – he was not too bright, he was a parrot, he obeyed authority and orders, he was devoted to reaching a higher position in life and he was willing to sell his soul for money and recognition.

It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots and recognize how the game is played now does it? Granted, some leaders are very bright but under this type of regime they are all the more dangerous and difficult to recognize!

Advocacy runs deep at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

It began with founding dean William Henry Welch, who advocated for a new model of public health education for the twentieth century with emphasis on research and academics. It continued with Professor E.V. McCollum, who discovered vitamins A and D and took time from his research to pen columns in McCall’s magazine urging the nation to improve its diet. Source: John Hopkins website

McCollum became a Dean at John Hopkins Bloomberg and doesn’t he look very regal in the portrait above – he was elevated far beyond his intellect and that is why he was selected, and why he sold out. He craved success and he wanted to be a scientific rock-star, no different to the pop-star scientists of today.

To be fair, the vast majority of scientists are very good people, with very good intentions and I acknowledge that – but the reality is that scientists work in silos that have been intentionally constructed around them and all honest scientists know that I am speaking truth. The byproduct of this environment is a self-perpetuating paradigm wherein the left hand rarely knows what the right hand is doing (unless you sit near the top of the scientific pyramid).

Unfortunately, the vast majority of scientists have been deceived by their very own scientific rock-stars and idols. They fail to ask good questions of their superiors whilst demanding great answers in return.

To be clear, I am not being disrespectful of science or scientists. They have a very important role to play but let’s not elevate them to the status of demiGods as your government, media and education system would have you believe.

I am giving you an insight into how the game is played at the upper echelons and far more importantly I am encouraging all scientists (and all people) to ask the difficult questions and only accept answers that make total, logical and rational sense.

If they don’t meet that criteria then you need to ask more questions and if they still can’t meet that criteria then you need to consider rejecting what you are being told and be prepared to be fired, discredited and ostracized for doing so – it begins with you – it is far too easy to find sell-outs like Keys & McCollum and the buck must start with you, me and every single one of us on an very personal and individual level.

I hope that I have pricked a conscience or two!

Sugar is as Addictive as Cocaine & Heroin

A 2012 study by University of San Francisco Professor Dr Robert Lustig revealed that Sugar is as Addictive to the human brain as Cocaine, setting off the same dopamine triggers and forcing us to crave more and more of it.

The scientific community, your government and the food conglomerates knew this as early as 1808 (maybe sooner) – yet they began adding sugar to every food product that they could including bread, yogurt, spaghetti and even hot dogs. I am merely scratching the surface.

As the decades passed obstacles would invariably pop-up for the conglomerates – but on each occasion science stepped up to the plate and saved humanity.

Oops, correction needed – wrong script, how did that sneak into this post?

Science stepped up to the plate and saved their masters – you know, the conglomerates that own and employ them – at the expense of humanity – and to this very day nothing has changed.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading as it gets worse!

1965 Fair Packaging and Labelling Act

The Fair Packaging & Labelling Act was introduced in 1965 and it required packaged/processed food to be ‘honestly’ and informatively’ labelled. By this time the public wasn’t so keen on sugar (which was why the Act came in) but that didn’t matter as they simply hid the sugar by putting it into new forms and creating new names for it. That way the masses would not see ‘sugar’ on the food label and sales would not slow down.

Some of these names were/are:

  • Agave Nectar
  • Brown Rice Syrup
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Evaporated Cane Juice
  • Glucose
  • Lactose
  • Malt Syrup
  • Molasses
  • Sucrose
  • and the biggest one of all – ‘Made from Natural Ingredients

What they didn’t tell you was that all refined sugar is made from natural ingredients, as is cocaine and heroin.

1970’s – Artificial Sweeteners

In the 1970’s, and armed with new studies exposing the harmful affects of sugar the masses began to wake up and for the first time since the 1950’s sales of processed foods began declining – but the conglomerates had already prepared for this by having their next weapon already locked and loaded – artificial sweeteners.

Perhaps the most notorious of these was Aspartame (G D Searle) which was more commonly known as Equal or NutraSweet. It was initially rejected by the FDA in 1973 and the story of how it later became approved by the FDA is startling for the uninitiated – but it is no surprise, and just business as usual for those of us that know how the FDA, CDC and all government agencies operate.

By the 1970’s the diet craze was in full-swing and the diet food market was already a billion dollar industry. Another artificial sweeter called Cyclamate was banned in 1973 when it was found to cause tumours on tests conducted on animals.

But Aspartame’s manufacturer G D Searle (today a subsidiary of Pfizer Pharmaceutical) was not having any of this as it wanted its drug approved by hook or by crook. Is it any surprise that the company that develops products to kill you was later acquired by a company that develops products that ‘claim’ to cure you?

G D Searle presented the FDA with 100 studies ‘proving’ that Aspartame was harmless – G D Searle funded every single one of these studies themselves – once again proving how easy it is to get scientists to lie, whether intentionally, complicity or negligently is not the point – the fact remains that the public is once again about to get duped by science and the public will again be the ones that pay the price for scientific fraud.

G D Searle knew that they would make billions of dollars if they received FDA approval so they invested a lot of time, money and resources into manipulating the data – it’s an old trick that is still being used today.

Despite what the G D Searle sponsored studies said every independent study showed that Aspartame was toxic for human consumption. For the first time in history the FDA sought criminal investigation into a food manufacturer for misrepresenting the safety tests of a food product. What the investigation revealed was shocking.

Deceased lab animals from the tests were not autopsied for months or even years after their deaths so that rotting corpses would render any tumour data inaccurate. Other animals were found to have tumours cut out and thrown away only to have them labelled as ‘normal‘ while any remaining tumours were labelled as “normal swelling‘.

What follows next is a set of dirty political tricks that would have made Abraham Lincoln roll over in his grave.

Enter Samuel Skinner

G D Searle first arranged to hire the US attorney Samuel Skinner because he was leading the US investigation against them. Skinner resigned from the investigation and went to work for G D Searle – thereby stalling and usurping the investigation.

What kind of message does that send to the other investigators other than to encourage them to lie for their superiors? With the added incentive of knowing that the more that you lie the greater the chanceS of you being promoted?

A sane person could not make this stuff up but it gets worse as this is just Part 1 and I am only just warming up.

Enter Donald Rumsfeld

Later that same year (get this), Donald Rumsfeld became the CEO of G D Searle.

Rumsfeld appointed some of his top political buddies and proclaimed that he would get Aspartame approved within one year. Coincidentally Ronald Reagan had just been elected President of the United States and Donald Rumsfeld was part of the transition team that was charged with appointing a new FDA Commissioner.

So the CEO of G D Searle (Rumsfeld) had a say in who the FDA Commissioner would be while the company that he was stewarding was in a position to make billions if the FDA approved one of its products. Have you ever seen a bigger conflict of interest? Let’s not forget the FACT that the product was also known to be toxic to humans since at least 1808.

They appointed Arthur Hull Hayes Jr and one of Hayes first acts as Commissioner was to appoint a 5 person panel to review the rejection of Aspartame. Three (3) of the five (5) panel members still voted not to approve Aspartame citing the animal tumours as a big concern. So Hayes then appointed a sixth (6th) panel member which tied the vote at 3-3.

Then Hayes decided that he, as the food commissioner (something he knew little about) would play God and cast the deciding vote which of course granted FDA approval to G D Searle’s Aspartame. Shortly afterwards Hayes resigned from his position as FDA Commissioner and accepted a job at G D Searle that paid him 100’s of thousands of dollars per year (in the early 1980’s don’t forget).

If you research the backstory into how Monsanto GMO’s were approved, and the revolving door that exists between big business and government, you will soon realise that Michael R. Taylor, the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Policy had worked as a Monsanto lawyer for seven years before joining the FDA.

Once GMO was approved Taylor resigned from the FDA and was employed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Taylor then went back to Monsanto. After serving four (4) years he left Monsanto to work at the ‘think-tank’ of Center for Risk Management.

This was Hayes reward for his servitude – think tanks, foundations and secret societies control the world but that is another story for another day. After nine (9) years at the think tank Taylor resigned and to this very day, he is Senior Advisor (handler) to the FDA Commissioner.

Research every last bit of what I have written if this topic is of interest you as there are many more posts that need to be written about Taylor, Monsanto and the collusion and revolving door merry-go-round, ring-around-rosy, musical chairs charades that these puppets play.

People want me to believe that things have changed for better and that we can now trust our government, media, scientists, publishers and education system?

Give me a break!

Aspartame Now Approved by FDA

Soon after Rumsfeld’s FDA ring-ins approved Aspartame – Diet-Coke hit the market as a weight-loss beverage that was loaded with Aspartame and sales sky-rocketed. In the first year alone the FDA received over 600 consumer complaints, reporting headaches, dizziness and other strange reactions to this new foreign substance that our bodies were never designed to digest. Don’t forget about the tumours in lab rats as we will get to that later in the series.

But the food conglomerates had already won, and over the next 30+ years more and more of these refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other unnatural elements, including GMO’s infiltrated our food supply creating a new, man-made diet that our bodies should never have been exposed to. Many of these additives are as addictive as cocaine and heroin, meaning that once you’re hooked on them, your body (and the parasite that is living inside of you) craves it even more.

Closing Thoughts

Conglomerates hijacked your Government, money creation, the education system including universities and mass media centuries ago. Governments are 100% owned by conglomerates, foundations and think-tanks. Conglomerates continue to fund science today – please connect the dots.

With this knowledge, and my surmised history lesson in mind is it not time to ask some really big questions and demand really big answers?

We have to be very discerning when it comes to believing anything that pop-culture science markets to us as ‘scientific fact’ – science is very easily bought, more so now than at any previous time in history!

Notice how the scientists like Keys, McCollum and Skinner were marketed to the masses as the ‘experts’ of their day? Yet when we look back with the benefit of hindsight we can clearly see that they were lying to us all along. They were nothing more than bought and paid for slaves of the multi-national corporations that funded and elevated them into significance and positions of power – do you really believe that modern science is any different?

In your heart of hearts you know that what I am saying is true. You know that politicians and billionaires are corrupt – with that in mind can you answer these question for me?

  • Why do so few billionaires, politicians and CEO’s ever go to jail?
  • Why do so many of them get promoted, re-assigned or cross-promoted after committing major screw-ups/crimes?
  • Why did your government bail out the banks leaving you (and future generations) to foot the bill?
  • Why does your TV screen bombard you with nonsense?
  • Can you explain to me why no-one got sacked after 9/11?
  • Can you Answer the 50 Questions about 9/11 that no-one is prepared to tackle?

The unfortunate reality is that the elites are working together behind the scenes with the express aim of putting every last one of us into graves and its high-time that every single one of us starts to ask really deep and meaningful questions and begin asking our family, friends and colleagues to help us answer these very logical, rational and reasonable questions.

By Steemtruth