Two major victories against fluoridation in America

Two major victories against fluoridation in America

Two Big Victories

This week there were two major victories against fluoridation in the U.S.  The first was in Newport, Oregon, where residents voted 64% to 36% to overwhelmingly reject the introduction of fluoride chemicals into the public drinking water.  This vote was the first dealing with fluoridation in Oregon since Portland’s landmark vote defeating fluoridation 61% to 39% in 2013.

Newport was fluoridated from the 1960’s until 2005, when dust from the fluoride chemicals created unsafe conditions for water treatment staff and violated OSHA guidelines, causing the city to end the practice.  The issue resurfaced last summer after the Lincoln County Public Health Advisory Committee recommended adding the toxin to the drinking water.  In response, members of Clean Water Newport organized local residents in opposition, packing public hearings, putting up yard signs, demanding a ballot vote, and using every grassroots strategy available to defeat the measure.  You can learn more about this amazing victory by clicking here

The second victory was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where members of the Water Utility Authority voted 4-2 to cut funding for fluoridation from their 2017 budget after hearing from residents who overwhelmingly opposed the practice.  The city fluoridated their drinking water up until 2011, when they suspended the practice until the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services came out with an official recommendation of the “optimal fluoride levels.” 

Since ending the practice 5 years ago, the water utility authority has been under intense pressure from the fluoride-lobby to re-start the practice, since Albuquerque is one of the largest cities in the U.S. that is not fluoridated, along with Portland, Oregon.  Despite lobbying from local dentists, the New Mexico Department of Health, and from Delta DentalAlbuquerque councilors concluded that it wasn’t their role to force a medical treatment on their citizens using the water supply.