Nature Foods discount coupon

Hi all, Deb from Nature Foods visiting again.

A few days ago, I told you a bit about our Nature Foods product range.

Now here’s the promised instructions on how to use the coupon code LOTIONS-5 to get 5% off anything on the Nature Foods website.

You need to enter the coupon code BEFORE you go to the checkout.

Once you have selected everything you want, click on the little cart icon at top left, and then click on View Cart. In your cart, you will see an option to use a coupon code. This is where you enter LOTIONS-5.

Then carry on to checkout as usual. 5% will have been taken off every product (but not the freight).

You may notice that the Nature Foods prices for Andrea’s products are a little higher than here on her website, to cover our extra costs. After the 5% discount comes off, the prices will be only slightly higher than here.

You can use this coupon code every time you visit us.

Feel free to email me on if you have any queries.

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