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My products include SoapsBath and shower productsLip, body and foot balms and butters and Herbal salves and rubs.

See the full range below, and click the links to read more about each one. Prices are in NZ$ and exclude freight.

Day Dreem Collection:

  • Day Dreem (Black Raspberry, Coconut & Vanilla) Bubble bar ~ does 3 baths for $7.50
  • Day Dreem (Raspberry) Lip balm ~ 5gm for $4.50
  • Day Dreem (Black Raspberry, White Chocolate & Vanilla) Body Butter Bar ~ 45gm in storage tin for $10.00
    (without tin $8)
  • Or indulge in the full collection (Bubble bar, lip balm, body butter bar) for just $19.50

Mon’s Minties:

  • Mon’s Minty Relaxer (Peppermint) Bath Bomb ~ choose between 70gm (use 1 per bath) or 2 x 40gm (1 for footbath, 1-2 for full bath) for $5.00
  • Mon’s Minty Refresher (Peppermint) Lip balm ~ 5gm stick for $4.50
  • Mon’s Minty Delight (Peppermint) Whipped Body Butter  ~ 100ml pot for $17.50
  • Mon’s Minty Soother (Peppermint, Menthol & Eucalyptus) Foot Balm ~ 20ml stick for $10.00
  • Or delight yourself with the full set (Bath bomb, lip balm, body butter, foot balm) for only $34.50

ChiChi’s Choice:

  • Chichi (Neroli & Shea blossom) Soap ~ $5
  • Chichi (Neroli & Shea Blossom) Whipped Body Butter ~ 100ml pot for $17.50
  • Get both together (Soap, whipped body butter) for $21.00

Something’s in the Air Tonight:

Choose any one of these to smell delicious.

  • Southern Belle (Jasmine) Soap ~ $5
  • Tropical Evening (Frangipani & Vanilla) Hand Balm ~ 50ml pot for $12.00
  • Peach Magnolia ~ 45gm in storage tin for $10.00
    (without tin $8)
  • Lana’s Love Spell (Blend of fruit, blossom, vanilla and musk) Body Butter Bar ~ 45gm in storage tin for $10.00
    (without tin $8)

Men’s range

Many of my products are best suited to pampering the women of the household. But we mustn’t forget the men. This fragrance will delight the men in your life, but may appeal to anyone.

  • Bluefin for Men Soap ~ $5 – available mid August

Kiss (Keep It Scrumptiously Simple)

These products are scented with essential oils only, and have no flavour or fragrance oils. So they are more suitable for children or anyone with sensitive skin. Some are still in development, so the formulations may change.

  • Ceci Sunshine (Sweet orange & tangerine) Soap ~ $5
  • Mon’s Minty Refresher (Peppermint) Lip balm ~ 5gm stick for $4.50
  • Mon’s Minty Delight (Peppermint) Whipped Body Butter  ~ 100ml pot for $17.50

A Little Help From My Friends:

I am not a health professional or herbalist, so make no therapeutic claims for these products. But I’ve chosen herbs and substances that have been used for centuries. So if you have  minor skin irritations, problems sleeping or sore and tight muscles, they may help you feel a bit more comfortable.

  • Raven’s Restore (Comfrey, Plantain & Hemp) Skin Salve ~ 50ml pot for $16.50
  • Evening Dreemie Lip / Sleep balm ~ 5gm stick for $4.50 – COMING SOON
  • Three Amigas Muscle Rub – COMING SOON
  • Massage blends

Please note

Some of these products look and smell like food. While most of the individual ingredients are food grade and edible, the products are intended for external use only.

In winter, rural New Zealand gets very cold!

This is a fairly common view for me at that time of year.