It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It supplies the nutrients that feed our bodies all morning and can affect how we feel all day.

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Other recipe ideas:

Use a Bento box and put in a variety of different shapes and colours

~Leftovers from last night
~Thermos of soup or stew – CC or GAPS P181-183
Salads (Don’t have these yet if you have diarrhoea):
~Leafy salad with olive oil dressing, some meat or fish, and avocado or nuts ~ CC
~Chunky salmon or tuna salad ~ CC or GAPS P176
~Navy bean salad with meat, fish or eggs ~ CC
~Beetroot salad ~ GAPS P176
~Cabbage and apple salad ~ GAPS P177
~Tomato and cucumber salad ~ GAPS P177
~Russian salad ~ GAPS P177
~Carrot salad ~ GAPS P178
~Sauerkraut salad

~An “open” sandwich made with any GAPS bread ~ see CC for sandwich fillings
~Mini homemade pizza ~ see crust recipes above
~Meat crust pizza
~Meatloaf ~ CC
~Cold chicken or other cold meats (with soup, bread, veges or fruit)
~Stuffed peppers ~ GAPS P187
~Nut roast (also good for vegetarians)
~Mayonnaise can go with any meal or GAPS P173 or other condiments (see under Dinners)

Other school lunch ideas


~Quiche (can make in muffin shapes, or make a big one and freeze in slices)
~Savoury muffins: coconut flour OR Chicken (chicken, broccoli, carrots in muffin tin) OR Pumpkin
~Latke (zucchini and eggs fried kinda!)

Use lettuce or make thin crepes out of egg whites and a bit of coconut flour
Fill with mayo or dip, chicken or cold meat, tomato, avo, grated carrot, etc

~Lasagna, or mince with guacamole
~Pre-cooked hamburger patties – these pre-cooked and thrown in are great. Can make a lettuce wrap and skewer with toothpick for a pseudo burger – call it something fun and they love it!!
Meatballs with toothpicks and some sauce or dip – they LOVE this cos its fun!
Chicken drumsticks, chicken or fish nuggets
Sausages – whole, chopped with toothpicks and dip or cut in half and melt some cheese on top
Eggs – boiled or devilled or Frittata
Cheese (wrap in paper to prevent it drying out) – nice with buttered homemade nut or seed crackers
Kebabs – anything on a stick is fun – use lots of colours; veges, meat, cheese
Any vege medley with lots of colours so it is pretty when they open it (peppers, tomatoes, beans, peas, cukes, carrots etc)
Vege sticks with some dip (guacamole, hummus)
Sliced cucumber or carrots (we call sliced carrots ‘golden coins’)
Little hors d’oeuvres with above slices and tomatoes/cheese etc (let them ‘build’ them at school)
Egg and cream cheese ‘buns’ with filling
Sushi made with grated cauli
Almond or coconut muffins – with a bit of honey & flavour eg berries, carrots, cinnamon, apple
GAPS Waffles or pikelets
Lara bars (dates, seeds, nuts, coconut oil in food processor. Can bake for a bit, or just leave in fridge)

Notes on the Recipes

The recipes suggestions come from a variety of sources. Some are lower on this page, some are from books I may have recommended to you eg Nourishing Traditions (NT) or Gut & Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), some are from my recipe blog and some are from other people’s blogs.

They are marked with the following icons to make it easy to see which ones are suitable for your diet. But you still need to double check each recipe to make sure.

= GAPS or SCD friendly
= contains grains of some kind (but may be gluten free)
= contains dairy, and there is no dairy free option
= contains eggs, and there is no egg free option
= contains peanuts, cashews, tree nuts or seeds

Also refer to my Pinterest page for more ideas.

Suggested Recipes




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