Unless you are clutching real gold in your hot sweaty hands, you probably don’t actually have any.

Most of the gold that is being traded in the world doesn’t really exist, and pretending to have gold is a sort of national sport for counties like America where there is a vault called Fort Knox that is supposedly full of gold, but has never been audited.


Fort Knox

In 1974 an informant claimed that there was no gold left in Fort Knox. The informant, Louise Auchincloss Boyer, secretary to Nelson Rockefeller, fell out of the window of her New York apartment and died three days after the publication of these claims. How unusual…

“On July 4th, 1974, Louise Auchincloss Boyer’s dead body was found beneath the window of her 10th floor apartment. Three days prior, a newspaper published a story in which legal counsel for the American Gold Association accused the Rockefellers of looting Fort Knox of most or all of its gold. The anonymous source of the story had been Mrs. Boyer, executive assistant to Nelson Rockefeller”

Many of the websites covering this are bit hard to find now for some reason, and the online records of this story have been deleted, but if anyone ever claims there is gold in Fort Knox, just ask them to prove it with an independent audit!

To ensure that nobody ever proves that Fort Knox is empty, it is protected by around 30,000 soldiers and a flotilla of attack helicopters.

The Gold-Vault is allegedly protected by a 22-ton blast-proof door, and visitors are STRICTLY forbidden

The Bank Of England

The English on the other hand like to show off their gold online.

But they do claim to have over seven times more gold in their vault than all the gold mined in human history, so its a safe bet that most of the gold that they like to show off is fake

So always make sure your bullion comes from somewhere reputable like the Perth Mint –


They are both very solid investments and when people argue about them, they are missing the point.

If there is a global financial meltdown you won’t care if gold goes up 10% more than silver or vice versa because they will both go up over 1000% so you will be happy either way. Except that the economy will be fucked so you might be bummed out.

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The main advantage of gold is that it is very valuable so a small quantity of coins is worth a lot. But in a post apocalypse economy you won’t want to purchase your groceries with a gold coin because it would be worth a lot more than a months worth of groceries. So gold’s strength is also it’s weakness – it would be too valuable for daily trading.

At this point 1oz silver coins seem more practical, but if the economy really does ever collapse silver coins could be worth more than a bag of groceries too. The catch with silver is that stashing monster boxes of 500 coins does take up a lot of space

Many people on Steemit are only into crypto currencies and can’t imagine why anyone would want any boring old bullion.

I recently explained it like this:

Bullion is a crypto insurance policy that will leave you with something if the whole crypto market goes pop.

It takes discipline to take a percentage of your $ out of cryptos and put it into bullion, because you might miss out on “big gains”. But if you are really making big gains, what is 10%?

Having a store of bullion paid for out of your crypto profits can give you the confidence to trade like you only have about six months to make big gains before the zionist banker overlords come up with a way to make crypto trading a lot more difficult. Like they are doing with Bitcoin right now.

I do think cryptos are the future and are the key to overthrowing the zionist bankers, but right now we are in the middle of a crypto gold rush and it’s important to make sure you keep some of that windfall as real gold (or silver)

So which coins do I recommenced buying?

Gold in 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz demonstrations, and silver in 1 oz. All just plain coins from reputable mints rather than collectables – Eagles, Maples, Kangaroos, Kiwis – coins built by weights not flashy designs

Here in New Zealand we can buy bullion with cryptos from My Gold

I’m starting to wonder if NZ is becoming the Korea of the South Pacific because we have a kick arse crypto exchange as well:

Fools Gold

The title of this post comes from one of my favourite 80’s songs – “Fools Gold” by the Stone Roses.

If you want to groove about like a funky hipster this is the song.

And make sure you read the comments too for gems like this:

“This is the track of my youth. This is epic beyond compare. I used to dance in my 22″ flares and basin haircut with john lennon sunglasses under the influence of many recreational pharmaceuticals. Happy Daze. They don’t make music like this no more – funk defined.”