Why a Facebook misfit belongs on Steemit

 Why a Facebook misfit belongs on Steemit

My controversial opinions caused a few issues on Facebook.

It’s being reported that Mark Zuckerberg is freaking out about the decline in “personal updates” that is occurring on Facebook. People are still posting plenty of links to all sorts of crap, but they don’t often write anything personal.

It’s not really all that surprising. I suspect deep down inside, most Facebook users realize that the site is not exactly working in their best interests. What Facebook have been doing is strategically buying up every technology that can aid them with their plan for social media domination. In 2014 they bought WhatsApp for US$19 billion so as to secure the text messaging side of things.

Soon after I quit looking at Facebook, I stumbled upon Steemit. Using Facebook had increasingly felt like accepting lollies from a man in an overcoat who was lurking in the bushes (except that there wasn’t actually any lollies, just a lot of lurking). Using Steemit felt more like listening to an Eckhart Tolle audio – inspiring.

One of the first people I started following on Steemit is a lady with two knee replacements, whose husband is openly sleeping with other women, but who wants to adopt a child. And it struck me that I certainly never saw anything like that on Facebook, and especially not from anyone I supposedly “knew”.

It seemed that maybe for the first time on any social media, I was seeing some personal honestly, and I found it fascinating. Despite having posted thousands of web pages, blog posts and comments myself, I must admit that I seldom post any personal honesty online. I happily do piss takes, criticism, summaries, reports, photos, and art. But nothing too personal. That previous sentence is about as personally revealing as I get online…

While I was still using Facebook from time to time up until a few months ago, the truth is I hated using it, and always wanted the site to fail. And I still do, more now than ever. The best way I’ve come up with to assist that aim is to avoid it like the plague, and promote Steemit every chance I get.

I really want Steemit to succeed to even greater heights, and if that means getting a bit personal once in a while, I’m up for an occasional dabble into that side of things, if it helps.

For some strange reason, on Steemit I often find myself reading posts by people I disagree with about one thing or another, but it doesn’t seem to matter all that much. I feel like I can still relate to them on some other level, and still enjoy reading their posts.

For example, as a Weston A Price Foundation chapter leader with a phobia of needles, I never expected to find myself reading the posts of a vegan chef who is into getting himself inked. But on Steemit that sort of thing seems to happen all the time.

For me Facebook worked the opposite way round – friends could rapidly become enemies over almost any disagreement, and there was often not much of an underlying relationship beyond maybe sharing a certain degree of personal self hatred for all being Facebook addicts.

Here on Steemit I’m now going to willingly reveal a bunch of opinions that didn’t go down too well on Facebook. My theory is that a lot of people on Steemit can actually handle seeing opinions that may differ from their own. So to test that theory, here are 10 of my opinions that caused a few freakouts and unfriends on Facebook (I do have some more opinions, but these 10 are hopefully enough for now)

1 – VACCINATIONS – as well as causing autism, cancer and many other diseases, they don’t work at all, and not a single properly designed study has ever been done that proves otherwise.

2 – VEGAN DIETS – they are totally unsuitable for over 95% of the population and after just 2-5 years they lead to severe tooth and bone deterioration for starters. The next generation is where the physical degeneration really shows up; the babies of vegan parents have high rates of a wide range of disorders, as well as really bad teeth. (and most vegetarian diets will eventually produce similar results, but it may take 10-20 years)

3 – FAKE MOON LANDINGS – There is very good evidence that the Apollo moon landing was faked in a film studio and it’s probable that nobody has ever landed on the moon, and never will.

4 – ATOMIC BOMBS ARE A HOAX – like the “moon landings” atomic bombs are a complete con job – they don’t even exist. The old video footage is clearly fake, and a quick look around (not on Google though, because that search engine is less than forthcoming on this subject) rapidly has atom bombs looking just as real as moon landings. That is the real reason there has never been a nuclear war.

5 – GLOBAL WARMING aka “climate change” is also a hoax. More like an apocalyptic religious cult than a science, it’s a real money spinner. The planet is actually moving very slowly towards its default state of being in an ice age for the next 100000 years.

6 – OIL IS NOT A FOSSIL FUEL – it’s actually abiotic and no more likely to run out than molten lava. And that’s why, despite America’s best efforts to keep the price high by starting wars, it’s getting cheaper.

7 – AMERICA PUT HITLER IN POWER – There are a number of conspiracy theories involving America around WWII: foreknowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour (the first 911), the funding of the Nazi party in the 30’s by American businesses such as Ford, the supply of US made goods to Germany by US companies such as Coca Cola (Fanta) and IBM during the war, as well as the events surrounding the two fake atomic bombs supposedly dropped on Japan, and the adaptation of Nazi developed technologies immediately after WWII (including water fluoridation and CIA mind control techniques). Investigation into any of these areas opens up a big can of worms.

8 – FLUORIDE IS A POISON – its purpose in the water supply has got nothing to do with teeth. It fuels the profitable cancer industry, and makes the population more gullible and open to mind control. In fact it actually increases tooth decay, but this is a just a distraction from the real issues – fluoride is put in the water to create a profitable way to dispose of a lethal industrial by-product, and to make the population more submissive. It only remains in the water supplies of a handful of American influenced countries (less than 4% of the population globally)

9 – FALSE FLAGS – pretty much all “terrorism” events from 911 to Nice (and all the ones in between, like Paris and Orlando) are false flags, and often glaringly obvious ones too.

10 – YOUR COMPUTER IS SPYING ON YOU – your computer is spying on you one way or another. Microsoft is part of the surveillance operation – and that may in part explain why Windows 10 is so appalling. There is more than just data mining going on here, and Microsoft software like Windows 10 is not just a result of total incompetence – they have other agendas in mind, and it’s safe to say that increasing the productivity of any of the poor saps clueless enough to use it, is not the main objective. In general “they” are not using it to read the average person’s emails, but to detect large scale trends such as movements in banking and share trading – but if necessary they can certainly read your email.

I’d be surprised if very many people, even here on Steemit, agree with all 10 of the opinions I’ve just listed, but hopefully at least a few of you are on board with some of them. And that’s fine with me – I’m not looking for validation, I’m looking for inspiration. And that’s what I’m finding here on Steemit.

A lot of people are saying things like “I want Steemit to work”. And I do too. But for me, right now, STEEMIT IS WORKING! – Thank you all for the inspiration.

SIFT666 aka Ian Gregson is a professional Steemit photographer and crypto-currency investor from Wellington, New Zealand.

In between sunbathing and counting his wedge he likes to watch YouTube videos about sheep shearing and is currently developing a new website portal to rival Steemit calledhttp://www.frot.co.nz

This post was originally uploaded to my Steemit account – steemit.com/steemit/@sift666/why-a-facebook-misfit-belongs-on-steemit