All humour (humor) has been banned online by the libtard PC police, but if you hate those tossers, then this website is for you, with shitloads of madcore lolpics for your non-libtard approved amusement.

Mistakes are not the end of the world

“If we are not stupid then we are bound to become one” – Santosh Kalwar

Can Americans even count?  –

You know that feeling when you are wondering if kitchen utensils can be erotic? – that is what Taylor Swift does for me – I’m not sure if she/he is yet another tranny, but those wide shoulders and long bony arms are about as erotic as a frying pan…

Tattoos reveal life’s deep meanings and wisdom

They just go splat…

Donnie Chump – Israel’s man on the spot…

“Get your own website” they said – meet swingers and party like a ho!

The donut cut is all set to become bigger than the mullet

“I dnt actualy bliv ths. I nid mor proof”

Trannies are an endless source of laughs (as is America)


Good things take time and it’s important not to rush

Did someone say “tranny”? –

I’ve always loved the pure style of the Fiat Multipla – a timeless classic car

It’s really important to me than no cunts are offended by anything I post online. Really fucking important…

Some poor numpty bought this physically defective avocado and was socially traumatized!

Facial tatts – unemployment benefits for life, and a more active sex life too!

There is no group of libtards I like winding up more than vegans!

Stay calm and do what needs to be done