Swine Flu – Another Medically made Epidemic



This booklet on Swine Flu hazards and fakery is part of a larger book on vaccination, titled, VACCINATION CONDEMNED BY COMPETENT DOCTORS. It is about time a large and comprehensive book of the long concealed facts about vaccination is brought forth. This is the largest and most informative book on the subject ever written in America. It contains data collected from medical records, army reports, and startling findings from researchers all over the world.

The book is intended to help combat the disastrous effects of vaccine promoters and their deceptive propaganda.

I have seen cancers caused by vaccinations, on the arms of people, exactly where the vaccine was injected. I have also seen paralysis and other tragedies caused by vaccinations. All these are unnecessary and avoidable by the application of information contained in the chapters of this book.

It will be noted that there are many repetitions of certain facts all through the book. There are two reasons for this. One is that some chapters are used as separate booklets like the chapter on SWINE FLU. The other reason is that the wrong information about vaccination has been drilled into the people from early childhood, so it is necessary to repeat the truth many times in order to re-program the thinking from false claims to the truth.

Truth wears no mask, she seeks neither place nor applause, bows to no human shrine; she only asks a hearing.”—-Anon

Chapter 1  Swine Flu-Another Medically-made Epidemic

“Take the profit out of the manufacture and administration of serums and vaccines and they would soon be condemned even by those who are now using them”—George Starr White M D

At the present writing, October 1976, a group of medical opportunists have taken upon themselves the dictatorial authority to declare the threat of a sweeping epidemic of SWINE FLU which they said was similar to or related to the 1918 epidemic of Spanish influenza which wiped out 20,000,000 people world-wide.  This declaration was supposed to scare all the people into their vaccination centers to be shot full of experimental vaccine poisons, while they, the promoters, raked in the profits.  During the big polio vaccine drive, a spokesman for ParkeDavis one of the five drug houses making the vaccine stated “Our company will clear over $10,000,000 on Salk vaccine in 1955 ” Before they were through they had fleeced the people of over $4 billion dollars on the Salk racket (See the chapter on POLIO CAUSED BY VACCINATION)

Most of the people had their eyes opened during the polio vaccine fiasco so now when the same poison pushers started to beat their drums again for swine flu vaccine customers, they were smart enough to see through the hoax and refuse the shots, even though the scare-head propaganda slogans said swine flu is contagious and you can die if you don t get the shots

However, the scare techniques and perhaps other inducements, worked on (the then acting) President Ford who has since been voted out of office—and none too soon. When the high pressure sales committee, Doctors Salk Sabin, Sencer, Mathews Cooper, etc marched into Fords office in March (76) and told him to hand over $135,000,000 to support their private money making racket, he handed it over like a simple child without even bothering to ask them for a guarantee that their unproved vaccine would not kill the people—as it did in other vaccine drives—or that their claims were justified.

Their claims of safety, effectiveness and need have all been proved to be false during the past few weeks when the vaccine killed 113 people, nation wide, and paralyzed 75 in California alone. We do not have the reports from all 50 states, but if it is the same as in Calif. that would add up to 3,675 cases of paralysis. Many coroners have been given orders by the doctors not to give out the swine flu casualties. So, we don’t know all the facts yet, and we may never know unless we have a “Watergate” investigation.


A radio newscast (Jan. 77) reported that one of the paralyzed swine flu victims has filed a $5,000,000 suit against the vaccine promoters for causing his paralysis in December of 1976. His suit is against the instigators of the flu epidemic scare, who are Dr. David Sencer of CDC (Center for Disease Control) who spearheaded the vaccine campaign, and Dr. Theodore Cooper of WHO (World Health Organization), the Health Departments which promoted the shots and the six drug houses making the swine flu vaccine. (Why not Ford also and his Congress who financed it?) His complaint was that they had put out propaganda promising that the vaccine had been thoroughly tested and was perfectly safe, and that the swine flu was contagious and people could die if they didn’t get vaccinated, and that they would be protected if they had the shots, and that the side effects, if any were “inconsequential.”

Dr. Edwin Kilbourne, head of the Microbiology Department at Mount Sinai Medical School (L.A. Calif.) said he thought “the cases of paralysis were only coincidence.”

Paralysis is known to be a common after-effect of vaccination—any kind of vaccine—and these 75 California cases were paralyzed shortly after their flu shots—and yet, this doctor says (in effect) “forget it—maybe it wasn’t the vaccine that did it.” If that is the kind of teaching and slipshod guesswork that our young medical students are getting it isn’t surprising that the doctors come out of medical college all mixed up and unable to cure anything—not even the common cold or pimples. All they learn is how to suppress symptoms with poison drugs or mutilate the patients with unnecessary operations. 97% of the operations performed by U.S. doctors are unnecessary, according to the admission of doctors, themselves, who met to decide what operations would really be necessary in case of socialized medicine when there would be no profit in it for them. They decided that only about three percent (3%) would be necessary.

All the flu vaccine sales promises were lies—proved later by the deaths and disasters within a few hours after the shots.

The insurance companies which had insured the doctors and vaccine makers down through the years balked at this obvious vaccine swindle game. We wonder why Ford couldn’t have taken a tip from these shrewd businessmen and also turned down the whole, questionable vaccine program. We wonder what inducements prompted Ford and Congress to let themselves be talked into financing not only the vaccine but paying the damage costs which could amount to billions of dollars judging by the large number of deaths and disasters already reported, plus those which have been hushed up by the vaccine promoters.

The most common remark we hear on the streets today is, “IT’S THE BIGGEST RIP-OFF OF ALL TIME.”

The vaccine promoters and drug insurance companies, no doubt, remembered the multi-million dollar law suits following the devastating polio vaccine campaign of the 1950’s when the Salk, Sabin, and Cutter vaccines caused thousands of cases of polio, death, and other disasters. The law suits flooded the courts and the vaccine promoters and drug houses had to pay out damages amounting to many millions of dollars.

The five pharmaceutical houses making the Salk vaccine were called the Rockefeller chain then, and it is the same ones now making the swine flu vaccine, with a few exceptions. The vaccine promoters wanted to dodge all financial loss—the cost of the vaccine and the damage suits, so they could make clear profit, while the taxpayers were saddled with both the payment of the vaccine and the damages, also. I doubt that the crime syndicate could run a more crooked racket than this government sponsored and financed caper, with all the profits siphoned off into the pockets of the medical and drug concerns.

If those smooth talking con-men had been holding a machine gun on Ford they couldn’t have done a quicker and easier job of robbing this simple man who didn’t even know enough to do a little investigating before dipping into the public till to finance a private money making scheme.

Ford was not the only guilty one in this conspiracy against the people. Most of the members of Congress gave their supporting vote.

Before leaving office Ford asked the taxpayers to give the Congressmen a substantial raise. We wonder if he wanted to reward them for their part in helping him support organized medical crime.

An AP news report in the Los Angeles Times (Dec. 3, 1976) with a headline: $129 MILLION FEDERAL RAISE PROPOSED, says in part:

“. . . Ford will put the exact rates of pay he thinks advisable into the budget submitted next month. Unless the House or Senate kills the proposals. (Are they likely to turn down a raise?) the members of the House and Senate will receive $57,500 annually compared to the current $44,600.”

Are they worth it? Another report told us that most of our Congressmen are corporation lawyers with an eye to serving private interests. Their vote for giving $135,000,000 of tax money to support a private medical racket (swine flu vaccine) would indicate that they are indeed working for “outside interests”, and not for the good of the people who hired them to their high positions.

The same AP report also says: “The commission (to raise salaries) made it clear that it hoped to link the raises to a commitment by the three branches of government to come up with a stricter code of conduct on outside income and financial disclosures.”

Does this mean that if they are given the big raise they must promise to tell the truth about what “outside interests” paid them extra to swing the “big deals” in their favor?

Public officials like this should not be given any raise at all; they should be given a dismissal and a prison sentence, plus confiscating the bribes they have taken from “big business”.


At the same time the vaccine promoters were telling Ford the vaccine was “tested and perfectly safe” they were still testing it on lab. animals, soldiers and little children. The ones who can’t defend themselves.

In A REPORT TO THE CONSUMER (Sept., 75) by Ida Honorof, she presents a compilation of data from the National Institute of Health—Division of Biologic Standards, Bulletin of World Health Organization, and Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Director of a branch of FDA Virus research. Dr. Morris’ findings show that the flu vaccine, when inhaled by lab. animals “tended to enhance cancerous tumors.”

Pregnant women had been on the preferred list for shots until findings indicated that certain substances in flu vaccine “could pose a serious threat of fetal damage to women who might become pregnant. . .”

In the report she reviews an article by Aurora Reich, Director of Scientific Communications, published in Indianapolis Star, which states:

“The virus itself (flu vaccine) has toxic properties, even after it is killed, which can cause fever and convulsions, especially in children. January Journal of Pediatrics carried the research of Doctors at Atlanta and Sheffield, England working together testing a purified killed influenza vaccine. They concluded that even the purified killed vaccine is too toxic (poison) to be given to children . .. The study showed 69% of the infants ran high fever 6 to 12 hours after vaccinations, and one had convulsions.”

Other studies showed that about 10% had convulsions, and one died. One doctor pointed out that “there are 9 million children under 3 years of age. If 10% of them had convulsions, that would be 900,000 with convulsions.. (and how many deaths?) The routine vaccination of infants and children has not been recommended by the Public Health Service.”

How tragic that these helpless little children are being used to test poison drugs—like laboratory animals. I thought that was against the law. It’s deplorable to even use animals for this, as practically all the tests are for things we do not need, such as poison drugs, vaccines, unnecessary operations, etc. Yes, all vaccines are dangerous drugs. (See the chapter on HOW VACCINES ARE MADE)

Every once in a while we hear of an honest doctor who is not afraid to speak out and warn the people against vaccines. Such a man is Dr. James A. Shannon, of the National Institute of Health. He stated: “THE ONLY SAFE VACCINE IS A VACCINE THAT IS NEVER USED.”

When it was proved that the vaccine was too dangerous to be used on children it should have been condemned and destroyed before it did any more harm, because if it is too dangerous for children or anyone else, it is too dangerous for all people.

Doctors who have been questioned, admit that they are not taking the shots for themselves or their own children.

The old, the ill and the other “high risk” cases are more sensitive to poisons and more readily broken down and killed by them, and yet, the doctors and vaccine promoters advised them to be the first in line to get the shots. I think they wanted to test the risky vaccine first on them to see what would happen and if it caused death and disasters the doctors could blame it on their old age or their various infirmities.

The doctors seem to consider these sick and elderly people expendable commodities of no importance. I saw an example of this when I sat in on a vaccine promotion meeting on USC campus (L.A.) recently, when the promoters were trying to drum up business and get the students to submit to the shots.

People in the audience started to ask questions of the doctor on the stand. They asked about the vaccine death that had occurred a few hours after the shots. He passed it off lightly with indifference saying that “they would have died anyway,” or “They were old and probably had ailments that killed them.” he made it clear that the vaccine promoters were not going to take any responsibility for their death dealing vaccines. He was one of the teachers at the medical school at USC. God protect us from the kind of doctors he would influence.

These vaccine casualties were not listed as such or the public records. The death certificates were falsified and causes were given other than the vaccine which killed them (See the chapter on FALSIFIED MEDICAL RECORDS.)


The whole swine flu scare was based on the death of only one soldier at Fort Dix, New Jersey (One report said october, 1975 and another said February, 1976). There was never any real evidence that he even had swine flu. There was a wide divergence of opinion among the doctors as to the real cause of his death. Some even tried to blame it on a walk he took when he was ill. An official diagnosis pronounced his death to be from A-Victoria flu, and not swine flu. All the soldiers at the camp had been innoculated with Port Chalmers flu vaccine, which was claimed to contain antigens to protect against all strains of flu. Shortly after the shots over 500 men got sick with the flu anyway, thus proving that the flu vaccine is a total failure and does not protect from the flu or anything else. 66 more were hospitalized at Fort Knox about the same time. We do not have the report from all the army camps but, it is quite certain there were a large number of cases of serious vaccine poisoning—no doubt, called by some other name, and death certificates falsified as is usually the case with vaccination deaths. The death certificates of vaccine poisoning usually read, “died of pneumonia” or hepatitis, or meningitis or something else.

The present flu vaccine they are using on the civilian population is just as ineffective and dangerous, and yet, it is being promoted all over the country with disastrous results. No matter how many casualties they have they are determined to use it as long as they can get away with it—because it is profitable. That is its one and only purpose.

Even if the swine flu had been the cause of the soldier’s death, one case of a disease is not grounds to stage a nation-wide epidemic. It takes at least 30 cases of the same disease in the same locality to constitute an epidemic.

The vaccine promoters have been frantically trying to find at least one case of swine flu anywhere in the world to justify their custom made vaccination campaign. But they have not found one case—even among the swine. They heard of a man named Larry Hardison in Missouri who had a cold and they rushed to him to try to get a throat sample so they could make a case out of it. But he got well before they got the throat sample. Most of the cases of flu they check are caused by the vaccine itself.

There is no swine flu epidemic in U.S. or anywhere else in the world, and there is not going to be one either unless the vaccine promoters carry out their plan to vaccinate all the people; then there will be a full blown epidemic of vaccine poisoning—not flu.

There are already 113 recorded vaccine deaths and that is enough to be an epidemic of vaccine poisoning.


Vaccines contain decomposed protein such as that which is taken from pustules on sick animals or putrefied eggs mixed with deadly drugs such as carbolic acid (phenol), mercury, formaldehyde (formalin), etc. Decomposed proteins can cause botulism, salmonella or other types of body poisoning. It’s no wonder people drop dead after the shots.

All doctors who know the subject know and admit that all vaccines are highly toxic, and the after-effects are unpredictable. No doctor, laboratory technician or scientist can possibly determine the reaction the vaccine will have on each individual. It is impossible to know, in advance, the toleration point for poison which each person has. Therefore it is a deadly gamble—like Russian roulette—as to whether the vaccine will cause instant death (and that sometimes happens), or paralysis a few hours later, or cancer, heart trouble or TB a few years later, or kidney disease, liver damage, insanity (post vaccinal encephalitis—inflammation of the brain caused by vaccines) or some other chronic disease somewhere along the way.

Vaccine is even worse than Russian roulette because that kills only a few and they are usually other crooks, while vaccination kills thousands of innocent and trusting people.


After the vaccine promoters “took” Ford for $135 million, they told him to be a good boy and roll up his sleeve so they could photograph him having a shot to induce all the rest of the people to follow his example. They wanted to use him and his photo and influence as sales propaganda to sell their poison drugs. He obeyed like a puppet on a string.

No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us. They see a fake epidemic—a mass poisoning campaign—and our national leaders dancing to the tune of the drug (vaccine) pushers.

Dr G. Nossel of the World Health Organisation said:

‘You Americans ought to have your heads examined—No way would we permit it.. . There has been no proper investigation . . . The vaccine has not been properly researched.. . There are too many unknowns.”

From as far away as Australia, there are those in authority who are shocked to see that such a fraud should be permitted—even promoted by the U.S. Government, along with the medical establishment, notorious for their money making schemes.

Dr. Archie Kalokerines, medical superintendent of Colleranebri Hospital in Australia, called the swine flu immunization program “a plan for mass murder . .. If a person is susceptible, the vaccine may act as an immunological insult predisposing that person to things like pneumonia or anemia … If an individual is incubating another flu virus it can cause an immediate and severe attack of that disease.. . We don’t know what the long term effects of this drug (swine flu vaccine) will be. It may predispose a person to cancer or other diseases . . .” (See the chapter on CANCERS CAUSED BY VACCINATION.)

The above statement is from an exclusive interview with the Glendale News Press (9/24/76) and reprinted in A report to the Consumer, by Honorof.

“Harry Nelson, Medical Editor for L.A. Times, reported on an American Cancer Society Seminar for Science Writers, and announced that microbiologists have uncovered new findings that incriminate vaccination. One of the participants was Dr. Robert M. Simpson of Rutgers University, N.J., who stressed that ‘Immunization programs against flu, measles, mumps, and polio may actually be seeding humans with RNA to form proviruses which will then become latent cells throughout the body . .. Some of these could be molecules in search of a disease, which under proper conditions become activated and cause a variety of diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, Parkinson’s disease and perhaps cancer.” This quote is from the Honorof Report for June, 1976.

The chapter on CANCER CAUSED BY VACCINATION shows photographs of vaccine victims with cancers on the arms where the vaccine was injected.

From the NATIONAL HEALTH FEDERATION we hear, “The risks of life and health from the high incidence of fever and other side-effects of the swine flu vaccine are substantial. Public health experts estimate that approximately 15% of those inoculated will suffer disabling illness.”

Our paid government health agencies who are supposed to warn us of health hazards are not doing it. It has been outsiders who have been busy spending their own time and money to find out facts and warn the people against this colossal medical fraud. One source we need to thank for this is THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER and their state-by-state probe to collect data on deaths from vaccination, cases of swine flu, if any, who started the vaccine hoax and why, etc. In their Nov. 2, 1976 article by Chuck Michelini and Dan Schwartz, they write:

“Blundering government health experts (?) are directly to blame for the trail of deaths in the swine flu program — because they failed to warn people of vaccination dangers. And the mass inoculation program is needless —because there are no cases of swine flu in the entire world.

“Those are the charges leveled by top medical experts — who say the swine flu threat was blown out of proportion, then sold to President Ford and the American public with scandalous “horror tactics.”

“Government officials are trying to scare Americans into getting shots with totally misleading TV commercials that say swine flu is contagious — and newspaper ads saying ‘you can die’ if you aren’t vaccinated.”

Actually, swine flu is not contagious at all. Like other diseases, it is a cleansing effort of the body to force out the accumulated poisons that have been injected or eaten, breathed or taken in in some other way. Coughing, sneezing, sweating (fever), vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, eruptions, etc. are the manifestations of the unloading program and should not be interfered with by suppressive drugs or other medical meddling. Most drugless doctors say that most diseases heal normally if the patients stay at home in bed, in a quiet airy room with no food, no medicines, and no drinks except a little warm distilled water.

In case of a cold, most medical doctors say take two aspirins and drink plenty of liquids. That’s bad advice because aspirin is a drastic heart poison and should be avoided entirely in all circumstances, and “liquids” — not specific enough. The patient could take that to mean coffee, tea, alcoholics, soft drinks (all of which are poison) or soups, fruit juices, ice water, etc. all of which are harmful in illness. Reasons are given in another chapter.

Although the medical and government propaganda mills sent ads to the major newspapers warning “You can die from swine flu,” authorities who were willing to stick to facts were saying just the opposite. For instance, Dr. J. Anthony Morris, one of the government’s top experts on vaccines, stated:

“That’s absolutely false. There’s no evidence that swine flu is a killer . . . It is not contagious . . . There is no evidence that swine flu will spread. It has not been isolated anywhere since it was (allegedly) found in Feb. at Fort Dix, N.J.” While addressing a meeting in Los Angeles he said, “…The swine flu vaccine is worthless. There’s no evidence that it will protect you against swine flu because there’s been no cases of swine flu to test it against.”

He also said: “Effectiveness of flu vaccine is comparatively low. Flu vaccine made from inactivated virus particles such as now being manufactured, produces the wrong kind of immunity. It elicits systemic antibody that can be measured in the blood, but does not produce the local antibody in lungs and nose needed to protect against infection to the virus if later infected.

“There is no precise way to measure the potency of flu vaccine that will be offered Americans because the standard units do not measure the mass of virus particles in a vaccine.”

Dr. Morris was fired from his job because he opposed the swine flu program and pointed out the defects which showed it could be dangerous as well as entirely ineffective.

Dr. Weidman, of the University of Florida, a recognized virologist, also agrees that the swine flu vaccine is inadequate to do any good. Doctors both here and in England found that their tests on laboratory animals were not encouraging. When the dose was potent enough to kill the virus it also killed the animals and when it was weakened enough to be safe for animals and people it was too weak to do any good, and was no protection.

“So far, only 25,000,000 Americans out of a total population of 216.2 million have had the swine flu shots. And as Dr. J. Anthony Morris puts it: ‘That means 191 million Americans have failed to be taken in by the hard sell propaganda. The swine flu program is a program of incredibly high costs and questionable benefits’ ” (Enquirer, 12/21/76).

It seems to us that some doctors are slow learners. They should have found out by this time that they can’t fight poison with poison, as their poison drugs and medicines only make matters worse in the long run. Most diseases are caused by poisons either generated within the body or imposed upon the body from without such as contaminated, devitalized foods, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, vaccines, fluoride-poisoned water, all drugs, insecticides, radiation, etc. Because vaccines are all poison they do damage in 100% of the cases. The damage ranges all the way from sudden death to chronic diseases in later years.


Dr. Selye of the University of Montreal, one of the world’s foremost authorities on human stress, stated:

“After inoculations, elderly people and the chronically ill are particularly predisposed to have certain stress reactions such as heart failure.” (Enquirer 12/21/76)

In spite of this and other similar findings, the vaccine promoters urged all the senior citizens, the old and ill the high risk cases to be the first in line to get their shots. Because of this mad rush for profits the promoters are guilty of causing all those needless deaths of the elderly people a few hours after they had their shots.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, of Allegheny, Pa. performed autopsies on several of the flu vaccine victims and said:

“People should have been advised to ask their doctor if the shots were safe for them, especially if they’d had heart attacks or high blood pressure — but this was not done.”

What good would it do to ask their doctor? Most doctors don’t know the dangers of vaccination, and if they did they wouldn’t tell their patients, as long as it was profitable to them to keep silent about it. The individual doctors usually do what their medical hierarchy tells them to do, and when they are promoting a vaccination drive the doctors are ordered to comply.

My previous research on vaccination revealed many cases of sudden death from heart failure after vaccinations. As stated many times before, all vaccines are poison and when they are shot directly into the bloodstream they circulate throughout the body including the heart, in a matter of seconds, and continue to circulate and cause corrosion and malfunction of all the delicate tissues of the body. The heart valves are made of fragile membrane which is affected by the poisons, in such a way as to render it incapable of proper functioning, leading to heart failure. At the same time, all other vital organs are impaired by the same poisons.

Most doctors and coroners try to deny the obvious when protecting a favorite money making racket like vaccination. For instance, the Los Angeles County Coroner, Thomas Noguchi performed autopsies on people who had died within 48 hours after being inoculated with swine flu vaccine. His statement, published in Los Angeles Times, Nov. 2, 1976, savored of both whitewash and sales propaganda when he said: “We do not believe the vaccine had anything to do with their deaths . . . Heart disease of various types was the cause of death in each case The patient with heart disease is clearly at risk of getting flu if he or she is not protected. Therefore, under guidance of their physician, it is advisable for such high risk persons to get their shots.”

If we all followed his advice and got poisoned with the vaccines we would all be dead from vaccine induced heart failure or some other disease of blood contamination.


In a KABC radio interview, recently, Edgar Berman, M.D., consultant on medical affairs to the White House and associate professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine made some startling statements, a few of which are as follows:

“At least some 200,000 M.D.’s practicing medicine today are guilty of incompetence. . . I estimate at least 10% of these are actually fraudulent and corrupt … And an unfortunately small percentage — certainly less than 15% —are intelligent, hardworking, compassionate, and moral

The scramble for the dollar shows up in statistics. Approximately 1 500 000 (unnecessary) tonsillectomies a year Some 14 000 to 16,000 persons die each year because of the 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 unnecessary operations performed, and God knows how many hundreds of thousands have complications.

“Over the past 50 years doctors have been implicated in producing more infections, crippling and suffering than all the accidents caused by the combustion engine plus every illness foisted on the laborer by industry, from black lung to radiation poisoning.

“Studies at Cornell and Yale have shown that 1,250,000 hospitalizations a year are caused by prescribed drugs. And once in a hospital, you’re still far from safe. Our hospitals, even the best in the land, produce over 5,000,000 cases of disease a year.”

Dr. Berman wrote a book titled, THE SOLID GOLD STETHOSCOPE. It’s a shocker. It “gives the low-down on the high-ups” in the medical field and has the authenticity of a man — a medical doctor — who knows the story from the inside — the seamy side. It’s not only informative, it’s a million laughs.

There is so much bungling, guesswork, faulty diagnosis and cover-up, both inside and outside of the hospitals, that the doctors conceal their manslaughter cases by calling them “Accidents.” There are so many doctor-caused diseases that they have given them a name, “iatrogenic.” It means doctor-caused diseases. People think they go to the hospitals to get well — to be healed, but instead, millions of them are made sicker by the treatments, and even killed by the poison drugs, operations and experiments. Most, maybe all, of the hospitals have a separate section set aside for their “iatrogenic diseases.” Why are they kept separate? It is probably because the doctors don’t want the visitors to see what they have done to them, and also to use them for experimentation. They justify this by claiming they must experiment to find a cure for the diseases they have caused. But they use the same deadly drugs and treatments that caused the diseases in the first place.

The famous Dr. Charles Mayo, in a radio broadcast a number of years ago was honest enough to admit that with all their latest equipment and medical training at the Mayo Clinic, they are able to get only 20% of their diagnoses and treatments right. The autopsies on the dead bodies showed them what they did wrong.

An article in Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review (Dec. 76) quotes some interesting statements from a group of 18 internationally known scientists. The Chicago Tribune (Dec. 22/76) also carried the article by Ronald Kotulak. Here are a few of their remarks:

The shocking conclusion is that drugs are so widely misused that only 10% of the medications taken in the industrialized world are for disease-related purposes.

“They point out that there is no such thing as a safe chemical, a fact that doctors tend to forget and that most people do not know . . . Doctors frequently prescribe drugs even though they know little about them, and the people eagerly take them. The price which the patients pay in terms of adverse side effects are horrendous.

“Studies in America and England have revealed that, out of every 20 hospital patients, one is admitted because of the harm done by drugs.

“Once in the hospital the risk increases. Up to 18% of the patients suffer from bad side-effects caused by medications prescribed in the hospitals.

“‘The annual cost of treating this unnecessary and preventable abuse of medications is close to $3 billion,’ said this international Commission of Internal Pollution — a staggering waste of money and health

“Who is to blame for our medicinal extravaganza? The responsibility must be shared by the drug industry, the government agencies that oversee them, the doctors and those who take the drugs.

“Another breakdown occurs when it comes to test new drugs on people. A spot check conducted by the Food and Drug Administration in 1973 disclosed that 20% of the doctors doing these clinical trials were guilty of unethical practices, including prescribing wrong doses and falsifying records.”


All chemicals and drugs are inert, foreign substances which act as irritants when taken internally. They do not have power to act in the body or cure anything. The only reason why they seem to cause some changes which people like to believe are curative is that the internal defense system tries to eject this unwanted foreign matter, and that sets up a reverse action to remedy the harm done by the drugs or chemicals. This taxes the bodily reserves and delays healing. In the case of some drugs it makes healing impossible.

I talked to a young medical student who said that the med. schools were dominated by the drug houses which are flooding the market with so many new drugs which the students are required to learn that they didn’t have time to study anatomy and the things which doctors are supposed to study. No wonder the new doctors don’t seem to know anything except how to give drugs, shots and whatever the pharmaceutical houses dish up to them.

The antibody theory collapsed with scientific tests and that leaves the vaccine business without a leg to stand on. (See Chapter on Germ Theory.


Now that the vaccine racket is being exposed, the vaccine promoters are trying to squirm out of it by making confessions or trying to lay the blame on others. The day after the scare headlines came out in the papers — “Swine flu can cause death” — and “the flu vaccine is safe and will protect you. . .”, etc., a top virologist for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) which heads the flu program — admitted that the CDC knew the headlines were false.” (Enquirer Probe, 12/21/76).

“An official working with the CDC — Dr. Elmer Spurner, director of laboratories for the Missouri Division of Health, admitted, ‘Our tests were not meant to confirm that there was a swine flu outbreak. I don’t know how that got into newspaper stories.’ “He knows.

He and the other promoters did not issue any denials when the headlines across the country read: “Swine Flu Case is Confirmed,” and “Flu Vaccine Rushed to Missouri in Crisis.” (Ibid)

After the many deaths, heart attacks, paralysis and other cases of vaccine poisoning began to mount, some of the promoters were asked to justify their widely advertised claims that the vaccine “would protect 85% to 90% of those vaccinated” . . . and that the side effects would be few and “inconsequential.” One of the favorite tricks of the guilty was to lay the blame on others. As an example, Dr. John Seal of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said:

“The public should be much more careful in interpreting what we mean when we make such statements.” (Ibid) What did he mean?

Another man on the advisory committee admitted:

We don’t know what the vaccine will do when it faces the virus.” Yet, they all told the people it was “tested and perfectly safe.”

In other words, they don’t know what they’re doing, but they tell lies to lure people into their vaccination centers, and when the deaths and disasters occur, the doctors tell us in effect — “It’s your fault for being stupid enough to believe us.”

“Dr. Ernest C. Harrmann, associate professor of microbiology at Peoria, Ill., School of Medicine, believes that “the time has come to ask for resignations of all those behind the swine flu vaccine rip off.’ “(Enquirer Probe—12/21/76)


Not all of our Congressmen are hopeless. Some are actually on our side. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is also a doctor and is able to see both sides of the swine flu question. Most doctors have tunnel vision and see only one side — the side with the dollar mark.

Congressman Paul, in an interview with the Enquirer (Dec. 21, 76) said: “I am outraged by this program. It has been a shocking misuse of funds … and an evil political maneuver. There are people whose careers are in question because of this program. And I predict these blatant advertising efforts to panic the people into taking swine flu shots will fail.

“I think Congress has wasted more than one hundred million dollars. The swine flu program should be brought back to Congress and discontinued at once. The program should be stopped, and those who were responsible should be held morally accountable to the American public.”

Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia, also a medical doctor, said: “I think the swine flu program is a tailor-made hoax that finds its roots in frightening the American people . . . I believe that a full investigation of those in charge should be launched . . . and if it turns out to be a dishonest promotion, everyone responsible should be removed from their jobs.”

It’s heartening to find that all our Congressmen are not corrupt. But where were they, the good ones, when the vote was being taken to endorse and finance this mass poisoning program?


Removing the guilty from their jobs is not enough. A punishment should be imposed on them which they will feel, and that would be to take away all their money — that’s their real love, obviously. If we gathered up all the bribes they have taken from their outside clients, plus all the other millions they have rounded up by using their governmental influence it, would amount to a billion dollars or more —perhaps. With this backlog of funds we could establish some good non-medical schools which would teach the people what to do to take care of their own ailments — even how to avoid all illness. That is possible because many are now living the health life and have no ailments whatsoever. These schools should be kept free from medical domination and political strings.

Health doctors with the right kind of non-medical training get at least 90% more successful “cures” than do the medical doctors with drugs. This project should be carefully supervised to make sure that a lot of pseudo schools do not spring up parading under the guise of the authentic, well trained schools of natural healing.

The present day medical doctors are 30 years behind the well trained health doctors. Medicine is on its way out. It is a failure method which leads the people astray.


When our President and Health Departments joined bands with our mortal enemies– the poison pushers (vaccine promoters), and failed to warn the people against hazards of the oncoming poison raid, the people were left unprotected, with no use of the mass media (TV, radio, press etc.) and no help from City Councils, Mayors, Congressmen, County Supervisors, or police, because all our paid protectors had given their allegiance to the public poisoners. When the vaccine was causing death and disaster soon after the campaign was launched a and the trusting unwarned, people were walking blindly into the vaccination centers, the few “do-gooders” who knew what was going on tried to reach as many as possible with WARNING leaflets and meetings. But that was not reaching enough people. It is a helpless feeling to see all our tax supported public officials working against the people and supporting a killer racket.

A few tried to go through legal channels with law suits against our derelict president and the heads of thE vaccine campaign. But that is a slow and expensive procedure, and besides, these hard working “do-gooders’ were not making any money at their self appointed task of warning the people of the deadly hazards of the vaccines.

Three suits were filed from California. One suit which is progressing well was filed by Lewis E. Cook Jr. of San Diego, Calif. He charges that the inserts that appear in the vaccine packages produced by Merck, Sharp and Dohme, Wyeth, and Park Davis (firms making the swine flu vaccine) do not state the vaccine “might be in any way effective ir Preventing influenza . . .” which is supposed to be its purpose and its only justification…

“The claims that influenza vaccine will or can prevent influenza cannot be made legitimately since there is no evidence anywhere in the world which would suggest that influenza vaccines have ever prevented even one case influenza.

“The data indicates that the entire mass immunization program is fraught with unknowns, suppositions, speculations, assumptions and little or practical and sound scientific validity—conceived and implemented in a most amateurish, haphazard and irresponsible manner, which poses a threat to the health -lives of the American public….

“Antibodies (supposedly) produced by the injection of the inactivated and disrupted whole virion and subvirion flu vaccines manufactured for swine flu cannot be shown to be effective in preventing swine flu … The whole mass immunization program is fraught with dangers and risks without sound scientific data. The immediate, short, and long term adverse effects of the vaccines could not have been adequately determined during the brief period of only 3 or 4 months during which experiments on a few humans were conducted prior to publication” (of drug inserts).

It usually takes the drug companies several years to test vaccines before trying them out on people.

The third suit was filed by Ida Honorof representing People Against Political Innoculations, and of The National Health Federation. They joined forces to file suit in the U.S. District Court to stop the misuse of public funds for a vaccination campaign that has not been proven safe or effective. They assert that the mass inoculation program violated the U.S. Constitution–First Amendment. They request that the whole program be discontinued “unless and until grave doubts and hazards associated this massive vaccine program are disclosed and fully known to the public.” Honorof contends that the swine immunization program has been “a series of lies, deceptions -and errors of judgment. We’re asking Ford, and Education and Welfare (HEW) that they terminate the program at once. The greatest danger is not flu but vaccine itself.” (Published in VANGUARD, Sept. 76)


The A.M.A. was found guilty in a U.S. Court of Law for violating the Anti-trust act a number of years ago. Dr. Morris Fishbine, President of the AMA, at that time, was sentenced to a prison term and the AMA was fined and admonished to cease and desist from their illegal activities. Fishbine didn’t serve his prison term and the fine was not heavy enough to worry the association so they have continued to operate in violation to the law ever since then. Therefore, they are an “outlaw gang.”


On Oct. 12, 1976 an anti-trust suit was filed in Chicago, U.S. District Court, against the American Medical Association. This suit was filed by a group of Chiropractors who have proof that the AMA has, for years, boycotted, libeled, and tried to destroy and eliminate the whole chiropractic profession. Details in an article in SPEARS HOSPITAL NEWS, (Denver, Dec; 1976).

The AMA has not only carried on a continuous fight against Chiropractors, but all drugless fields of healing, most, if not all of which have safer and more successful methods of healing. Some of the drugless methods are not as good as others but, at least, they don’t use poison drugs and knives, so they cannot do the harm that medical methods do.

The medical profession has no safe and sure cure for any disease. I know because I have worked with medical doctors. They hired me for what I knew that they didn’t know. But, in spite of their lack of ability to cure anything, they used dictatorial powers to put out of business and into prisons many drugless doctors who could “cure” what they couldn’t cure.

I know several highly successful health doctors who were practicing under Chiropractic licenses, but were sent to prison for “practicing medicine without a medical license.” This was in a state where the medical dictatorship held sway, and they would not allow any other school of healing to practice there, although the drugless doctors achieved better results than they did.

Medical doctors call all other healers “quacks.” A quack is one who claims to be able to cure diseases, and takes money for it, and does not “cure” the patients. Doesn’t this description of “quack” fit practically all the medical doctors? They can’t cure cancer; they can’t cure arthritis; they can’t cure colds or anything, but they treat the patients and take their money.

The better drugless doctors have “cured” all these diseases without drugs.

When President Ford rolled up his sleeve and had a shot for advertising purposes, he was making it clear that the government endorsed the vaccine program and he wanted all the people to follow his example and be vaccinated. When a person tells others to take a certain medication he is prescribing medicine. Technically speaking, Ford was practicing medicine without a license. The AMA likes to put people in prison for practicing medicine without a license. The medical associations usually pick on their business rivals, the drugless doctors. Will they put Ford in Prison for committing the same crime they have convicted others for? Or, is there one law for those who oppose the harmful medical methods and another law for those who help promote medical crimes?


The haphazard and slipshod methods used by the vaccine makers has produced vaccines that have killed and paralyzed hundreds of people already, and no one seems to be supervising them. There are no safeguards, no tests and no proof of safety and effectiveness required of the vaccine makers except what they, the manufacturers, set for themselves.

The Los Angeles Herald Examiner (June, 3/76) published an AP report stating that the experimental “vaccine ready for testing on elderly and high risk cases was found to be defective. As a result, the program would be delayed 6 weeks. The Public Health Service said that 2,000,000 doses will be held in reserve for use if the correct vaccine is in short supply.”

They admit it is a bad batch—too dangerous to use—and it is condemned, yet they didn’t destroy it as they should have done. They intend to use it anyway–if they can get away with it—who would know the difference, (seems to be their attitude) as long as they can sell it and make money.

Who will know which of the unlucky people will get the bad vaccine? The vaccinators are not going to tell. Were all those 113 people who died a few hours after the shots given some of the condemned vaccine? Or was it approved vaccine? They’re just as dead with one or the other, as all vaccines are poison—they are purposely designed to cause illness.

The bad batch was not discovered by government inspectors or by the lab technicians making the vaccine, but by another doctor not assigned to that task. We wonder who is supervising the supervisors. Is there another “outsider” sleuthing in all the laboratories which make the vaccine, looking for mistakes that pass as safe vaccine? We think not, as there have been too many casualties for that possibility.

Mistakes are also being made in other laboratories making different vaccines. This has been going on for years. Back in the days when the polio vaccine was being high-pressured on the public, the same Dr. Anthony Morris who is trying to warn us against the dangers of the swine flu vaccine, was doing the same then. He found that some of the polio vaccines were contaminated with SV 40, a virus known to cause cancer in monkeys and hamsters.

It’s frightening to think that all this uncertainty, careless, unscientific guesswork with its deadly hazards passes for safe and scientific vaccination, approved by the government, the schools, the medical boards, the press and then passed on the people as something that they must not question or criticize.

The only way to be safe from these blood poisoning, money making vaccine campaigns is to refuse all shots. Prevention is better than cure; and much can be learned by reading good health books written by qualified health researchers. A few are listed in the bibliography. Don’t be fooled by medical books with health titles. They have misled and mistaught the schools and the general public, for over a century. Medicine is not health. It is a health destroyer. “Preventive” medicine should actually “Prevent” medicines and drugs, and then it would be doing some good.

People are often fooled by, SO called “scientific findings” which are not scientific at all, but are manipulated by schemers, and then bought and paid for to be used as propaganda. The following is from an article in the Los Angeles times (11/26/76). The survey was run by Dr. Ian St. James-Roberts of London. (See page 42)


“Many scientists may be faking their findings, according to a report published Thursday in New Scientist magazine.

“The magazine asked scientists in a questionnaire whether they knew of cases of ‘intentional bias’— faking results to make experiments appear well conceived and important.

“90% of 200 replies reported knowledge of such cases.

“University scientists proved the worst offenders. Most cheaters were discovered by other scientists trying to duplicate the experiments. But those who replied said the gains from such frauds were often nothing, but in a few cases resulted in promotion.

“Some scientists implied that drug companies encouraged them to cheat by being obsessed with getting positive results, for one forensic scientist said it was not unusual for the police to indicate the sort of forensic (legal procedure) evidence they would prefer.”

We wonder what pressures, bribes or other inducements were offered the, so called, scientists to say that the swine flu vaccine was properly tested and safe. Dr. Wecht said people should have been warned that the vaccine could trigger heart attacks, “but this wasn’t done.”

Many people who saw through the fraud from the start tried to get warnings in the papers and on T.V. and other channels of communication, but the media turned a deaf ear.


In the planning stage, the vaccine promoters expected to round up a few cases of flu and stampede the whole world into the vaccination centers like they did for the 1918 flu epidemic. That would be a multi-billion dollar profit, like their lucrative polio vaccine drive. But the world didn’t take the bate this time, and most of the Americans didn’t either. So the promoters thought they would have a ready market with the swine raisers because they had named the vaccine “swineflu vaccine. They tried to sell 80,000,000 doses of the vaccine to the swine raisers, but they saw through the fraud and turned it down without hesitation, not that hogs don’t have ailments sometimes –they do when they are fed wrong and medicated. But the hog raisers had learned through bitter experience that shots, in previous years, had disastrous effects on their herds and they lost hogs and money from it.

If the hog farmers had enough common sense to refuse the poison shots for their hogs, why couldn’t our high priced President and Congress use some of that common sense and do the same? Aren’t our leaders as interested in Protecting us from the commercial poisons as the farmers are in protecting their pigs?

When the opportunists see a weak president on the “throne” they plan to “use him”. When they staged massive polio vaccine drive in the 1950’s they worked on the smiling, affable President Eisenhower and got $9,000,000 to start with, then kept twisting his arm until they wrenched $63,000,000 from him (the taxpayers) to support their killer vaccine campaign.

President Franklin Roosevelt was another “touch.” He even let them use him and his infirmity to advertise and sell their polio vaccine.

The same drug houses and vaccine promoters got $100,000,000 from Nixon.

After the polio vaccine drive was over the promoters bragged that they had raked in $5 billion dollars over the several years they kept polio vaccine sales going.


We need strong, intelligent leaders. Where are they now when we need them? President Coolidge set a good example. When the Jones-Parker Bill and the Randall Bill (bills to set up a medical dictatorship within the government, raising the head potentate to the official status and salary of the Surgeon General of the Army) were rushed through Congress in 1928, and were brought before President Calvin Coolidge, he was unmoved by the high pressure medical lobbying. He looked at the bills and stopped them with a Presidential veto. He gave as his reason for this action:

“These bills give a military status to men supposed to be engaged in scientific research.”

The plot of medical establishments to set up a medical dictatorship in U.S. goes way back to the Founding Fathers when they were framing the U.S. Constitution. There were quite a number of medical doctors in Congress at that time trying to high pressure a constitutional decree to set up a medical dictatorship. But the wise opposition won. Dr. Benjamin Rush and Dr. Josiah Bartlett were the opposing forces. They convinced Congress that one branch of healing in control would be as bad as one religious sect dominating all the others. That’s exactly what we were fighting against.

George Washington was also a strong President. Even that long ago in 1775 he knew more than our present day doctors do about the harmful effects of vaccination. He issued an order that no man in the Continental Army was to be inoculated. Any enlisted man or officer who submitted to that blood contaminating practice would be dishonorably discharged. He had seen the devastation of smallpox caused by the practice of arm-to-arm inoculation which was introduced from Europe. Edward Jenner and his cow pox abomination did not begin until 1791–16 years later. Both methods caused widespread disease, disability and death until compulsory vaccination was abolished all over the world except in about three backward countries and the U.S. armed services. These are the places which still have outbreaks of the same diseases they vaccinate against. And the diseases are in the vaccinated.

George Washington had enough problems without a lot of vaccine induced disease. Vaccination and inoculation was practiced by the unenlightened as far back as 1,500 years B.C. (See the chapter on HISTORY OF VACCINATION).

What is wrong with our leaders of today. Are their heads turned by bribes or can’t they tell the difference between false propaganda and facts. They are being paid by us to do some home work and investigate before putting our lives and our money on the line.

The following poem sounds a clarion call:


“God give us men! A time like this demands
Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands
Men whom the lust of office does not kill;
Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy;
Men who possess opinions and a will;
Men who have honor; men who will not lie;
Men who can stand before a demagogue and damn his
treacherous flatteries without winking.
Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog
In public duty and in private thinking;
For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds
Their loud professions and their little deeds,
Mingle in selfish strife, Lo, Freedom weeps,
Wrong rules the world, and waiting Justice sleeps.
—Josiah Gilbert Holland 


(1) First of all, Ford, Congress and the other leaders paid to look after our interests and safety, should have required a guarantee that the vaccine was safe–not deadly. The propaganda of the sales crew said it was safe, but they gave no proof and no guarantee. The sales crew are not authorities; so Ford should have demanded a money back guarantee from the pharmaceutical houses making the vaccine. There should have been written proof of safety and effectiveness before the $135,000,000 was paid. But, the drug houses could not give any proof of safety because they knew it was not safe. Their lab. tests and field tests proved it killed test animals and people. This was not made public.

A number of years ago when the diphtheria toxin-anti-toxin was being promoted, some suspicious people went to the laboratory making the vaccine, and asked for a written guarantee. The lab. refused to give any statement of safety, and admitted that “all vaccines are unstable and unpredictable in their effects, and could never be declared safe.”

If Ford and the rest of the government had taken care of that necessary bit of business (making a careful check) before transacting the questionable $135,000,000 deal, then the flu vaccine would have been rejected and the taxpayers would not have been swindled out of the $135 million. Besides that, all those people who were killed by the vaccine would still be alive and happy today.

(2) The promoters said that the vaccine would prevent flu. It didn’t; it caused it.

(3) They said the flu was contagious and the vaccine would protect people. Flu is not contagious. It is caused by the blood poisoning effects of the vaccine itself as well as other kinds of body contamination. Viruses and germs cannot cause disease. (See the chapter on WHY GERMS CANNOT CAUSE DISEASE.)

(4) The vaccine promoters said the blood samples from the man who died at Fort Dix showed viruses like the blood samples from the 1918 flu epidemic and that it could trigger a widespread, deadly epidemic like the previous one.

This is not true because there are no virus-bearing blood samples from the 1918 flu epidemic. That epidemic was 58 years ago and viruses were unknown then. The first swine virus was discovered by a U.S. man in 1931. A British science team isolated the first virus in man in 1933. But, viruses have never been proved to be the cause of disease anyway, although the vaccine makers try to use them as a scare tactic, knowing that they are so small that people can’t see them or prove one way or another if they have any. One dictionary definition of virus is “a morbid poison.” A poison is an inert substance. It cannot move about and attack people.

If any blood samples from the 1918 flu epidemic are still on record they would be so dried up and changed in structure that they couldn’t prove anything. Certainly no germs or viruses would be seen.

I have examined fresh blood samples under the microscope in college and saw how rapidly the blood changed in color and structure as it dried on the plate in just a few seconds. A sample 58 years old is a poor excuse for the vaccine promoters to try to rely upon for proof.

Viruses would not have even been mentioned in the medical or lab. reports for the 1918 period because they were unheard of. And besides, they couldn’t be seen with the kind of microscopes they had then.

The flu of 1918 was caused by the conglomeration of diseases which the sinister variety of vaccines brought on. Practically everyone in the world had been propagandized into submitting to all the vaccine that were invented—the surplus stock left over from World War I which was the first war in which all the vaccines were used. The vaccinated got the flu and the unvaccinated didn’t. I was one of the unvaccinated and I didn’t get the flu. I didn’t see an unvaccinated person who got the flu.


Ida Honorof, head of PEOPLE AGAINST POLITICAL VACCINATION, tried to get the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and certain other officials to put pressure on David Mathews of Health, Education and Welfare, and other promoters of the vaccine to answer some important questions before they embarked on the questionable vaccination drive. Mathews was in L.A. to give a talk and his mind was already made up to promote the vaccine. Honorof, confronted him and presented him with the list of questions, but he didn’t answer them and the Supervisors didn’t request him to.

The questions are as follows:

(1) Can you define any benefits derived from the swine flu vaccine? According to the law the benefits must outweigh the risks. (They don’t.)

(2) Will the swine flu vaccine prevent swine flu? (It never has.)

(3) Is it true that if one gets the “shot” will he get an even more severe case of flu? (Yes, and death 113 cases.)

(4)Why were Dr. Morris’ test animals in 4 laboratories destroyed? His test results would have shown the efficacy or hazards of the vaccine.

(5) Did Health, Education and Welfare submit any testimony before the sub-committee on Health and Environment…..at their scheduled hearings, relating to possible hazards of the swine flu vaccinations, names of persons submitting opposing evidence and how many witnesses were heard that opposed the program?

(6) Is there any evidence that a high percentage of those who have the shots will receive no benefits?

(7) Claim is made that 70% of the people who get vaccinated would be protected. Among the unvaccinated 75% would be protected. Explain these contradictions.

(8) Can you give any evidence that a swine flu epidemic exists? (None)

(9) It takes approximately 10 years of testing and research to approve any substance, drug or biological which is to be administered into the human body. If the same standard applies to vaccines why has not the swine flu vaccine been subject to the same tests which the FDA says are necessary before injection into human beings?

(10) Even though the Pharmaceutical insert accompanying the flu vaccine cautions against “injecting intravenously,” isn’t it true that there is no control with the jet injector, which explodes the vaccine into the skin with 1,300 pounds pressure— into tissue space, tissue cells, directly into the arteries, veins, lymph vessels (and right to the heart) thereby producing great destruction, and eventually ending up in the blood stream?

(11) Each of the vaccine manufacturers making the swine flu vaccine (Park-Davis, Merrell, Wyeth, Merck) use a mercury derivative as a preservative. The danger of (the highly poisonous) mercury injected into the body—or inhaled or ingested, etc. is well documented.

(12) Why is the printed form which is presented to persons to sign before getting their shots, read “registration,” when Public Law 94-390 specifically stipulates that it be a “consent” form. This was strenuously objected to by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research, and they asked that said forms be destroyed and not used, since they are definitely not “consent” forms, and are gross violation of the act.

(13) What is the detailed definition and description of swine flu?

(14) Is there really a disease called “swine flu”?

(15) Why wouldn’t vaccine manufacturers produce and distribute the vaccine without indemnification from all the liability for vaccine-caused sickness, disabilities and deaths?

(16) Why did the insurance companies refuse to provide such insurance?

(17) Why were the people and public tax money, made responsible for all liabilities and claims resulting from the sickness, disabilities and deaths caused by the swine vaccine?

(18) Who benefits from the mass vaccination of 215 million Americans?

(19) Is it really necessary or advisable for everyone to get a swine flu vaccination? (No)

So far, the flu promoters have not answered the questions.


Up to January 7, 1977 the death count from swine flu vaccine was 113 (people) and paralysis was 139. We have reason to believe that this is only a fraction of the actual casualties. During the polio vaccine drive in the early 1950’s when the shots caused so many deaths and cases of paralysis, Dr. Dale, of the Los Angeles Epidemiology Department, said that for every case that was reported there were an estimated 15 unreported cases. Many vaccine deaths were recorded as from other causes, to conceal the hazards of the vaccine.

During my 30 years of research and writing I have uncovered facts that prove the medical records and death certificates are sometimes deliberately falsified and changed to cover up guilt of doctors and lab. technicians. (See the chapter on FALSIFIED DEATH CERTIFICATES AND MEDICAL RECORDS.) –

All vaccines are poison, and therefore, cause death and disease. This is a known fact, and every vaccination campaign has brought on a large number of disasters. Those of us who knew this, tried to warn the people and ward off the vaccine drive. But the din of the well financed vaccine juggernaut drowned out our cry, and the high pressure advertising scare campaign panicked millions into the vaccination centers. We knew death and disease were inevitable — but none were announced in the papers at first. Therefore, Ida Honorof (head of Citizens Against Political Vaccinations) decided to do what the health officials should have done; she went to the L.A. County coroner and made a check on the deaths. She found that five people there had died within 48 hours after their flu shots. Some were young and didn’t have other ailments that could be blamed for their deaths. The vaccine promoters including the health departments had intended to cover up the vaccine deaths and disasters. But Honorof brought it out in the open. She contacted the National Health Federation (a non medical group which tries to protect the people from health hazards from medical, commercial and political sources. They called a public meeting in Glendale, Calif. where they aired some startling facts about the vaccination campaign and the mounting disasters caused by the poison vaccine. Some of the relatives of the flu victims were there and gave account of the state of health of those who were killed by the vaccine.

After this expose’ the papers had to announce some of the deaths as it was no longer possible to conceal them. The coroner and doctors tried to gloss over it by saying that the deaths were all from heart trouble and they would have died anyway without the shots. Naturally, the heart stops when a person dies from any cause, so heart failure is an “easy out” for the coroner.

For a few days, deaths were announced in the papers until the count rose to 52. Then suddenly the death reports stopped. People got suspicious because the vaccinations were continuing and we knew that all vaccines are poison and that means that people do die from the shots.

Honorof did a little more detective work and learned that Dr. Shirley Fannin, Chief of Acute Disease Control Center of L.A. had met with the vaccine promoters and medical boards to decide what they could do to keep the people from finding out how many were being killed by the vaccine. They decided among themselves not to count as vaccine casualties those who didn’t die suddenly within 48 hours after getting the shots.

This was a shocker. The idea that these poison promoters who were killing the people with wild abandon, had set themselves up to be so high and mighty that they could lay down the law as to what hour people could die, and if they happened to die 49 hours after the shots they would not be dead from their poison vaccine. Dr. Fannis then wrote a letter to the Coroner ordering him to not announce the deaths as vaccine casualties unless they died within her 48 hour time span. This gives us an idea of the tricky business they have been carrying on all through the years, and we didn’t suspect a thing.

The 48 hour “cut off time” of theirs, cuts out those thousands who died a little later. It also cuts out Private David Lewis, the man who died at Fort Dix, New Jersey of what the doctors diagnosed as swine flu. He died more than six weeks after his vaccinations at camp. He was the one and only case of swine flu the doctors have found in the whole world. He was all they had to hang their whole nation-wide swine flu scare on. And now, their own medical decree that it isn’t swine flu unless he dies within 48 hours, knocks out their one and only case. Actually, the official diagnosis by military doctors was that Pvt. Lewis died of A-Victoria flu (vaccine), not swine flu.

Now, without one authentic case of swine flu and without any epidemic except the epidemic of vaccine poisoning, the vaccine promoters and all the doctors who participated in giving or endorsing the shots, as well as the political heads who financed it, are all guilty of hundreds of vaccine deaths–murders. What are we going to do about it? Are there enough honest and concerned officials to prosecute them and make them pay all the damages and then put them out of circulation?


The arrangement was that the $135,000,000 of the people’s money was for vaccine doses for all the 215 million people in this country, at 50c a shot. So many people were killed and paralyzed by the vaccine that the campaign had to be stopped before a riot broke out to kill all the doctors and vaccine promoters–and a few others. So only a few in the country were vaccinated. Even if we stretch a point and estimate that there were 50,000,000 who had shots, that would be only 25,000,000 dollars used out of the $35,000,000. That leaves $110,000,000 of our money which they, the promoters, still have. Do those doctors and various other crooks intend to pocket the $110 million? It should be returned immediately to the treasury and the vaccine promoters billed for the rest of the $25,000,000 which they took under false pretenses, because there was no epidemic and the vaccine was not safe and all their promises and claims were false.


Private David Lewis who died at Fort Dix, supposedly of swine flu, would be alive today if the Army had not violated the law by forcing the poison shots on the soldiers. Our U.S. Constitution gives us the “right to be secure in our persons.” Therefore, all enforced vaccination (mass medication) is a violation of our legal rights.

According to Blackstone (the “Bible” of the lawyers): “No laws are binding upon the human subject which assault the body or violate the Conscience.”

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that:

“No right is held more sacred or is more carefully guarded by the common law, than the right of every individual to the possession and control of his own person, free from all restraint or interference of others ….

Judge Cooley stated: “The right of one’s person may be said to be a right of complete immunity; to be let alone.”

In the official code book of the U.S. Armed Services titled, UNION CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE, we find that there is no compulsory vaccination law in any of the branches of our military services. Therefore, as there is compulsory vaccination law in United States or the military establishment, the enforced vaccinations on our recruits is against their legal rights. Because vaccines are proved to be poisonous and harmful in all cases, the military forces are guilty of malpractice and subject to the laws governing that offense.

One woman I talked to has already sued the Army for $1,000,000 for causing the death of her son as a result of shots at camp. In England, so many outraged parents sued the government for vaccine damages to their sons in the military services, that the government abolished compulsory vaccination in both the military and civilian life. (See the chapter on WHAT VACCINATIONS DID TO OUR SOLDIERS.)


Last Spring (1976) the epidemic makers were in a frantic rush to get President Ford to give them the full payment of $135,000,000 immediately, with no questions asked, no guarantee of safety and with no swine flu epidemic pending, not a case in the world, and they didn’t even have any effective vaccine.

Why the big rush we wondered. The only obvious answer was that the November Presidential election might remove their “pigeon.” They knew Ford was easy to manipulate and they wanted to “use him” while they had him on a string. A new president might take a second look and refuse to support their private money making racket.

Now, the election is over and our new President Carter .is left with the ragged ends to clean up, left from Ford’s term. We are wondering how he will handle “Ford’s Folly” and if he will investigate the vaccine scandal and require the guilty ones to repair their damages and return our money they took under false pretenses.

We are hoping that President Carter will not be swayed and dominated by the powerful medical and drug lobby. But one blotch on his past record makes us wonder. We heard that he let himself be controlled by the fluoride promoters and paid them to poison the entire state water system of Georgia. If he is a man for the people why didn’t he investigate the other side, not just the false sales propaganda? Chemists report that “fluoride compounds rank along with cyanide and arsenic in toxicity.” Sodium fluoride or hydrofluosilicic acid is the form which is used to poison the public water supplies. Most water supplies already contain calcium fluoride which is also poisonous, but sodium fluoride is 15 times more poisonous than calcium fluoride. A few states such as Texas are working to filter out all the fluoride even the calcium fluoride because they have found by tests that all fluoride is too dangerous for them.

Sodium fluoride is a cheap by-product of the aluminum and fertilizer companies. About the only thing it is good for is rat poison. But their promotion man conceived the idea of selling it to the politicians to dump in the public water supplies. Enough City Council members were “on the take” or weak minded enough to buy the sales propaganda and consequently quite a number of cities and a few states were fluoridated. However, hundreds of them have abandoned the program when it was found, after years of use, that the fluoride was not only expensive, it was damaging to the health and to the water pipes and all equipment that came in contact with the poisoned water.

Their main selling point is that it (fluoride) prevents cavities in children. This is false. Fluorides deteriorate the bony structure of the entire body and make the tooth enamel brittle, thus causing more dental trouble in later years.


TV commercials saying that fluoridated tooth paste has 20 tests proving that said tooth paste prevents cavities, should be investigated. Some dental associations have been “procured” by the fluoride promoters, and they try to get all the dentists under their influence to endorse fluoridation. But those who dare to tell the truth say fluoride is damaging to the teeth and the general health. The membrane of the mouth is very porous and the poison fluoride in the tooth paste enters the blood almost immediately and causes kidney disease and all kinds of diseases of body poisoning. (See the chapter on FLUORIDATION.)


The study of medicine has never been a science. It creates far more illness than healing. Recovery occurs in spite of the drug treatment because of the internal healing forces within all living organisms which struggle to survive.

Books on the newer knowledge of “nature cure”, teaching the underlying fundamentals of health and healing will soon be available to the general public and they will read them and be able to follow the rules and avoid disease. Those who are already ill will be able to “cure” their ailments better than the established medical methods. This will make medicine obsolete — out of date and unpopular.

In closing this chapter I should like to state that all medical men are not guilty of the crimes exposed in this booklet. A few doctors are sincere in their efforts to help their patients. Their weakness is that they are badly trained and dominated by an organization which leads them away from their avowed purpose. There is hope for those who want to learn better ways and help the sick get well. If they don’t try to catch up with the modern “health doctors” and “natural methods” of healing, their patients will outstrip them in knowledge and ability and leave them trailing in the dust.


The swine flu vaccine campaign was such an obvious fraud, with no epidemic, not even one authentic case of swine flu anywhere in the world, it makes us wonder about the sanity of the promoters. If they really wanted to combat a growing health disaster why don’t they work against something that is killing millions, such as SMOKING? Tobacco and its smoke contains over 30 poisons, three of which are cancer causing. Over 300.000 people in the United States alone, die from the effects of poisons in tobacco. The great number of cases of tobacco heart, lung cancer, Burgher’s disease (gangrene of the feet caused by smoking), and many other diseases of tobacco poisoning, make smoking the number one killer of today. Smoking kills more in one year than were killed in all our wars from the American Revolution on down to the late Vietnam war, and hardly anyone is trying to stop it. Our government subsidizes the killer tobacco industry because it brings in around $8 billion in revenue. But the damages and disasters caused by smoking (fires, death, disease, etc.) cost this country over $24,000,000,000 (billion) every year.

Ford and our government gave $135 million to support a fake swine flu epidemic which killed and paralyzed hundreds (maybe thousands if we had the “undoctored” records), so why not bring that money back from the medical swindlers and put it into a campaign to get rid of the real killer of men, women and even children. Many children die of tobacco heart because they have to breathe the poison fumes from their smoking parents; also, they learn to smoke early because they see it all the time and think it is all right because their parents smoke. (Read my book, ANSWERS FOR THE WORRIED SMOKER, which tells how to quit without the “cold turkey” method, which is harmful and not too effective. Write to E. McBean, Box 55278 — L.A., Calif. $5.00, postage and tax paid. Deluxe edition.)

sf.jpg (129093 bytes)


As has been stated before, all medical and non-medical authorities on vaccination agree that vaccines are designed to cause a mild case of the diseases they are supposed to prevent. But they also know and admit that there is no way whatsoever to predict whether the case will be mild or severe – even deadly. With this much uncertainty in dealing with the very lives of people, it is very unscientific and extremely dangerous to use such a questionable procedure as vaccination.

Many vaccines also cause other diseases besides the one for which they are given. For instance, smallpox vaccine often causes syphilis, paralysis, leprosy, and cancer. (See the chapters on smallpox and plagues.) Polio shots, diphtheria toxin-antitoxin, typhoid vaccine, as well as measles, tetanus and all other shots often cause various other stages of disease such as post-vaccinal encephalitis (inflammation of the brain,) paralysis, spinal meningitis, blindness, cancer (sometimes within two years,) tuberculosis, (two to twenty years after the shot,) arthritis, kidney disease, heart disease (heart failure sometimes within minutes after the shot and sometimes several hours later.) Nerve damage and many other serious conditions also follow the injections.

When several shots are given (different vaccines) within a few days or a few weeks apart, they often trigger intensified cases of all the diseases at once, because the body cannot handle such a large amount of deadly poison being injected directly into the bloodstream. The doctors call it a new disease and proceed to suppress the symptoms.

When poison is taken by the mouth, the internal defense system has a chance to quickly eject some of it by vomiting, but when the poisons are shot directly into the body, bypassing all the natural safeguards, these dangerous poisons circulate immediately throughout the entire body in a matter of seconds and keep on circulating until all the cells are poisoned.

I heard that seven men dropped dead in a doctor’s office after being vaccinated. This was in an army camp, so I wrote to the Government for verification. They sent me the report of U.S. Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson. The report not only verified the report of the seven who dropped dead from the vaccines, but it stated that there had been 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis as a direct result of the yellow fever vaccine during only 6 months of the war. That was only one of the 14 to 25 shots given the soldiers. We can imagine the damage that all these shots did to the men. (See the chapter on What Vaccinations Did to Our Soldiers.)

The first World War was of a short duration, so the vaccine makers were unable to use up all their vaccines. As they were (and still are) in business for profit, they decided to sell it to the rest of the population. So they drummed up the largest vaccination campaign in U.S. history. There were no epidemics to justify it so they used other tricks. Their propaganda claimed the soldiers were coming home from foreign countries with all kinds of diseases and that everyone must have all the shots on the market.

The people believed them because, first of all, they wanted to believe their doctors, and second, the returning soldiers certainly had been sick. They didn’t know it was from doctor-made vaccine diseases, as the army doctors don’t tell them things like that. Many of the returned soldiers were disabled for life by these drug-induced diseases. Many were insane from postvaccinal encephalitis, but the doctors called it shell shock, even though many had never left American soil.

The conglomerate disease brought on by the many poison vaccines baffled the doctors, as they never had a vaccination spree before which used so many different vaccines. The new disease they had created had symptoms of all the diseases they had injected into the man. There was the high fever, extreme weakness, abdominal rash and intestinal disturbance characteristic of typhoid. The diphtheria vaccine caused lung congestion, chills and fever, swollen, sore throat clogged with the false membrane, and the choking suffocation because of difficulty in breathing followed by gasping and death, after which the body turned black from stagnant blood that had been deprived of oxygen in the suffocation stages. In early days they called it Black Death. The other vaccines cause their own reactions — paralysis, brain damage, lockjaw, etc.

When doctors had tried to suppress the symptoms of the typhoid with a stronger vaccine, it caused a worse form of typhoid which they named paratyphoid. But when they concocted a stronger and more dangerous vaccine to suppress that one, they created an even worse disease which they didn’t have a name for. What should they call it? They didn’t want to tell the people what it really was — their own Frankenstein monster which they had created with their vaccines and suppressive medicines. They wanted to direct the blame away from themselves, so they called it Spanish Influenza. It was certainly not of Spanish origin, and the Spanish people resented the implication that the world-wide scourge of that day should be blamed on them. But the name stuck and American medical doctors and vaccine makers were not suspected of the crime of this widespread devastation — the 1918 Flu Epidemic. It is only in recent years that researchers have been digging up the facts and laying the blame where it belongs.

Some of the soldiers may have been in Spain before coming home, but their diseases originated in their own home-based U.S. Army Camps. Our medical men still use that same dodge. When their own vaccines (required for travel) cause vaccine diseases abroad they use this as grounds for a scare campaign to stampede people into the vaccination centers. Do you remember the Hong Kong Flu and the Asian Flu and the London Flu scares? These were all medically-made epidemics mixed with the usual common colds which people have every year.

Now (1976) we are being worked on again by the vaccine -epidemic makers in their effort to force another multi million dollar vaccine sale caper. Their con men have already talked President Ford into handing over $135 million dollars to start their vaccine racket. Even the insurance companies refused to become involved with such an obviously dangerous and crooked scheme. So, again the medical and drug con men induced the appropriate government officials to guarantee insurance against the, possible billions of dollars in law suits which could be brought against the vaccine promoters if the vaccine campaign is carried out as planned. It’s a good thing Ford was voted out of office. It’s too bad he wasn’t “dumped” before he paid the poison squad the MONEY’ to poison the whole population. However, we don’t yet know if President Carter will be any better. Will he be held in the grip of the medical and drug dictatorship? Or will he investigate — learn the truth — reverse the decisions and make the vaccine makers return the money taken from the taxpayers under false pretenses?

The statement of the swine flu vaccine promoters to the effect that the vaccine is harmless, is false, and the statement that it will protect against flu is false. Fifty-six people died after the shots, some within 48 hours. There is confusion and disagreement among the doctors about all aspects of the vaccine, from the safety and effectiveness to the necessity for it, who should have it and who should be warned against it.

Their scare-head campaign cry is that the swine flu is like the 1918 flu which killed 20,000,000 people. They don’t have any usable and provable blood samples from the 1918 flu epidemic to prove it. That was 58 years ago, and the doctors were just as confused and inefficient then as now. However, one thing is certain — the 1918 Spanish Influenza was a vaccine-induced disease caused by extreme body poisoning from the conglomeration of many different vaccines. The soldiers at Fort Dix who were said to have had Swine Flu had been injected with a large variety of vaccines like the vaccines which caused the 1918 flu epidemic. The flu epidemic at Fort Dix was in no way related to swine. There were no swine at camp (unless we want to sarcastically call the vaccine promoters who caused the diseases -“swine.”)

To add to the confusion, the doctors tell the people that there are a lot of various kinds of flu; the one which the soldiers at Fort Dix had was AVictoria flu, there are other strains of flu virus, and also, that the swine flu vaccine which so many people have taken already will not protect them against the many other types of flu. This will be used as an “out” in case of law suits later on when more casualties begin to show up. The doctors will say that the vaccine failed because it was the wrong kind of flu for the vaccine. Of course, no one can prove it one way or the other because viruses are illusive, invisible organisms which are unstable and unpredictable. One dictionary definition of virus is “a morbid poison.” The vaccines injected into the body are poison and cause the typical poison reactions. Virus (poison) does not fly around and attack people.

Therefore, there will be no swine flu epidemic unless the vaccine promoters make one like they did in the 1918 flu epidemic. It will not kill 20,000,000 people unless the people submit to the disease-producing shots. There are also, other causes of disease besides vaccines, such as bad food, which has been devitalized and contaminated with poison preservatives and artificial drug concoctions. There are many more causes of disease but no diseases are contagious(See the chapter on the germ theory).

Vaccine drives come and go as often as the vaccine promoters can cook up the slightest pretense of a reason.n Back in1957 they were trying to stir up a vaccination campaign for what they decided to call Asiatic flu. An editorial in the Herald and Express for August 29, 1957 was captioned, “Fear of Flu Propaganda.” Part of the piece is as follows:

“What a tempest in a teapot has been blown up over the probability that this country will experience an epidemic of the Asiatic flu in the fall and winter months ahead.

“Even the United States Department of Health is stooge for the panic — and has issued statements which are frightening the public, rather than reassuring them by pointing out that this epidemic, while widespread, gives no indication of being any more dangerous than our usual flood of influenza-like colds when winter comes on.

“Those who read between the lines even wonder whether the whole thing might not be a bit of super salesmanship on the part of those who are making and selling the vaccines which are being prepared.. . .”


All the doctors and people who were living at the time of the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic say it was the most terrible disease the world has ever had. Strong men, hale and hearty, one day would be dead the next. The disease had the characteristics of the black death added to typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, smallpox, paralysis and all the diseases the people had been vaccinated with immediately following World War 1. Practically the entire population had been injected “seeded” with a dozen or more diseases — or toxic serums. When all those doctor-made diseases started breaking out all at once it was tragic.

That pandemic dragged on for two years, kept alive with the addition of more poison drugs administered by the doctors who tried to suppress the symptoms. As far as I could find out, the flu hit only the vaccinated. Those who had refused the shots escaped the flu. My family had refused all the vaccinations so we remained well all the time. We knew from the health teachings of Graham, Trail, Tilden and others, that people cannot contaminate the body with poisons without causing disease.

When the flu was at its peak, all the stores were closed as well as the schools, businesses — even the hospital, as the doctors and nurses had been vaccinated too and were down with the flu. No one was on the streets. It was like a ghost town. We seemed to be the only family which didn’t get the flu; so my parents went from house to house doing what they could to look after the sick, as it was impossible to get a doctor then. If it were possible for germs, bacteria, virus, or bacilli to cause disease, they had plenty of opportunity to attack my parents when they were spending many hours a day in the sick rooms. But they didn’t get the flu and they didn’t bring any germs home to attack us children and cause anything. None of our family had the flu — not even a sniffle— and it was in the winter with deep snow on the ground.

When I see people cringe when someone near them sneezes or coughs, I wonder how long it will take them to find out that they can’t catch it — whatever it is. The only way they can get a disease is to develop it themselves by wrong eating, drinking, smoking or doing some other things which cause internal poisoning and lowered vitality. All diseases are preventable and most of them are cureable with the right methods, not known to medical doctors, and not all drugless doctors know them either.

It has been said that the 1918 flu epidemic killed 20,000,000 people throughout the world. But, actually, the doctors killed them with their crude and deadly treatments and drugs. This is a harsh accusation but it is nevertheless true, judging by the success of the drugless doctors in comparison with that of the medical doctors.

While the medical men and medical hospitals were losing 33% of their flu cases, the non-medical hospitals such as BATTLE CREEK, KELLOGG and MACFADDEN’S HEALTH-RESTORIUM were getting almost 100% healings with their water cure, baths, enemas, etc., fasting and certain other simple healing methods, followed by carefully worked out diets of natural foods. One health doctor didn’t lose a patient in eight years. The very successful health treatment of one of those drugless doctors who didn’t lose any patients will be given in the other part of this book, titled VACCINATION CONDEMNED, to be published a little later.

If the medical doctors had been as advanced as the drugless doctors, there would not have been those 20 million deaths from the medical flu treatment.

There was seven times more disease among the vaccinated soldiers than among the unvaccinated civilians, and the diseases were those they had been vaccinated against. One soldier who had returned from overseas in 1912 told me that the army hospitals were filled with cases of infantile paralysis and he wondered why grown men should have an infant disease. Now, we know that paralysis is a common after-effect of vaccine poisoning. Those at home didn’t get the paralysis until after the world-wide vaccination campaign in 1918.


Our American medical boast has been that anti-typhoid vaccine wiped out typhoid fever in the Army. When this claim was made public, the people in general accepted it without question. But those who were not satisfied without some facts or evidence of truth, decided to look up the Army records of that period, and found that just the opposite was the case.

In comparing records before and after the enforcement of Army vaccination in 1911, we find that the highest typhoid death rate prior to that time was during the Spanish American War in 1898- 1899. This infamous war of aggression was fought in the tropics of Cuba where the heat and other unhealthful conditions were conducive to the development of typhoid as well as many other diseases. There was no refrigeration, so the food spoiled, except that which was loaded with poison preservatives including formaldehyde, nitrates, salt, saltpeter, etc. Decomposed protein and other poisons are the cause of ptomaine poisoning and other diseases of intestinal putrefaction, such as typhoid fever, typhis, yellow fever, malaria, cholera, etc. These diseases are not caused by germs, bites of insects, rats or any of the other things which doctors like to blame. There was no sewer system or sanitation measures, and the heavy rains, slime, mud, and noxious fumes in the swamps the soldiers had to wade in day-after-day, were ideal breeding grounds for fever diseases.

The men drank from polluted streams and were fed vermin-infested rancid foods. Therefore it was not surprising that their bodies’ internal safeguards were worked to the breaking point in an effort to eliminate all this contamination. So-called disease is nothing but a remedial effort of the body to get rid of poisons, blockages, and conditions which interfere with normal functioning. These healing efforts of the body manifest in such ways as sweating (fever — to force impurities out through the skin, which is one of the channels of elimination), diarrhea (bowel-cleansing when a rush-job is needed to get rid of drastic poisons), vomiting, coughing and sneezing (to unload toxic waste from stomach, lungs, nose, throat, etc. Lack of appetite suggests to the patient that he refrain from taking in more food (fasting). Weakness forces the patient to rest. All of these processes are essential to healing.

The stricken soldiers would probably all have recovered if they had avoided doctors and their poison medication and suppressive methods. Unfortunately, they were sent to the army hospitals and drugged to death by the doctors, who know nothing about the true principles of health and natural healing. The doctors, then as well as now, mistake the symptoms for the disease and give drugs to suppress the symptoms instead of letting the internal healing mechanism do its work to bring about normalcy. The doctors think they must do something to bring down the fever and give certain drugs to stop the coughing and other drugs to stop the diarrhea. All these damaging medical methods block the elimination of poison waste, and death or permanent injury is the result.

After the heavy toll of lives, when they learned that all the tricks of medical science (?) had completely failed, the Army was resourceful enough to realize that they would have to give some attention to health measures if they were to survive as a living army. So they set up a rigorous regimen of hygiene, sanitation and improved nutrition. This sensible program reduced the incidence of typhoid to less than 3 cases per 1,000. This marked decline in disease was brought about in less than 10 years, from 1899 to 1908. And this was done without one injection of anti-typhoid vaccine being administered, or any other vaccine.

In contrast to this remarkable record of disease prevention, we find that after vaccination became compulsory in the Army in 1911, not only did typhoid increase rapidly, but all other vaccinal diseases increased at an alarming rate.

I have heard some of the Army personnel argue that vaccination is not compulsory in the American armed services. But I -have also talked to G.I.’s who testified that those who refused to line up for the shots were seized by military police and forcibly held while the medics injected the poison serums into them — all fourteen shots. I have also seen the records of several soldiers who were given long prison terms (seven years) at Fort Leavenworth for resisting vaccination. They may have had to fight the M.P.’s to do this, and that went against their records. Other penalties were also imposed on the soldiers, such as demotion and witholding pay, for this rejection of enforced blood poisoning (vaccination), which the military interpreted as “insubordination.”

It was during World War I (we entered it in 1917) when vaccination was enforced to the fullest extent, that the death rate from typhoid rose to the highest point in history— even higher than it had been during the pre-sanitation days of the Spanish American War. This 1917-1920 death rate could not be blamed on bad sanitation or spoiled food as was the case in the tropics. The deaths occured after the shots were given in sanitary American hospitals and well-supervised army camps in France, where sanitation had been practiced for years. There was no typhoid in the camps before vaccination, so it couldn’t be blamed on contagion. The only reason for this extremely high death toil was the blood-poisoning practice of vaccination.

The report of the Surgeon General of the U.S. Army shows that during 1917 there were admitted into the Army hospitals 19,608 men suffering from anti-typhoid inoculation and vaccinia. The report for 1919 covering 1918 shows the total admissions suffering from anti-typhoid vaccinations to be 23,191, and 10,830 suffering from vaccinia. (24,021 in all, from vaccine poisoning). This takes no account of those whose vaccine diseases were attributed to something else, nor of those whose sufferings, though great, were not great enough to cause them to be sent to the hospital (from VACCINE AND SERUM EVILS by Dr. H. M. Shelton).

This official Army report didn’t speculate as to whether or not the diseases could have been caused by germs, viruses, contagion or other things that usually get blamed for disease; the doctors knew without any question of a doubt that all these thousands of cases of disease and death were caused by vaccination, and it was so stated in their medical reports. I doubt, however, that the grieving parents were told that their sons were killed by the poison doses administered by the doctors.

Knowing the devastation caused by vaccination, we wonder why they didn’t stop the deadly practice way back in 1916 when they found out—for sure—that vaccination was a killer with no redeeming feature. But they didn’t. The reasons are given in another chapter, “The Money Motive.”

Under the most antiseptic conditions in hospitals all over the world, diseases develop, such as typhoid, polio, pheumonia, virus X, paratyphoid, flu, etc., when there is no other case in town for the victim to “catch it from.” The patients have already received shots to “protect” them from the diseases. Doctors cannot blame it on invading viruses, germs or bacteria, because their germicides and antiseptic precautions in hospitals have been used to kill the germs. Why cannot the doctors understand what many other people already know, that it is not germs and viruses which cause the diseases, but the body-poisoning from medication, vaccines, processed foods, etc., which cause the sickness?

When Walter D. McCaw, Chief of Army Medical Staff, saw the shocking increase of typhoid among his well vaccinated “protected” (?) troops, he tried to lay the blame on laxity in sanitary precautions, such as unsterile needles, etc. He should have known that nothing on the needle could ever do as much harm as the poison vaccines inside the needle. Their reliance upon vaccination gave them a false sense of security which blocked any effort toward looking in the right direction for the real causes of the disease

McCaw said that “75% of the men in the Chateau Thierry offensive (France) were afflicted with typhoid,” and that at one time in the Argonne sector “there were more than 300 cases of typhoid.” He referred to “a unit of 248 men from Camp Cody, New Mexico, which arrived in England in July, 1918 with 98 cases of typhoid, of whom 8 died.” He spoke of another contingent which lost 10% of their typhoid cases. All these men had been vaccinated in the Army, and all had been healthy when inducted.

Sir William Osler, the famous British physician wrote an article in the “Lancet” (renowned British medical journal) on this subject. (Nov. 28, 1914) An excerpt is as follows

“Perhaps the best chapter in British sanitation is that which deals with sanitation and typhoid fever.. . . It has beer well said that enteric fever is the sanitary index of a country; and that today our camps are not hot-beds of the disease is a result of more than half a century of intelligent and efficient sanitation.’

We notice that he did not say that it was vaccination which wiped out typhoid and other diseases of intestinal putrefaction such as typhoid (enteric fever). He knew for a fact that it was not vaccination that brought about the improvement; it was the reforms in sanitation and better nutrition and other healthful measures which prevent body poisoning in the first place. It is the poisoning that causes disease.

England had learned by the bitter experience of over century of vaccination, that it does not prevent nor cure disease of any kind. They knew that if they were to control widespread disease they must attack the real causes, the main ones of which were vaccines and bad living conditions. After these reforms were made there was a rapid decline in the disease rate. (Details given in a later chapter.)

England already knew this when our men were suffering and dying in the swamps of the tropics and the battlefields of France. But I’m quite sure our needle doctors would not listen to any warnings of vaccine hazards from the British — at that time However, as stated previously, our military doctors finally did turn to sanitation and nutrition reforms and reduced their disease rate without the vaccinations, in the Spanish American War.

According to British Army records, “In 1938 there was not a single case of any form of enteric fever (typhoid) among the unvaccinated soldiers, while in the vaccinated ‘protected’ class there were 37 cases and 5 deaths.” Compulsory vaccination has been abolished in the British Army. However, it is available for those who want it, and a few unenlightened people still want it, in spite of all the evidence against it.

Another news item says: “Hundreds of inoculated soldiers in India have contracted typhoid or paratyphoid and the Army Medical Department reports record at least 200 deaths among inoculated men.”

“THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,” July 28, 1917 (Vol. 69, p. 267) under the heading “Vaccination in War, “states:

“Bernard and Paref, in an analytic study, reported in 1915 a great preponderance of paratyphoid infection in the anti-typhoid vaccinated over those in the non-vaccinated, presenting the remarkable figures shown in Table 2.

“Table 2: Preponderance of Paratyphoid Infections over Typhoid
Cases Vaccinated Non-Vaccinated
Typhoid (Eberth Bacifius) 77 45 32
Paratyphoid 248 222 26

“Table 3: “

Paratyphoid 150 120 40

According to General Goodwin, the British Army had 7,423 cases of typhoid, with 266 deaths, up to 1918. Compulsory vaccination was in force in the British Army at that time.

In the book MEDICAL VOODOO by A.R. Hale, the author states on page 185: “In World War I, in the French Army alone, there were 113,165 cases of typhoid with 12,380 deaths up to Oct. 1916. Anti-typhoid inoculations were made compulsory in the French Army in March, 1918.”

A.R. Hale, researcher for the U.S. Congress, said:

From one Congressman I learned that he was at the very moment pleading the cause of three ex-service men before the Veterans’ Bureau, two of whom had been made totally blind by army vaccinations against smallpox, and the third had been driven insane by an anti-typhoid vaccination followed by a spinal puncture. He said the Bureau was fighting the compensation claims of these disabled men, because it was unwilling to admit their disablities were caused by the army-camp treatments, although the evidence in all three cases was clear and inescapable.”


One of the outstanding authorities on the real cause and cure of disease is the late Dr. Russell T. Trall (a reformed M.D.,) whose teachings are still 100 years in advance of our present day medical methods. Regarding typhoid fever, Dr. Trall wrote:

“Typhoid fever is not essentially a dangerous disease. It may be severe — without being at all dangerous. Nor is pneumonia a dangerous disease. Left to itself, it would seldom terminate fatally. We have known physicians of extensive practice treat this disease for many years without losing a patient. But in those cases very little medicine was given, and that of the simplest kind. The medicines were not (the usual poisons such as calomel, whiskey, opium, antimony, blisters (perhaps this means mustard plasters).

“These diseases (typhoid and pneumonia) are nothing more nor less than a cleansing process — a struggle of the vital powers to relieve the system of its accumulated impurities. The causes of the diseases are constipating foods, contaminated water, atmospheric miasmas, and whatever clogs up the system or befouls the blood. And the day is not far distant when a physician who shall undertake to aid and assist (suppress) Nature in her efforts to expel impurities, by the administration of poisons (drugs, medicines, shots, radiation, etc.) will be regarded as an insane idiot. But now this practice is called medical science.”

Dr. John Tilden, another reformed physician, said, “You cannot have a very severe round of typhoid fever unless you have a “first-class” physician to give it strength to down you.”


It was a common expression during the war that “more soldiers were killed by vaccine shots than by shots from enemy guns.” The vaccines, in addition to the poison drugs given in the hospitals, made healing impossible in too many cases. If the men had not been young and healthy to begin with, they would all have succumbed to the mass poisoning in the Army.

The following are just a few of the case histories which show us how the soldiers were drugged to death in the military hospitals (from BASIC PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL HYGIENE by Dr. H.M. Shelton, p. 532:

“CASE No. 4 — S.P., a private, age 32. Admitted January 16th. Medication: Quinine and whiskey with capsicum were administered in ‘free doses.’ Brandy and turpentine given in enema. The next day the patient was worse (not surprising.) But the treatment was continued; sinapisms (mustard plasters) were applied to the back of the neck, chest, abdomen and calves of the legs. In the evening he was growing worse. “But the same treatment was continued until he died on January 18th, at 7:00A.M.” (two days after treatment began.)

“CASE No. 7 — O.W.W., a private, age 22, was admitted into the hospital Monday the 13th. He was taken sick two days previously. Treatment : Wine once every two hours, quinine every three hours, 15 grains of calomel to be followed in three hours with 6 grains of carbonate of ammonia. All symptoms became rapidly aggravated. The patient died on the 22nd.” He was younger and survived the poisoning program for nine days before he died.

“CASE No. 8 — D.N., a private, 18 years of age. His treatment included spirits of nitre, acetate of ammonia, camphor, castor oil, chloroform, spirits of turpentine, sulphuric acid, sugar of lead, opium, ipecac and white wine. He died after 29 days.”

Although he was young and strong to start with, even he could not survive this onslaught of poisons, experimentation and malpractice by the physicians.

The report states that the condition of the patients got progressively worse every day, but the treatments were continued anyway. We wonder what was the matter with the doctors.

Dr. Trall said that most patients would recover if they were not doctored at all. He Stated: “I have not lost a case in 15 years (including typhoid and pneumonia), and I have treated hundreds. Fatality is attributable to the medication.”


Because the average doctor does not understand the cause nor the cure of disease, he flounders around in a confusion of guesswork. Lacking facts, the various medical associations and medical schools base their beliefs on many false concepts with no basis in fact. The germ theory of disease is a graphic example. These dangerous concepts lead the doctors and the people astray— that is, all but the few who think for themselves and seek out proof for their beliefs.

It is bad enough for the doctors to blame the diseases on germs, viruses and bacteria, but when they pick on healthy people who do not “catch diseases” when they are exposed, and claim they are “carriers” and can infect others, this is the height of the ridiculous. See the chapter titled, Why Germs Cannot Cause Disease.

As disease is just a transition period from a contaminated body to a normal, healthy body, it stands to reason that no one can “catch” a disease any more than he can catch a dirty neck. Therefore, if a person is in the company of an ill person and does or does not get the same disease, it does not make him a “carrier” of that disease. Yet some of our medical men promote that theory. On the strength of this unsupported, unproved medical opinion of physicians and Health Departments, people have actually been sent to prison, merely because they were too healthy to get sick when the doctors thought they ought to.

Who has not heard of the sad case of “Typhoid Mary?” A fascinating book titled MEDICAL VOODOO, by Annie Riley Hale tells the story on page 337. The account reads: “Mary, a maid-servant of the better class in New York City, in the summer of 1907 was working where several cases of typhoid developed. Because Mary did not fall ill with the fever, though in contact with the patients, the only explanation that ‘medical science’ could offer for such a phenomenon, was that the woman was a ‘typhoid carrier.’ There was absolutely no evidence or proof of it except the health officer’s wild guess. Much contrary evidence was offered by Mary and her friends, but she was arrested, charged with ‘a menace to the public health,’ branded ‘Typhoid Mary’ in the newspapers, and imprisoned in the isolation hospital on North Brothers Island.” She remained there for 30 years in solitary confinement until she died. She had commited no crime. She was a victim of medical stupidity and ignorance. The whole medical case rested on the fact that she was healthy and didn’t get the diseases which several others had developed.

In the same well-to-do household where Mary worked, there were, undoubtedly, other members of the family who did not develop the disease, but of course, they were not sentenced to life imprisonment for being healthy. There are no “Typhoid Rockefellers”’ nor “Diphtheria Morgans”, are there? Neither are there any “typhoid carriers” anywhere in the world, except in the weird imaginations of certain backward doctors.

When we think of all the millions of mothers who care for their children who develop all kinds of diseases, and the mothers do not “catch it”, it is a frightening thought to consider that some doctors could haul them off to prison for life because they managed to stay well in the presence of illness.

In the Middle Ages, before Pasteur conjured up his fallacious germ theory, there were some equally strange and dangerous theories of disease. One of them was the belief that diseases were caused by devils, that somehow got inside the body of the patient and caused the illness: The doctors then bored a hole in the head of the sick person to let the evil spirit out. If the patient died of the operation, which I suppose was usually the case, the doctors would naturally claim that the patient came too late and the devil did it. This is not to infer that evil spirits cannot possess a susceptible person; maybe they can, (The Bible says so) but if they got in they can get out the same way they got in, without the dangerous — often fatal — practice of boring a hole in the patient’s skull.

As we look back on these crude and barbaric medical procedures, we hope we have advanced beyond that stage of primitive medical practice; but, have we? The “Typhoid Mary” case was of recent times. She died only a few years ago in prison. But our present-day medical men have not advanced out of the Dark Ages yet; they still chase down healthy, innocent people who do not develop typhoid after being near typhoid cases. These cases are even now, branded as “carriers” and hounded by medical men driven by medical ignorance. This is borne out by no less a medical authority than Roy O. Gilbert, M.D. (L.A County Health Officer.) In the Los Angeles News Herald, 1954, Dr. Gilbert wrote an article titled “Spread of Typhoid Stopped by Apprehension of Carrier.” In this article he states: “Typhoid carriers are individuals who act as symptom-free portable reservoirs for the germs of the disease and many of them are unaware that they may transmit the infection. . . – Whether the disease is mild or otherwise, it is estimated that between three and four percent of the individuals who have had it become carriers. – . – About one fifth of all carriers have never had the disease in a recognizable form.

“All known carriers are kept under strict surveillance by the Public Health Officials and are visited at least twice yearly. . . . Annual booster shots are given as an additional precaution.”

Dr. Gilbert also states: “Typhoid fever, among the last of the pestilential fevers modern science learned to prevent and keep under control in the Western World is caused by a bacillus called Salmonella-typhosa. The ways in which it may be transmitted are understood and its control readily possible. Nevertheless, an average of 26 cases has been reported in Los Angeles County for the last five-year period.”

If medical science (or confusion) knows how to control the disease, why do we have it every year? On checking the news items on Typhoid outbreaks over the past years, we find that the cases are among the guests of a wedding party, a camp meeting, a picnic, or some other gathering where food was served without refrigeration and sanitary supervision. Foods containing milk, meat and eggs are highly putrefactive out of refrigeration, and can generate toxins which cause vomiting, fever, intestinal disturbance and other symptoms of food poisoning, Whether or not the doctors find typhoid bacilli in the patients does not prove a thing, because all kinds of germs are found in sick people. The germs do not cause the disease; they evolve out of the dying cells and do a useful, remedial work.

The doctors have not been able to control the diseases because they are forever looking in the wrong direction for the causes. The cause is usually some form of body poisoning.

They give their so-called carriers a shot of poison vaccine every year, thus weakening their natural powers of defense against invasion of poisons. Vaccines always contaminate the body and weaken the whole physical organism and make one more susceptible to disease. This was proved by the high death rate and disease rate among the 100% vaccinated soldiers in all our wars from 1917 up to the present time. See chapter on “What vaccination did to our soldiers.”


Drug sales are big business, whether it is marijuana, heroin, tobacco, vaccines, or the misnamed “miracle” drugs, antibiotics, etc. They all cause cell destruction and eventual death — delayed reaction in most cases — although some deaths are sudden, as in penicillin and vaccines which often cause death within 20 minutes.

Vaccine campaigns have been carried on periodically for many years, and it is one of the most lucrative of drug sales, and not illegal such as for heroin and marijuana. The sales propaganda is so deceptive that most of the people believe it, and the medical and drug businesses have enough control over the news media to conceal or distort the reports of deaths and disasters from vaccines to keep the people in the dark as to the hazards of their popularized poisons. The Better Business Bureau is better for business but not for the people. That agency is instructed (by the medical and drug concerns) to forbid the newspapers from selling any advertising space to writers of anti-medical books and articles. I wouldn’t make this statement unless I had proof and legal papers to back it. (This is discussed in more detail in another chapter.) It is a form of medical dictatorship — and that is against the law.

Most of the medically-made epidemics get by without being exposed and prosecuted, but a few occurred in cities which had some alert and concerned health groups which took the vaccine promoters to court and got convictions. Two of these court cases are briefly outlined below:



“In the fall of 1921 the health of the city was unusually good, but dull for the doctors. So the Jackson Medical Society met and resolved to make an epidemic in the city.

According to the record:



“It is further recommended that wide publicity be given, stating that vaccination is a preventitive of smallpox and urging the absolute necessity of vaccination for every man, woman and child in the city.

Those who investigated this fake, doctor-made epidemic searched for cases of smallpox to justify this vaccination drive, but could not find one case in the city.

The scare-head vaccination propaganda showed a picture of a child covered with sores (probably from empetigo, psoriasis or congenital syphilis), and called it smallpox. People are easily frightened when public officials tell them a disease is contagious and is in their midst. The fear vanishes when people learn the truth. Smallpox is not contagious, and compulsory vaccination is illegal. (See the chapter on smallpox for information on tests which proved smallpox and other diseases are not contagious, and can be avoided with the right knowledge and application of that knowledge, given in the big book, “VACCINATION CONDEMNED BY COMPETENT DOCTORS.”

Most people do not question the decision of their doctors and public officials so they trustingly put their lives and the lives of their children into the hands of the unprincipled drug vendors. The results were disastrous for the people but good for the doctors. The hospitals were soon filled with vaccine poisoned people and the doctors had business all winter.

According to the record, the doctors made $500,000 from that Kansas City vaccination spree, not counting the millions of dollars from the hospital cases.


The same procedure was carried out as for Kansas. The doctors called a meeting and moved and seconded that an epidemic be declared in the city. As usual, they spread their scare propaganda far-and-wide and herded the people into the vaccination centers.

When the vaccination campaign was at its height, the report showed the death-rate rose 22% in three months, from July 1 to Sept. 30. These deaths were all among the recently vaccinated. Were the doctors and pharmaceutical companies charged with murder and given the death sentence? No. They “got by with murder;” they usually do.

This doctor-made epidemic never would have been brought to public attention if it had not been for an active, and well informed group of non-medical, health-minded citizens known as THE PITTSBURGH HEALTH CLUB. They, and their legal aid investigated this manufactured epidemic and brought the instigators to trial.

According to the Health Club’s attorney:

“THE DIRECT MONEY LOSS TO THE CITY OF PITTSBURGH IN THIS VACCINATION RAID in 1924 was $3,096,616 of which the doctors took $2,000,000. .

“This does not represent the indirect losses such as deaths, permanent injury, business loss from work, etc.”

Every city and town today should have an active, capable, and well prepared NON-MEDICAL health group such as those in Pittsburgh and Kansas City to warn the people against the many questionable practices of the medical doctors, because they continue to stage deadly vaccination campaigns, both large and small in all cities across the country every year, but most of them are not investigated or questioned.

We are in the middle of one of these medically-made epidemics right now. It is the SWINE FLU VACCINE epidemic. There was not a certified case of swine flu in the world when they planned it in 1976, but this multi-million dollar vaccine campaign was foisted on the people anyway, and now three months after it started there are 113 reported deaths and many more cases of paralysis from the shots. All these “murders” forced the public officials to halt the vaccinations. However, the doctors and vaccine makers have stated in the papers that they will try to lift the ban and continue the vaccinations — poisoning and killing more people and refusing to take the blame, because it is profitable.

That is why this book has been rushed into production — unfinished — to warn the people and prevent more disasters from the vaccines. The chapter on swine flu and a few others are included in this advance edition, and the rest will be available later, for those who send for them.


After reading of the above court cases in Pittsburgh and Kansas City people may say, “That happened way back in 1921 and 1924; that couldn’t apply to us now in 1977.” Oh, yes it can; it’s being done right now again with the swine flu racket. They — the vaccine promoters — should be investigated, prosecuted and stopped permanently.

In 1954 when the vaccine promoters were building up their nation-wide polio vaccine campaign, I wrote a book of facts trying to warn the people against the Salk, Sabin, and Cutter vaccines which were bound to cause widespread death, paralysis and financial loss to the taxpayers. The Better Business Bureau — arm of the medical and drug trusts— blocked me from getting any advertising notices in the papers, radio, TV, etc. But I got some of the books out to as many people as I could anyway. But the “medical dictatorship” decided they were not going to let me tell any more people about things they had kept suppressed, including the court cases. You didn’t read of those investigated and prosecuted medical rackets in the papers did you? I had to “dig” for that information. In order to stop my book and put it out of circulation, they had it barred from the mails —without any legal grounds. I had taken it (the manuscript before printing) to a lawyer and had him examine it to see if it was legal. He said, “It is all in order — nothing against the law — but it is dynamite.”

I then took it to the Post Office in Los Angeles and had them go over it to see if anything was against their regulations. They said, “It is all in order and not against our rules, not libelous, not obscene, not anti-American, not fraudulent.”

So, I had it printed and distributed until the medical “dictatorship” issued orders to the Post Office to bar the book from the mails. This they did, although they had told me it was all in order and legal for the mails.

It’s hard to believe that one branch of the business (medical) in this country is so powerful that they can force the Post Office to break the law and bar a book they have approved — a book which is designed to save lives.

In the hearing, the opposition said they barred my book from the mails because it disagreed with accepted medical opinion.

It seems I was the only one with a “fighting book” out to condemn the polio vaccinations, so when it was eliminated and I was threatened if I sold it, distributed it, or even gave it away, the medical poisoners had a clear field to sell their poison vaccines without hindrance. So they continued selling polio vaccine and are still at it, even though it has killed and paralyzed thousands. Many law suits were filed against the vaccine makers and won, and they, the vaccine promoters, had to pay millions of dollars in damages, but they make more in sales than they have to pay out in damage suits so they consider it a good business venture anyway. (See the chapter on POLIO)

This is the reason why people rarely hear anything against vaccination; those who raise a voice against it are silenced.


“Man, proud man, wrapped up in little brief authority, plays such fantastic tricks before High Heaven, as make the Angels weep.”Shakespeare

Vaccination, which is entirely lacking in value to the human race, has been sustained by falsity. Records of the enormous number of deaths from vaccination have either been completely concealed or twisted to appear favorable to the people. The medical records, unfortunately, have been in the hands of the doctors who profit from the sale of vaccines and drugs and who, (by their own admission,) are more interested in their own financial gains than in the well-being of the public.

Lawsuits and government investigations have been made from time to time, which brought some of the medical confessions into public view, just enough to show us that there is a great deal yet to be uncovered in this sordid game of murder for money.

Dr. Henry May, a medical officer of health, wrote in the Birmingham Medical Review (Vol. 3. pp. 34 & 35,) the following statement which was obviously intended for doctors only:

“In death certificates given by us voluntarily, and to which the public have access, it is scarcely to be expected that a medical man will give opinions which may tell against or reflect upon himself in anyway.. . . In such cases he will most likely tell the truth, but not the whole truth, and assign some prominent symptom of disease as the cause of death. As instances of cases which may tell against the medical man himself, I will mention erysipelas from vaccination, and puerperal fever. A death from the first cause (vaccination) occured not long ago in my practice, and although I had not vaccinated the child, yet, in my desire to preserve vaccination from reproach, I omitted all mention of it from my certificate of death.”

As Dr. May was one of the medical heads, he set the pattern for other doctors to follow. If their bungling practices and poisons were deadly enough to kill the patients, it was made clear to them that they must not tell the truth on the death certificates. A number of convenient names of other diseases were suggested by Dr. May to cover their guilt.

Dr. Maclean stated that “very few deaths from cowpox (vaccination) appear in the Bills of Mortality, (death records,) owing to the means which have been used to suppress a knowledge of them. . . . not because they did not happen, but because some practitioners were interested in not seeing them, and others who did see them were afraid of announcing what they knew.”

In the report of the Royal Commission (England) Vol. IV, pages 194 to 478, we find a number of cases of vaccinal deaths that were not reported as such. For example: Mr. Payne gave evidence that he had a child who died of vaccination. The doctor told him that he had not the slightest doubt that the illness was the result of vaccination, but that he dared not put it on the certificate of death.

In the same section we read: “Local Government Board inquiry into six deaths at Misterton, Linconshire, found all to have resulted from vaccination; and in all the cases, vaccination was not mentioned on the certificate of death. Local Government Board inquiry into four deaths from vaccination at Norwich, found that in three of these cases vaccination was not mentioned.”

Although these few findings are from England, England is by no means the only country to conceal and falsify death certificates. The same type of lawlessness exists in all countries that use vaccination as a source of revenue for the doctors, the government or the serum factories, or all three. The United States is one of the worst offenders in this respect. For instance:

Dr. R.A. Gunn, surgeon and medical editor, had the courage to uncover and expose some of the underhanded practices of the Board of Health in New York. Among other things he stated:

“I personally investigated over 70 cases of smallpox in this city, that had been reported by the Board of Health as unvaccinated, and found 64 of the number had been vaccinated, and many of them re-vaccinated.”

“I challenge the health officials of New York and Brooklyn, to publish a full list of smallpox cases with addresses. and I will undertake to prove that 80% of them have been vaccinated.”

The city officials and the Board of Health refused to supply the names. Many requests for an investigation have been made, but these tax-supported servants of the people dodge the issue from year to year, not only in New York, but in all American cities, thus suppressing critical information on life and death issues that the people have a right to know.


“Charles W. Smith, of Woodbine St., Brooklyn, N.Y. died from the results of vaccination. Dr. Costello, who attended him, gave the cause as vaccination followed by acute rheumatism, and secondary cause hemorrhages.”

The City Health Commissioner (strong arm of the medical trust) said he would not let that certificate pass. Dr. Costello, who knew the patient died of vaccination, refused to change the certificate to suit the commissioner. The commissioner then dismissed Dr. Costello and called in another physician, Dr. E.H. Wilson, who knew nothing about the case, and had him assign the cause of death as nephritis (degeneration of the kidneys.) The story of the case in the New York Times was headed: “Death of Charles W. Smith not due to Vaccination.”

James Connor, age seven, of Evanston, Illinois, died three minutes after being given anti-scarlet fever serum. The doctor who killed the boy told the coroner’s jury that the serum couldn’t possibly have killed him. Therefore the jury officially decided the boy had died of shock What shocked him — deadly poison injection?


Dr. John Tilden in his Health Review (p. 570) wrote:

“John Begasiren, a child of four years, helpless and taken by his father to the Bellview hospital for treatment for infantile paralysis, is dead. Unofficially his death is recorded as due to a ‘serum accident.’

“The staff physician at the institution passed off the tragedy casually saying, ‘It wasn’t the serum that killed the boy; it was the child’s susceptibility that made him unable to stand the shock of the poison virus that was injected into his veins.’

“Digest this gem of logic, if you can. Tap yourself over the head with a hammer; and if it hurts, blame your head for not being more resistant to shock. The blow with the hammer could not possibly be to blame — now could it? Just ask your doctor.”

In the May 1931 issue of Health Review (p. 257) Dr. Tilden again comments on vaccination by saying: “The vaccine and serum business insinuates a little poison in the body. If the victim is not too vulnerable from other poisoning and infection, the effects may pass and not show up for several years. But should the victim be unduly susceptible, the vaccine may precipitate a case of tuberculosis, rheumatism, heart trouble or some other type of symptom-complex which may end life prematurely.”

Willit Nagengast developed lockjaw soon after vaccination with the so-called, pure glycerinated calf lymph, but the Cleveland Leader reported the case as “Not due to Vaccination.”

Julia Burggruff of New York (address witheld by request) died as a result of vaccination, but the New York World reported the cause as lockjaw. Lockjaw is a common after-effect of vaccination.


Thomas Morgan, in his MEDICAL DELUSIONS, page 54, comments on this situation by saying:

“These conditions exist more or less all over the country, and the so-called boards of health are in reality boards for propogating disease, mutilating human bodies, and destroying human life. They stand accused by medical men in the very highest ranks of the profession. Thousands of instances might be given of willful and deliberate lying in compiling statistics to favor vaccination and thereby save it from its deserved reproach.”


Dr. Lund admits: “As I myself contracted smallpox after being vaccinated three times, I took the trouble to go into all statistics, which I found very few medical men have

Against vaccination there is, of course, to be weighed the fact that it occasionally causes death.”

This death element in regard to vaccination is glossed over, slighted or lied about all through medical literature. In

VACCINATION AND THE MEDICAL PROFESSION (p.35,) W.L. Furnival asked Dr. Lund these pointed questions:

Why do medical men use such extraordinary endeavors to keep the word vaccination off their death certificates? And why has the column of ‘Other Effects of Vaccination’ been deleted from the Registrar General’s Returns? Is there any other word in the English language they are so feverishly concerned about on such occasions?” The questions remained unanswered.

There were 923 medically-reported deaths due to vaccination in a period of only 19 years, and yet Dr. Lund said “vaccination occasionally causes death.”

Alfred Milns, statistician, stated that if the officially admitted deaths were multiplied by 12, it would come much nearer representing the actual number of deaths resulting from vaccination. If we multiplied the above 923 official vaccinal deaths by 12 we would see that there were 11,176 deaths from vaccination which is considerably more than the smallpox deaths.

“Dr. Charles Fox, of Cardiff, published 56 personally investigated cases of vaccinal casualties with 17 deaths, and in only two of these, where he himself gave the certificate, was vaccination mentioned.” From the Royal Commission Report we read:

“Dr. Buchanan reported six deaths from smallpox, stating them to be unvaccinated. An inquiry was organized, under the orders of the Local Government Board and. – . – it was found that all had been vaccinated but one. One of the death cases had been vaccinated by Dr. Buchanan himself. Dr. Buchanan acknowledged his error and said that the cases were of confluent smallpox (so bad that the vessicles were run together) and he couldn’t see the vaccination marks.” (Report of the Royal Commission, England, Vol. II, p.219.)

Professor Alfred Russel Wallace, after doing some extensive research on vaccination, gave a list of 785 deaths traceable to vaccination, yet which were officially reported as deaths from erysipelas. He states:

“I am acquainted with a physician in a northern town, one who holds a government position. I have a letter from him in which he says, ‘while in practice in London I frequently filled out death certificates of children naming the disease as marasmus (wasting away,) debility, etc., when I felt perfectly certain that such cases of wasting and debility had been induced by vaccination.’


The following notarized, eyewitnessed accounts of deliberate falsification and misuse of the law give us an idea of the corruption that exists in this country which allows an unscrupulous medical dictatorship to wield power over the people. The following statements are from the private files of V.E. Rowton, Investigator:


Denver, Colorado

January 4, 1923

To whom it may concern:

This is to certify that the undersigned was at one time a patient at the Sand Creek Hospital for smallpox under the regime of Dr. Sharpley.

That while there I was present at the questioning of a group of smallpox patients who had just arrived and that I saw the answers made by said patients, written down, by the Superintendent in charge, upon the blanks provided for this purpose.

That two of the five patients answered “yes” to the question whether they had been successfully vaccinated within the preceding three years.

That I saw the Superintendent write down the word “no” instead of “yes” that the patient answered to this question.

That afterwards, immediately I called the attention of the Superintendent to this mistake.

That the Superintendent told me that he had done this deliberately and that he had orders to write “no” in this space regardless of what answer the patient made to the question and that such orders came from the office of the City Physician.

Signed Ernest B. Safford


Denver, Colorado

March 14, 1923

I the undersigned, Alice G. Vincent, being duly sworn on oath to make this statement:

In December, 1921, I went to the office of Dr. Sharpley and asked to see the records of the smallpox deaths (which should be open to the public) and he refused to allow me to see them. I went to the Mayor’s office, and the Mayor’s secretary asked if Dr. Sharpley had refused me and I said he had. Then she said I could not see them, that Dr. Sharpley was supreme. I went to the City Attorney’s office and asked him by what authority Dr. Sharpley refused to show me the records. I was told that they did not know, but if he had refused I would have to bring suit in order to see them, and if I did it would be the business of the City Attorney to defend Dr. Sharpley.

Signed AliceG. Vincent

Subscribed and sworn to before me

this 14th day of March, A.D. 1923

Signed Jean Raber

Notary Public

Not only are doctors given verbal instructions to disregard the truth, but the written instructions in medical journals and texts also make it clear that lies are preferred and expected in order to protect the fianancial “racket” of vaccination. For instance, an article titled “Smallpox — Its Differential Diagnosis,” by Archibald L. Hoyne, M.D., which was read before the Chicago Medical Society and published in the Illinois Medical Journal, June 1923, states:

“In examining a case of suspected smallpox, close observation is of the utmost importance. If the patient shows evidence of a typical vaccination scar of comparatively recent date, váriola (smallpox) may be almost absolutely ruled out.”

From the Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society (March, 1927) we read: “The following points are important aids m the diagnosis of smallpox

“The absence of any history of having had smallpox or a successful vaccination within the past five years.”

Even in “Modern Medicine” by the famous Dr. William Osler (Vol. 1, p.853) instructions are given the physicians to report cases of smallpox as chickenpox if there is a vaccination mark. The first differential point in the diagnosis of chickenpox and smallpox is pointed out as “the vaccinal condition of the patient.”

It does not matter how serious and certain the smallpox may be, the vaccinated cases are diagnosed as chickenpox, syphilis or something else, and when the records are compiled, the Health (?) Departments announce to the people that there is no smallpox among the persons successfully vaccinated.


W.R. Hadwin, M.D., one of the most prominent vaccination authorities in England, was asked the following question in a public lecture:

“Can you give the death-rate of smallpox under ten years of age, in the recent London outbreak of smallpox, differentiating between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated?”

To this he answered: “Unfortunately, the authorities won’t give us the particulars. We have sent for them three times. We have quoted the act of 1898, which states that every Sanitary Authority shall supply the names and addresses of those who are attacked by smallpox, on payment of a certain fee. We have offered them the fee but they have refused to supply the names. – . . They won’t allow us to test their figures; they apparently are afraid we might trace them down and learn the truth. Moreover, the Medical Officer said in writing to our secretary that his figures were not the same as those of the registrar, they don’t tally. And the consequence is that we are not even to take what the registrar says for granted. He says: ‘I don’t fill in my statistics until the cases are complete.’

“When we consider the cases, as at Middlesborough (where, after a canvas of smallpox deaths, we found that out of something like 200 so-called ‘unvaccinated’ cases, 98 of them had been vaccinated and revaccinated, and some had been re-vaccinated three or four times, and they died of smallpox, it will give us an idea how much official statistics are to be relied upon. In the same town, the Medical Officer tabulated his cases of children under ten years in much the same style as the authorities of the Metropolitan Asylums Board are doing now, as follows:


Vaccinated cases 45 Deaths 0

Unvaccinated cases 62 Deaths 29

Unvaccinated fatality 47%

“When the names and addresses of these patients were obtained from the Town Council and a careful, independent investigation was made, this is how the facts turned out:

Vaccinated cases 61 Deaths 16

Unvaccinated cases 46 Deaths 13

Fatality 28%

“In the epidemic of 1870-72 the Metropolitan Asylum Board records 195 cases of smallpox in vaccinated children under five years of age, with 38 deaths; a fatality of 19.5% and 786 cases from five to ten years with 60 deaths, a fatality of 6.6%. This shows that the nearer they were to the date of the vaccination, the worse they suffered. In the same pandemic in Berlin, 2,240 successfully vaccinated children under ten developed small-pox, of whom 736 died; that is a fatality of nearly 33%.” (from THE VACCINATION DELUSION by Dr. W.R. Hadwin, p. 30.)

Professor Alfred Russel Wallace commented on this situatioh in his WONDERFUL CENTURY (p. 232) as follows:

“The facts and figures of the medical profession and of government officials, in regard to the question of vaccination, must never be accepted without verification. And when we consider that these misstatements and concealments and denials of injury, have been going on throughout the whole of the century, that penal legilation has been founded on them, that homes have been broken up, that thousands have been barred by police and have been imprisoned and treated as felons, and that at the rate now officially admitted, a thousand children have been certainly killed by vaccination during the past 20 years, and an unknown but probably much larger number injured for life, we are driven to the conclusion that those responsible for these reckless misstatements and their terrible results have, thoughtlessly and ignorantly, but nonetheless certainly, been guilty of a crime — a terrible crime —against liberty, against health, and against humanity, which before many years have passed, must be universally held to be of the foulest blots on the civiliation of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.”


Since falsifying death certificates is associated with murder and deliberate concealment of guilt, there was at one time a uniform law making it a prison offense, but the pressure of the medical trust on the various state legislatures has reduced or eliminated the penalty from many of the statute books, leaving the physicians free to kill and cover their guilt without any questions being asked. Most states have a law against destroying evidence such as the following one from the PENAL CODE OF CALIFORNIA (1949, p. 33-135.)



“Every person who knowing that any paper, record, book, instrument in writing, or other matter or thing, is about to be produced in evidence upon any trial inquiry, or investigation whatever, authorized by law, willfully destroys or conceals the same, with the intent thereby to prevent it from being produced, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”


A felony is a crime which is punishable by death or by imprisonment in the state prison. Every other crime is a misdemeanor and is punishable by law, according to the decision of court.

Is there any other reason for falsifying death certificates except for covering up guilt? Falsification to protect a lucrative killer racket such as vaccination, is part of the guilty offense and the doctors involved should be held accountable. Whether a person is killed by a shot in the arm by a doctor, or a shot in the back by a gangster, the result is the same; the victim is just as dead, and the “punishment should fit the crime.”

Pickering, in his “SANITATION AND VACCINATION” (p. 165) sums up the situation tersely when he says:

“When I know that the deaths from atrophy and debility, diarrhea, and convulsions, a total of 54,344 deaths annually, are wrongly certified; that they are symptomatic, not causative, I am justified in saying that the whole system of registration and certification requires to be remodelled and reformed. Medicine will never reform itself. Certification should be in the hands of an independent authority.”

This statement is not only true but critically urgent, providing that independent authority is accurate, honest and dependable.

Mr. Baxter, an editor of an independent newspaper is to be commended for these fearless words:

“I am reminded of the statement, ‘no evil is ever corrected by those who profit from it.’ As long as the powerful monopolistic Rockefeller-dominated drug trust, through its political influence and mutual understanding with the union that controls medical practice, makes billions of dollars each year from drugs, including sales to the armed forces, we can expect to see laws continually on the books forcing people to be vaccinated. We can expect to see the drug trust’s watchdogs in our public schools seeing to it that not one child escapes indoctrination with the vaccination hoax.

“Perhaps some good union man or apologist for compulsory vaccination will give me a statement that vaccines positively will prevent the diseases which they are supposed to prevent. If any doctor will give me such a statement I’ll be glad to publish it. Thus far I have not found one doctor in the entire United States who will make such a statement or will stake his reputation that vaccines and serums will prevent disease.

“Undoubtedly, there are many instances which justify the use of certain drugs and surgery, and the need for the training and skill of the physician should not be underestimated. When the body is torn and maimed by unnatural forces, as on the battlefield or in serious accidents, the use of unnatural methods (anesthetics, surgery, etc.) in the emergency is not only justified but entirely sensible.”

The purpose of this chapter is not to condemn doctors as a whole; it is only their harmful practices that we object to and their continuance and justification of their crimes by false certification to conceal


On September 11, 1974, which could be called BLACK WEDNESDAY, ten of our 15 Los Angeles city councilmen voted to poison the city water supply with sodium fluoride (Hydrofluosilicic acid is the form of fluoride which is usually dumped into the water systems. It is highly poisonous) the well known rat and roach killer.

I sat in on the hearings and was shocked to see how the majority of our elected officers allowed themselves to be swayed, conned, brainwashed, hoodwinked and steam-rollered into voting for mass poisoning. They were sold a “bill of goods” by professional con men who were hired by the aluminum companies to go from city to city pressuring the sale of their sodium fluoride, which is a dangerous and almost worthless by-product of aluminum, steel and fertilizer manufacture.

These poison factories were having problems disposing of their deadly by-product (fluoride.) If they dumped it in the streams, it killed the fish; and if they dumped it on the ground, the wind blew it around and killed the livestock and destroyed vegetation, and brought on lawsuits.

So they shopped around and found a tricky man who said, for a price, he could work out a scheme to get rid of the poison at a profit. His name was G.J. Cox, a chemist from the Melon institute of Pittsburgh. His plan was to launch a massive world-wide sales campaign to sell it to cities to dump into their public drinking water, and get them to believe it was good for them. They probably learned from psychologists that the average person has the mentality of a 12-year-old and “can be taken.”

The plan was to “tell them anything to sell the stuff. Tell them it will prevent cavities, and save them millions in dental bills, and will do no harm, etc.” Cox had no medical background and made no clinical studies as to the effect of fluoride poisons on living tissue — body and brain. But that was of no concern to him or the aluminum companies. They started their propaganda wheels rolling for the largest, most deceptive and dangerous racket ever foisted on this country. They even took it to other countries, but most of them were too alert to be fooled, and turned it down.

In order to put over a fraud of such proportions, they figured they would need government support. This was done in the usual way with big corporations and the government. (A high percent of our government officials are corporation lawyers.) The Aluminum Company of America had a sharp lawyer named Oscar Ewing who was promptly manipulated into a high position in the government, which was no less than that of director of the Federal Security Administration. From there he proceeded to influence Surgeon General Scheele and other big names who would help promote the fluoridation scheme.

With his new influence and power he asked for and got $2,000,000 of the taxpayers’ money just for fluoride propaganda. He also had at his disposal millions of dollars to buy support from dental and medical associations by way of grants to their schools, with strings attached, of course. These associations have become so involved with this shady business that “the good” doctors and dentists who are opposed to fluoridation are restrained from speaking out against it because of these “under-the-table” deals by their associations.

Ewing was later head of the U.S. Public Health Service. With all this power and money and a battery of trained con men he was able to influence state and local governments across the country and sell millions of dollars worth of fluoride, and masspoison multitudes of innocent, unsuspecting people who trust their public officials and depend on their water departments to provide safe drinking water.

The purveyors of poison have boasted openly that they have foisted other poisons on the public, so the promoters could make profit, so why should the public resist this new poison. They have more planned if they can get away with it.

One of the poison programs they have made fortunes from is chlorine for the public water supply. They said it would purify the water. Many water companies and communities rejected it, so I guess it is not necessary, or they have something safer like charcoal or lime to do the job. Another dangerous poison they popularized for profit is penicillin. They concealed the sudden deaths from it and the allergies and side effects. Then there is the tubercular testing of cows. This disease-producing injection has wiped out whole herds and does harm to all cows. They try to control the damage with penicillin, but the cows cannot be normal again and the milk is contaminated. They get away with it because it is profitable. Lawsuits have been fought and won by the cattle men, but the practice goes on, and the news of the suits is suppressed. Another poison program is vaccination and immunization. The injection of poison pus and drugs into the bloodstream cannot prevent or cure disease, but they get away with it because it is big business for the doctors and drug houses. Only recently have the people begun to wake up and protest. Because of the protests the smallpox vaccine is now obsolete; it was proved to be causing more deaths than the disease itself. Only false promises and flagrant lies have kept the polio vaccine and other shots in use. It is to be hoped that the whole vaccine racket will soon be investigated and stopped before too much damage is done.F


The fluoride promoters gamble on the proposition that there are enough politicians running the local governments who are dishonest enough to be bribed, or stupid enough to believe their false propaganda, and vote for their poison program. In the training class for the fluoride salesmen (mostly dentists lacking integrity,) they are told to make their sales pitch behind closed doors in the city council chambers without the public, without debate, without contest by anti-flouridationists because the latter’s cold facts cannot be refuted. They are told to promise what the council wants to hear ” and it doesn’t necessarily have to be true,” they said. They are told to keep it from going to a public vote, because too many people know it is rat poison and would vote against it. “If the people come into the council hail and demand a voice, intimidate them, ridicule and insult them; use all the dirty tricks you know to get the vote of the council and make the sale.” One of the days I sat in on the hearings in Los Angeles, there was a dentist there who had some patients suffering with fluoride poisoning, but he was not given a chance to speak. A researcher was there also, with some important findings but she was not allowed to give it, as it was against fluoridation. However, the proponents had all the time they wanted to spread their false propaganda. If it came to an issue, the council would claim that both sides had equal advantage, but it just was not so.

The fluoride salesmen and our ten less astute councilmen made many false claims for fluoridation, but the following are the most questionable and they will be refuted briefly in the next few pages:


(1) that children up to 12 years would have 65% less cavities;
(2) that fluoride is not poison and is perfectly harmless in .8 ppm concentration.
(3) that fluoride is a nutrient and is beneficial to the health;
(4) that because certain medical groups endorse it, it has to be good for all;
(5)that the cost to the people “is too cheap.”
(6)that fluoride does not damage water pipes;
(7) that public fluoridation would equalize the dosage, especially to blacks;
(8) that the doctors, dentists, PTA and people want it;
(9) that the people should not be allowed to vote on the issue;
(10) that because some cities have accepted it, all must do likewise;
(11) that fluoride makes beautiful teeth.

The above claims are unproved and without foundation in fact. Our five better councilmen were able to see through the fraud, and we wonder why the other ten could not muster enough integrity and clear thinking to see what millions of others can see — that it is a multi-million dollar con game which robs the people of money and health.

In the early days of this country, if a man was caught poisoning the water hole of a rival rancher he was shot on the spot or hanged at sunrise. Today, the water poisoners are protected by the government and applauded by certain dental and medical groups — even the PTA, whose children are being exploited. All this is done in the name of “profit making,” the so-called, American Way. Let’s change it!


No pretense is made here to give all the proof against fluoridation, as that would take volumes, but a few scientific findings will be presented for each false claim.

(1) The Fluoride Proponents Claim That Dental Caries Would be Reduced 65% in Children Under 12 years.


A report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (June 1969,) stated:

“….Fifteen years of fluoridation discloses that dental caries are rampant and increasingly frequent with age.. . . pregnant and lactating (nursing) woman showing the highest prevalence of decay.. . . Dental fluorosis (fluoride poisoning) was particularly prevalent in school children. Sixty-four percent of the cases observed belonging to the ten to 14 year age group.”

Other symptoms in this 15-year-study were dental malocclusions (buck teeth) from fluoride poisoning, permanent brown spots on teeth, goiter, bow legs, (fluoride leeches calcium out of bones and weakens them,) kidney disease, enlarged parotid gland, inflammation of the tongue, 39% anemia among infants, 50% anemia among expectant mothers, and up to 10% of this blood disease among children from one to nine years.

A report published in the Yearbook of Agriculture (1939, p. 212 & 213,) deals with a survey of a number of fluoridated cities in which it was found that:

“……Fluoride interferes with the normal calcification of the teeth during the process of their formation, so that affected teeth, in addition to being usually discolored and ugly in appearance, are structurally weak and deteriorate early in life. For this reason, it is especially important that fluoride be avoided during the period of tooth formation, that is from birth to the age of 14 years. – . .” (emphasis supplied)

So here we have the truth of the matter. Careful, scientific research proves that fluorides are especially damaging to the teeth and health of children up to 14 years of age, and even worse to the mothers and the unborn.

No one, not even the fluoride sellers claimed that fluoride was good for adults. Their main selling point is that it reduces cavities in teeth of children. They were willing to wreck the health of the entire adult population on the flimsy promise that it would be good for children. They had no proof for these claims — just baseless promises.

So here we have sound and substantial evidence that fluoride will not prevent cavities in anyone, but will actually increase them and cause many serious diseases at the same time. And the children will be the hardest hit.

Any poison that is potent enough to damage teeth (which are the hardest tissue of the body) will do even greater harm to the rest of the body all along the way, such as the soft tissues of the eyes, nerves, glands, organs, cells, and hair.


The fluoride promoters and our ten water-poisoning councilmen have been asked if they will back up their claim and promises of safety and benefit (of fluoridation) with a money guarantee. But not one of them believes in fluoridation enough to back it with even a dime. So they can expect numerous lawsuits for damage done if fluoridation is enforced. I read of a woman in New Haven who has already filed a $100,000 damage suit for sodium fluoride poisoning. She is filing against a health commissioner, a doctor, a supervisor and the city water department which is committed by law to furnish safe, pure drinking water for the people. Instead, they poisoned it.

There are thousands of people in Los Angeles County who are now suffering from kidney disease, diabetes, and other ailments especially sensitive to fluoride poisons. They would be immediately hurt or killed by the addition of fluoride to the drinking water. Others would be broken down later on, after years of slow poisoning.

(2) They Said That Fluoride is Not Poison and is Harmless at .8 ppm. Eight tenths parts per million is the amount they prescribed for Los Angeles water.


Accurate and scientific tests in many laboratories and public water works show that .8ppm is a dangerous dose Even much smaller amounts have been found to cause cancer in test animals The University of Texas found that it took only .4 1/2ppm of sodium fluoride to cause cancer in their laboratory expenments It also shortened the lifespan considerably

The University of Arizona has been experimenting with powdered bones to get the fluoride out of their water They said, “We have plenty of evidence that 1 ppm is too much for universal acceptance ” Doctors Clark and Mann of the University of New Mexico have made similar adverse discoveries about 1. ppm fluoride.

Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California have higher than average natural calcium fluoride; Texas and New Mexico are doing something about it and trying to get rid of it. But in Los Angeles our bungling, inept ten fluoride-promoting councilmen are busy trying to increase the amount in our already over—poisoned water. The main part of Los Angeles had .6ppm while the east part of town (Negro and Mexican section) have .2 and .3ppm, which is a safer amount; but they are complaining that they are deprived and want more. (I have learned from researchers that these percentages are not correct, but are made up and used by the fluoride promoters to influence the thinking.)


Some people are of the opinion that what is already in the water is safe and non-poisonous because it is calcium fluoride. This is not true. All fluorine compounds are poison. However, sodium fluoride is 65 times more poisonous than calcium fluoride. It is this highly toxic sodium fluoride that our public enemies have voted to put in our water. And they have agreed to take from $5,000,000 to $12,000,000 or whatever the fluoride salesmen ask, to pay for it, that is, take it out of the taxpayers’ pockets, without our consent.

According to researcher G.F. Knight, “Sodium fluoride in a solution 15 times weaker than 1.ppm reduces some enzyme activity by 50%.” Bakers and brewers know this because their yeast will not rise in fluoridated water.

FLUORIDATION IS ILLEGAL in Norway and Denmark and has been rejected in Italy, France, Holland, West Germany and Sweden*(Fluoridation has also, been rejected by 23 other countries not named.) Over 2,500 communities in the U.S. have rejected fluoridation. England rejected it after seeing the American Experiment. They said they don’t want “Texas teeth” with dingy brown spots from fluoridation. These dark spots can never be removed.


“Thanks to the damning information on cancer deaths resulting from fluoridation of public drinking water, further fluoridation has been effectively and probably permanently ended in two countries abroad.

Dr. Dean Burk, former chief of the cytology section at the National Cancer Institute, has received word from England that the Water Authority has advised each Area Water Authority that the water supply may not be fluoridated without specific legislation by Parliament….

“The decision to halt further fluoridation there was precipitated, says Dr. Burk, by information contained in a report showing that between 25,000 and 30,000 cancer deaths per year in the United States are attributable to fluoridation of drinking water.

“The same information, televised in a seven-minute program in Holland, February 8, 1976, and viewed by hundreds of thousands of citizens as well as government officials, was responsible for the Parliamentary vote to defer fluoridation there for ten years. In that case, the Minister of Health, as well as the nation’s dentists, had fully expected Parliament to order nation wide fluoridation — inevitable until the nation became aware the cancer-fluoridation correlation.”


The first massive water poisoning experiment started in 1945 when Alcoa, the aluminum company, used people of Newburgh, New York, as human guinea pigs and poisoned their water system with sodium fluoride, just to see what would happen, and to sell a ten-year-supply of fluoride plus the expensive equipment. The city of Kingston near-by was left unfluoridated, to serve as a comparison control city.

After this ten-year stretch of public poisoning the Bureau of Health Services of New York reported,”…. … 50% more dental defects in fluoridated Newburgh than in unfluoridated Kingston.”

K.K. Paleuv, an electrical engineer, had carefully studied the figures of this experiment and pointed out that “fluoride only postponed tooth decay for about two years then at the end of ten years it was destroying the kids’ teeth wholesale. This is the greatest con game of all time.”

This two-year delay in decay gave the fluoride men a chance to jump to conclusions and advertise that fluoride was preventing decay, when it was actually slowly undermining the dental structure and causing widespread damage later on.

The fluoride pushers get so “grabby” to make a million dollar sale that they sometimes trip over their propaganda. For example:

In Mason City, Iowa, the fluoridationists were pushing for the kill, (we saw how they did it in Los Angeles,) with a lineup of warped doctors, dentists, PTA, radio, newspaper and a public officials endorsing it. “Local doctors and dentists (bought or pre-conditioned) testified that the tooth decay rate was something terrible and that all they needed to do was to vote fluoridation and dental decay would be reduced 65% and millions of dollars would be saved in dental bills. All they needed was l.ppm fluoride,” they said.

But Mason City had one alert councilman who was not satisfied with merely listening to promises and propaganda; he went out and did some checking and found that the city already had water than contained 1.24ppm. That was more than the magic amount that was promised to do the miracle. All that fluoride was probably the cause of much of the terrible tooth decay, not the cure.

In Los Angeles, we already have .6ppm and that has not helped the problem of decay, so how can we expect a miracle with two more parts? The fluoride proponents promise that .8ppm is the “magic amount.” Ridiculous!

(3) They Said That Fluoride is a Nutrient and is Beneficial to Health.


The Food and Drug Administration says, “Fluoride is a drug and not a mineral nutrient.”

The National Institute of Dental Research, Bethesda, Maryland, quotes Dr. F.J. McClure as saying, “fluorine has not been proved to be an essential for the proper functioning of either osseous (bones) or dental tissue, or for any other body tissue or body function.”

At the 1954 Congressional hearing, the word from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was: “Fluoride is not necessary for healthy tooth formation. Many healthy teeth do not contain fluoride.”

From the Forsythe Dental Infirmary for children at Boston, is the report: “There is no disagreement about the fact that fluoride is a protoplasmic and enzymatic poison.”

The U.S. Dispensatory (24th Edition) states: “Fluorides are violent poisons to all living tissue because of their precipitation of calcium (leech calcium from bones) and make them porous and brittle…..The fluorides cause respiratory failure and general paralysis….”

Research in Italy and India indicates that fluoride hardens arteries.

(4) They Said That Because Certain Medical and Dental Groups Endorse it, we should accept it.


The proponents of fluoridation use a smattering of impressive big names to pressure the city councils into thinking that it is the only right thing to do. They gave the AMA end endorsement, but when we trace it down we find that the American Medical Association never did give their endorsement. A letter from the AMA Law Department (Sept 7, 1961) states: “. . . . The A.M.A. does not engage in the approval, endorsement, guarantee, or acceptance of fluoridated water or of unfluoridated water.” The letter was signed by their director, Bernard D. Hirsh.

A previous statement from the AMA had said that they were of the opinion that fluoride was safe.” An opinion is not an endorsement. But the fluoride pushers used it in such a way as to sell many people on the idea that it was safe. The AMA admits it has never made any scientific tests that prove fluoride is safe.

Another big name the fluoridationists use is that of the U.S. Public Health Service. We have a letter from them dated May 10, 1966 which states: “The U.S. Public Health Service does not say that sodium fluoride is an essential mineral nutrient.”

There have been no factual, scientific studies which have ever proved that fluorides are safe or effective in drinking water.

Dr. Miller studied 3,000 of these reports and states,

“All clinical tests that have been completed show the fluoride to be unsafe and dangerous.”

    1. They Said That the Cost to the People is “Too Cheap.”


The fluoride sellers are in the business for profit and that’s all. While they were wooing the council for their vote they pretended it would not cost much — only a few thousand, while they promised the cities they would save millions of dollars in dental bills. After they got the “yes” vote from enough of the confused councilmen, then it came out that it would cost between $5,000,000 and $12,000,000 to fluoridate Los Angeles. The fluoride producers will sell the worthless poison at a high price and the machinery at a higher price. Los Angeles will have to buy new land and build new buildings for the 13 treatment locations, and the taxpayers who have not been consulted and who do not want it, will be forced to pay for it, and be poisoned besides.

In the private meeting behind closed doors, where they give their con men their instructions (I have a written transcript of the meeting) they said the cost would be $1.00 to $1.50 per head. We have about 8,000,000 people in Los Angeles County, so that would be either $8,000,000 or $12,000,000 for the taxpayers to give them for this mass poisoning caper. Even Al Capone didn’t try to get away with such a gigantic crime.

Our ten councilmen who voted for this shocking people-poisoning scheme were asked by a reporter why they voted for it, and they said they thought it would help the children’s teeth. If they really thought this poison would help the teeth they could have bought fluoride at 8 cents a year for each person who wanted it. We wonder what kind of weak-minded thinking was behind this $8,000,000 outlay of taxpayers’ money when they could get all the fluoride they wanted for about $50.00 for the few who wanted it. It’s doubtful that anyone would want fluoride when they learned the truth about it.

Council members of such questionable ability do not belong in the government of such a large and important city as Los Angeles. They should resign before they are ousted.


Here are the names of those ten council members who voted to poison the people with sodium fluoride:

Edmund Edleman Dave Cunningham Emani Bernardi

John Ferraro Joel Wachs Pat Russell

John Gibson Marvin Braude Robert Wilkinson

Robert Farrell

They should be investigated —or bow out before it is necessary to probe.

Mayor Tom Bradley voted for fluoridation in 1966 when he was a councilman. This time (September, 1974) he was mayor and couldn’t vote but he could have vetoed the measure if he had the interest of the people at heart. He did not veto it. He arranged to be out of town on a vacation when the fluoridation vote was taken, so he would have an excuse not to veto it. He left Gibson in charge knowing that Gibson would vote for fluoridation and would not veto the measure. So Bradley is just as guilty as the other guilty ten who cast their vote to poison the water supply.

We had five good men on the council who stood their ground against the onslaught of the con men who used every underhanded trick in the book to sell fluoride. These five men could see through the fraud, as could millions of others who made any effort to be informed. There is plenty of factual evidence which condemns fluoride poisoning of the public water. These five reliable councilmen deserve a vote of thanks.

They are: Arthur K. Snyder
Gilbert W. Lindsey
Robert J. Stevenson
Donald D. Lorenzen
Louis R. Nowell

These men knew it would be wasteful and senseless to pay $12,000,000 to dope all the water when only .1% would be used by children, even if it was good, which it isn’t. The rest of the $12,000,000 doctored water would be wasted for washing cars, laundry, squirting on forest fires, flushing toilets, taking showers watering the garden (fluoride is bad for plants) etc. We wonder why those ten men voted for such an obviously crooked deal. Were they bribed or just lacking normal intelligence? Either of these things would disqualify them for the important work of the city council.

(6) They Said Fluoride Does Not Damage Water Pipes.


Fluorine is known as one of the most dangerous and corrosive substances. Chemists have difficulty in getting any metal to contain it without destruction. Sodium fluoride is a fluorine compound and also is corrosive and poisonous. It ranks along with cyanide and arsenic in toxicity. Many fluoridated cities have had frequent breakdowns in their water systems. Three large water pumps were almost destroyed by fluoride corrosion in North Hampton, Massachusetts. In Newburgh, people reported that their water heaters squirted water like “rotten rubber hoses.” Concord, New Hampshire had to pay over $200,000 to replace their fluoride-damaged city water system. Other cities, including San Francisco, reported similar difficulties.

If fluoride will do that to the hardest steel fixtures and pipes, what will it do to the delicate internal organs and soft tissues? No wonder there are so many diseases traced to fluoride poisoning. Fluoride is not eliminated like waste food, it accumulates in the body and causes deterioration.

Dr. Charles Dillon, researcher on fluoride wrote in THE CHEMISTRY OF FLUORIDES, “In severe and crippling fluorosis no toxic effects at all may be observed. . . . before the crippling effects become obvious.”

Dr. C.A. Brusch, director of Brusch Medical Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts states: “Fluorides are protoplasmic poisons and have never been medically approved.”

Dr. C.I. Betts of Toledo, Ohio investigated fluoridation for ten years and found that Bright’s disease (fatal kidney disease) increased 50% in fluoridated areas. There was also a 50% increase in brain damage and much mongoloidism. Diabetes more than doubled where fluoridated water was used regularly.

(7) They Said That Fluoridation Would Equalize the Dosage.


Even the fluoride sellers admit it is an impossibility to so mix the fluoride at the water works in such a way as to get a uniform, (exact amount planned on,) coming out of the kitchen faucet.

It has been established by experts that we do not need any poison in the drinking water. But we already have .6 ppm. The poisoners say we should have .8 ppm. So, they are going to try to get .2 ppm mixed into a reservoir holding millions of gallons. They are not going to test it at every faucet every day to see that it does not exceed the deadly amount. Fluoride is an unpredictable chemical which accumulates and lodges in many places in pipes and fixtures. Researchers have found as high as 500. ppm in some pipes where there was supposed to be only 1. ppm No one can control it, or keep track of what is happening. Fluoride is a colorless, odorless, tasteless poison, so people would not be able to detect a deadly dose in the water. The government should throw these reckless poisøners in prison for life.

In order to get only .8 ppm per day, people would be restricted to only 4 glasses of water a day. If they drank diluted juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea (tea is extra high in fluoride) etc. they would get extra poison. If they cooked soups, vegetables, meats etc. in water, the water would boil down and double the fluoride, because fluoride does not evaporate with the water. People would be getting a dangerous dose every day. Those who drink more than 4 glasses of water a day, especially in hot weather, would be getting dangerous doses of poison.

In the council meeting when people complained about having to drink the poisoned water, the fluoride promoters merely said, “then buy bottled water.” We wonder if the aluminum companies which sell the fluorides also own the bottled water companies. We should not have to be forced to buy bottled water when we are already paying high taxes for our public water system.

(8) They Said That the People and the Doctors, Dentists and PTA Want it.


The people don’t want it. A straw vote was taken which showed that the people are overwhelmingly against it. The Herald —Examiner poll showed 40 to 1 against fluoridation.

Many dentists and doctors want fluoridation because it increases their business. Some reports show as high as 50% increase in cavities in fluoridated areas. The doctors find an increase in kidney trouble, diabetes, fractures, goiter, paralysis, mental diseases and several other diseases in fluoridated areas.

Why the PTA approves fluoridation I don’t know. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Poisoned water is 100% harmful, and the damage done costs them money. They should know better. The children suffer the most, and the PTA is partly to blame.

(9) The Fluoride Promoters Told the City Council Not to Let it go to a Public Vote.

This was because they knew the people have too much sense to want to be taxed millions of dollars just to be poisoned and then pay for the doctor bill besides. The fluoridationists figure that they can control the city councils because they are only politicians and sometimes not very bright. But there are too many intelligent people among the voters, and they cannot control their minds. The fluoridationists lose when it comes to a vote.

(10) They Said That Because Other Cities Accepted Fluoride, We Should. They also said that Los Angeles was the only large city left that wasn’t fluoridated, and that we were backward because of it.


More than 2,500 communities across the country have rejected fluoridation and many more are discontinuing it after wasting thousands of dollars trying to make it work, only to find it caused more tooth decay and illness and expense than they could handle. Over 100 cities have rejected it after the bitter experience of paying for it and trying to live with it.

Just because some cities succumb to the high pressured sales pitch of the poison-squad does not prove that fluoride is good.

(11) They Said That Fluoride Makes Beautiful Teeth.


Fluoride makes ugly, mottled, decayed teeth. Even the fluoride toothpaste causes ulcers of the mouth, gums and lips in many people. Fluoride is poison no matter how it is used. Rat and roach poison and flux is all it is good for.

In a class where fluoride salesmen (mostly dentists) were being trained, the question was asked what to do when the matter of fluoride damaged teeth came up when they were giving their sales speech in the council chambers. The instructor said to “use all the tricks necessary to make the sale, ignore the question, insult the questioner, ridicule him, change the subject or just hold up a picture of beautiful teeth (not fluoridated ol course) and say that fluoride is harmless and makes the mosi beautiful teeth you can imagine; some will believe it.”


Medical doctrine states that “It is unlawful for a doctor or anyone else to prescribe or treat another person who is in full possession of his mental faculties, who objects to and refuses such treatment.”

Sodium fluoride is a prescription drug.


The ten city council members who voted to add fluoride to the city water supply have illegally prescribed, and intend to force dangerous medication (a proved poison) on all 3,000,000 citizens in this city. (8,000,000 in Los Angeles County.) This long-term drug program has been initiated without diagnosis and without consideration for the individual differences and weaknesses, allergies or inability to handle this dangerous, even deadly poison, they have prescribed. They have not asked permission of the people to prescribe and treat them, and they do not have a medical license to prescribe and treat. I know of many qualified drugless doctors who were sent to prison for helping people recover, with health diets and with no drugs or harmful substances. They did not have a medical license to treat, so they were sent to jail. These ten councilmen are dealing with a dangerous drug. When will they be sentenced, fined and imprisoned?

They have violated our constitutional rights which guarantees protection of person and property; and they have violated the medical statues of prescribing, treating and practicing medicine without a license. They are lawbreakers subject to the penalty fitting a crime of such enormity.

fluoride.jpg (24217 bytes)


Extensive research has been done showing the link between the increased cancer death rate in cities where the water has been fluoridated over a period of years. This data may be obtained in more detail from THE NATIONAL HEALTH FEDERATION — P.O. Box 688 — Monrovia, Calif. 91016.

The same information was published in a WHEN MAGAZINE dealing with world health and ecology, Vol. 6:7— page 8— (35c), P.O. Box #1, Palm Springs, Calif. 92262.

The article is titled DEFINITE LINK BETWEEN FLUORIDE AND CANCER DEATHS, by Dr. Yiamouyiannis. It contains five charts of official data similar to the chart reproduced on the preceding page. After studying these charts and the other information in the article, we can readily see that there should be no doubt whatsoever, that fluoride is a drastic poison and those who poison the public water supplies with it are killers and must be dealt with the same as any other willful murderers.