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View of the Cook Straight from Hawkins Hill, Wellington, New Zealand


To restore nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education,
research and activism.

To support organic farming, community-supported farms,
honest and informative labeling, prepared parenting and nurturing therapies

To establish a laboratory to test the nutrient content of foods

To harness modern technology as a servant to the nurturing traditions
of our ancestors, rather than as a force destructive to the environment
and human health, and to scientifically demonstrate the value
of those traditions.

To publish a quarterly journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming,
and the Healing Arts”, dedicated to exploring the scientific validation of dietary,
agricultural and medical traditions throughout the world

To advocate the legalistion of the sale of clean certified raw milk

To alert the public to the dangers of soy products, trans fats, “low fat” diets,
aspartame, fluoridation, and other government approved toxins

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this site map is a great place to start.

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Cook Straight Ferry in Wellington Harbour


To establish a local whole food network, allowing Wellingtonians access to a range of traditional foods, and to help other NZ regions to develop their own networks

To support and encourage local and NZ suppliers of whole foods and healing therapies, by promoting their products and services, and by creating local networks of distribution

To increase public awareness of the many ways that New Zealanders health, power, and freedom, are being stolen from us by media, government, medical, and commercial interests, and to fight back against misinformation.

To publicise the dangers of fluoride – the rat poison in our water and help bring about an uncontaminated water supply throughout Wellington

To promote the health benefits of coconut products such as oil, flour, and cream

To promote awareness of diets free of gluten, grain, casein, and starch for people whose health will benefit from them, and to develop whole food recipes for these diets

To encourage the development of New Zealand as a GE free, certified organic food supplier for the rest of the world, and to raise awareness of the vast
commercial potential this has for the NZ economy

To promote availability and supply of hard to obtain foods such as quality cod liver oil and coconut flour, and books such as Nourishing Traditions

 Although it’s hard to believe now, back in 1944 even the NZ Dept Of Health was recommending Cod Liver Oil, Sunshine, Liver, Kidneys, and Cheese


View of Mt Victoria, from Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand


Weston A Price’s classic book is available to read free online

Here is an excerpt from his chapter on New Zealand, where the Maori population went from having the best teeth in the world, to the worst, in less than 100 years, due to the introduction of the appalling diet of European settlers:

“In an examination of 250 Maori skulls from an uncivilized age, I found tooth decay present in only two skulls. The average incidence of tooth decay in the pre-modernised Maori was 1.2 %.

At the present time, (1937) we found that amongst Maori school children living under
European conditions, 95 % of them had decayed teeth.

In many districts members of the older generations revealed 100 % normally formed dental arches. The incidence of normally formed dental arches in the modernized groups ranged from 60% down to 0 %.”

“Since the discovery of New Zealand, the Maori have had the reputation of having the finest teeth and finest bodies of any race in the world. These faces are typical. Only about one tooth per thousand teeth had been attacked by tooth decay before they came under the influence of the white man”

“With the advent of the white man in New Zealand tooth decay has become rampant.
The suffering from decaying and abscessed teeth is very great in the modernized Maori”




Clean drinking water free of the toxins fluoride, chlorine, and aluminium, is available directly from the Petone Aquifer, Corner of Jackson and Buick Streets, Petone Wellington

A handy trick for filling up bottles at the Petone fountain is to stick a plastic card such as a Flybuys card in the side and you can leave it going and just swap over the bottles.




The same clean drinking water is also available from the Dowse Gallery Lower Hutt taps, 45 Laings Road Lower Hutt Wellington.

These outlets have the advantage of being faster flowing and if you put a heavy object such as a brick or a full container of water on the button, they will rapidly fill big containers.






(local pick up or delivery)

Commonsense Organics – organic groceries & produce

Moore Wilsons – quality groceries and produce

Organic Boxes – organic produce

Pet Essentials Porirua – raw meat petfoods

Urban Harvest – online groceries and produce

Wairarapa Eco Farm – organic fruit and veg


(nationwide distribution or delivery)



Breadman – organic bakery

Ceres Organics


Clearwaters Organic Dairy

Codoil – cod liver oil

Colloidal Health Solutions – colloidal silver and gold

Curds and Whey

Earthwise Gourmet


Eco Seeds

Gluten Free Goodies

Greenmonkey Baby Foods

Happy Pet – pet foods

Harmony Meats


I E Produce – organic and gluten free groceries

Karikaas Dairy Products

Koanga Institute

Le Gastronome – french foods

Macnut – macadiamia nuts

Mikes Organic Beer

Nature Foods – cod liver oil, probiotics, coconut oil, supplements

Ntolerance – gluten and allergy free foods

Ocean Organics – organic seaweed plant fertilisers

Omame Natto

Pacific Coast Macadamias

Pure Bread – organic and gluten free bread

Pure Wellbeing – health foods and other products

Richmond Plains Organic Wine

Wine Circle



Be Pure – Ben Warren, health and fitness consultant

Better Bods – Rachel Tomkinson, health consultant

Beyond Conformity – the vaccination scam exposed

Coconut.org.nz – information about coconut products

DietNet – Deb Gully, nutritional consultant

DietNet Pinterest Board – Deb’s recipe selection

EFT Net – Deb Gully, Emotional Freedom Technique therapist

Fluoride Free NZ

Gary Moller – health and fitness consultant

Super Maines – raw food cat breeder

NZ Journal Of Natural Medicine

NZ Where To Shop Page – the original Diet.Net shopping page

Sherry Elton – nutrition consultant in Southland

SIFT – Ian Gregson, exposing some cover ups

Uncensored Magazine – “think for yourself”

WAPF Wellington Chapter on Facebook


Coconut Research Centre

Corbett Report

Daniel Vitalis

Dr Mercola

Dr Sircus

Eden-Lea Ragdoll Cats

GAPS Diet Official site

Green Pasture

Kimberly Hartke

Kymythy Shultze

New Trends Publishing


Onibasu Nutrition Search Engine

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

Real Milk

Underground Wellness – Sean Croxton

Weston A Price Foundation

Weston A Price Foundation on Facebook

Whole Soy Story


These are some books we recommend

Allan, Christian & Lutz, Wolfgang – Life Without Bread

Blaylock, Russell – Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills

Braly, James & Hoggan, Ron – Dangerous Grains

Campbell-McBride, Natasha – Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

Campbell-McBride, Natasha – Your Heart Is In Your Mouth

Cowan, Thomas – The Fourfold Path to Healing

Daniel, Kaayla – The Whole Soy Story

Eisenstein, Charles – The Yoga Of Eating

Enig, Mary – Know Your Fats 

Fallon, Sally – Nourishing Traditions 

Fallon, Sally & Enig, Mary – Eat Fat, Lose Fat 

Fife, Bruce – Coconut Cures 

Gottschall, Elaine – Breaking The Vicious Cycle

Lipton, Bruce – Biology of Belief

Nagel, Ramiel – Cure Tooth Decay

Price, Weston A – Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Ravnskov, Uffe – Cholesterol Myths

Ross, Julia – The Diet Cure

Schmidt, Ron – The Story Of Milk

Schultze, Kymythy – Natural Nutrition for Cats

Schwarzbein, Diana – The Schwarzbein Principle

Tolle, Eckhart – A New Earth


Apricot Kernals

Caspian Sea Yoghurt / Matsoni / Villi

Cocoa Powder

Coconut Oil

Cod Liver Oil

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Free Range Eggs



Maple Syrup


Nut Butters

Olive Oil

Organic Beef / Lamb / Pork

Organic Butter

Organic Produce

Raw Cheese

Raw Milk

Raw or soaked nuts

Raw Cream

Unfluoridated Water


Young Coconut Flesh

Young Coconut Water


Aluminium cookware


Aspartame (Nutrasweet)

CAT Scans

Cell Phones (keep away from head and body)

Cell Phone Towers

Chemicals (all 80,000+ varieties)


Cordless Phones (keep away from head and body)



Fluorescent Light Bulbs


GM (GE) Foods

Irradiated Foods

Low Fat Foods


Medications (pain killers, statins etc – ie. drugs)

Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Microchips (carcinogenic in animals as well as humans)


MSG (aka “natural flavour”)

Pasteurised Milk (Homogenised and UHT are even worse)

Radiation (inc radiotherapy)

Soft Drinks (Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull, etc)



Sun Cream

Tap water (contains fluoride, chlorine, and aluminium)

Teflon cookware

Toothpaste (containing fluoride and vegetable glycerine)

Vaccinations (all types, including flu and tetanus)

Underarm antiperspirant (containing aluminium)

X-rays (including dental X-rays)