Is Pinterest evil?

Has Pinterest become another evil social media site like Fakebook?

As recently as not long ago Pinterest was just a cool place where I went to look at amazing pictures and collect them like downloaded movies in my own folders.

And sometimes I even posted a few of my own photos.


When I did a Steemit post about what media sites I planned to use in 2017, there were only five – My WordPress Blog, My WordPress Website, Steemit, Flickr and Pinterest.

My Pinterest page has 31 public folders ranging from Animal to USA (I don’t have a folder for zionists because they are not very photogenic), along with six private ones just for me.




But lately Pinterest have been adding bollocks I don’t want to see to my timeline. They call these atrocities “promoted posts”

Here is how to block the low life arse licking scum who do promoted posts.

Unfortunately, like flies to shit, sooner or later there is always another one, but at least I can have the satisfaction of swatting them off my feed one by one. (Pinterest allows you to block up to 1000 posters before they start unblocking the first ones)

First click on the profile of the numpty who posted the offending item at the bottom of their post.

This example is not actually a promoted post because I have blocked them all – it’s just a post by some complete tool…


Then click on their image to go to their profile page:


Next click on the grey flag icon:


Finally – now you can block the tosser! 


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