Steemit looks like the future of the internet – here is my first post


I have just been checking out Steemit, and I’m mostimpressed.

Here is a copy of my first post which is online here:

My new Steemit blog is here:

Check out Steemit here:


Introducing Myself

Hi, this is my first post on Steemit, I’m sussing out how it how it works – this platform looks awesome, and I’m keen to be a part of it.

My own website is here:

My name is Ian Gregson (AKA – SIFT666), and I like to take photos around Wellington, New Zealand, the very scenic place where I live

The person that got me interested in Steemit was James Corbett – – I follow his website to keep up with what time it is.

From this point I’ll just start posting what I learn as I go (hopefully for anyone else who wants to get started this may be useful):

The first thing I want to do is post pictures. Rather than uploading from my computer like on WordPress, on Steemit they seem to need to be posted as a URL. Most of my photos are already online, but for adding new ones I’ve just started an account with IMG SAFE – – this is my first photo I’ve posted on it:

To insert lines I’m just putting in a row of hyphens. (I like to break things up with either a line or a picture to keep ideas short and simple)

At this point I don’t know of any formatting options. But there is a good spell checker, and the preview appears below the editing area, immediately showing edits without having to save the post first to see how it will look, which is very handy (WordPress doesn’t do that)

It looks like there is a way to format using Markdown, but I haven’t sussed that out yet.

This is my Instagram account where I post framed edits of some of my photos

But I don’t seem to be able to display specific photos here – so I haven’t got Instagram links sussed yet, if it’s doable at this point.

I gather a lot of things on Steemit are rapidly evolving, so I’m guessing that many things will soon be doable.

Here is an example of one of the pictures I have on my Instagram account (actually that is one of the best ones and most of the others are not as good):

One of the main reasons I’m on this site is because I’m looking for uncensored information – the whole crypto currency aspect is totally new to me, so that is just an interesting sideline at this point.

Some explanation of why steem could overtake bitcoin:

To start a Steemit account you need to have either a Facebook or a Reddit account. These are both platforms I’m disillusioned with, but I’m glad I didn’t delete my Facebook account when I quit using it, or it would have been harder to set up a Steemit account. Apparently this requirement will change soon.

A few bugs – because Steemit is still a beta version, there seems to be the odd bug. One that has me perplexed is that while this post has worked perfectly, my second post which is a lot longer, won’t let me edit it. I’m wonder if there is a post size limit. As I can’t edit it, I can’t fix some typos, or shorten it, so I’m thinking I’ll need to re-post it.

As well as taking photos, sometimes I also knock out a bit of art like this painting:

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  ·  3 years ago

Welcome on board New Zealand

  ·  3 years ago

Welcome to steemit!

  ·  3 years ago

Nice photos!

  ·  3 years ago

Welcome to steemit.

It is awesome, you just need some time to get to know how things work around here.

  ·  3 years ago

Welcome! It’s just my second day here now, it’s pretty great! I hope that you like it

  ·  3 years ago

@sift666 Welcome, it’s my 4th day on Steemit. I was searching my way around the site my first few days, too. You can find plenty of help at Steemithelp in the search bar. Many users are happy to help if you have a question, just post it. Again, welcome aboard. ⛵️