Here in NZ we tend to think of ourselves as “not all that important” but NZ is a key test location in rolling out the globalist agenda, and any signs of “resistance” are being monitored closely and recorded in full. The information we share in emails, or on non encrypted chat, is going straight to government agencies, both local and overseas. We are constantly feeding them insider info, and we need to play smarter than that. 

After testing out various blockchain based platforms for over five years, (mainly Steemit and Hive) I’ve come to the conclusion that they are under attack from powerful insider accounts, and do not provide the sort of censorship resistance they were originally sold as offering. 

One of the things I want to make people aware of is the extent to which we are being monitored, and to get everyone using encrypted communication. All emails are all being monitored and recorded. A step worse are apps like Zoom and all the popular chat apps that are under constant tight surveillance.

At this point a platform that stands out to me is Bastyon, an uncensored social media platform that was originally developed under the name Pocketnet.


Recently it has been rebranded as Bastyon and has introduced several new developments. In the current climate of state censorship and surveillance it’s time as really come. 

Although previously seen primarily as a blogging platform, what it now offers is fully encrypted chat. And that may well turn out to be the really useful part. 

I would like to see everyone in the “resistance” using encrypted chat on Bastyon, but in order to do so they need to sign up for an account and get used to using the site. It is fairly simple, (much easier to use than Discord for example) but for a person who is unfamiliar with these types of sites there will be a few initial questions.

 Here is a full introduction: 

“Bastyon is an innovative social network and video sharing platform. Unlike the mainstream social networks, it is not ruled by a company. It is an open source project run by a team of developers and experts, and its scope is to provide a censorship-free platform where the freedom of speech is seriously respected”

See the rest here: 


I highly recommend reading the whole page – it is really interesting and inspires optimism that it is possible to create an uncensored social media platform.

My own account is here: https://bastyon.com/frot 

If you have any questions after you sign up, or would like to test out the chat, just click on “start chat” at the top of my profile page. 

And if you would like to see what the content on an uncensored platform looks like, check out the new posts feed here: 


It’s safe to say you won’t see that sort of content uncensored on Facebook! 

Any problems? The main one was that for a while there are so many new accounts signing up, the site is stretched to breaking point at times. The other is that it is coming under heavy attack from deep state bot accounts. So if there are problems loading, give it a few hours and try again. It is pretty resilient and seems to be getting stronger. The Gab website went through similar growing pains initially and is now very solid. 

I have much to learn about Bastyon, but at this point time is of the essence, and I think getting our communication off platforms like Facebook chat ASAP is important, so am just telling everyone to try Bastyon ASAP. 



I originally did this brief into post three months ago, and there wasn’t much in the way of details in it, so I need to move things along a bit…

Bastyon is a pretty big subject with many things to learn. I seem to keep finding useful information and then forgetting where I put it (the story of my life really). But when I add content to my blog posts, it often both helps me to remember where to find it again, and to learn it as I go. So I’ll start adding links and extra content to this post and update it as I go. (Hell, I did that with Steemit nearly six years ago and look how well that platform worked out!)

Here is some more info about Bastyon:

This big post has all sorts of good info:

The Guide To Bastyon & PKOIN

“Welcome to the comprehensive guide to the crypto-monetized social platform Bastyon and their cryptocurrency PKOIN. We will cover every aspect of the platform and using the cryptocurrency in this tutorial”


Download the Bastyon app here:

“Download Desktop App – this is the most censorship resistant way to use Bastyon. Even if websites are shut down, the desktop application will still run directly through the nodes”



How to set up a NODE on Bastyon?


“What is a node? A node is a computer owned by any user of Bastyon that supports the network and EARNS Pocketcoin. Your computer can be one of those nodes, assuming you have at least 50 GB of free SSD space and a decent internet connection. Node has to lock some Pocketcoin in it to EARN more Pocketcoin. That is called staking in cryptocurency”

Full Node Setup Guide


This guide provides instructions on how to setup a compute node to support the PocketNet blockchain network and Bastyon decentralized social media app. PocketNet Core node operators are rewarded in the platform cryptocurrency, PKOIN, by participating in a process called staking, which generates new blocks on the blockchain. More detail about the PocketNet network can be found at the whitepaper here

The Bastyon social media site can be visited at https://bastyon.com