Vegas Shooting – Official Scenario Crumbling

Vegas Shooting: Official Scenario Crumbling and More False Flag Ops As Deep State Is Losing On Every Battlefront

The worst single shooter incident of all time in the US is fast turning out to be the worst false flag operation ever.

The forensic analysis and official narrative simply don’t add up.

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But what can we expect from the same people who claim that inexperienced Arab pilots were able to dive into the World Trade Center towers with pinpoint accuracy to pull them down?

More than one Vegas shooter; evidence builds Lone shooter? Really? And this is supposed to be more than a convenient fantasy?

Yesterday, I did a brief analysis of the number of people killed and wounded at the Vegas Concert (573) in roughly four and half minutes, which is the police estimate of the duration of the attack.

I mistakenly reversed figures. The correct conclusion would be: the lone shooter killed or wounded 2.1 persons per second. It is HIGHLY doubtful Paddock could have done that. His distance from the concert, his lack of professional skill, his state of mind, among other factors, rule against it.

Any competent and honest law-enforcement analyst would see a huge red flag right away.

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But of course, multiple shooters destroys the official narrative and opens the door to an investigation that could expose, for example, an intentional false flag operation.

Here is a piece of Jeff Rense’s analysis of rate-of-fire vs. people struck by bullets. It cuts to the core of the absurd lone shooter assumption:

“…a potential MAXIMUM of only 360 rounds could be fired at full auto burst with NO magazine changes in the approximate four minutes or 240 seconds of the shooting!”

“So, Paddock didn’t fire 360 rounds in 240 seconds because he had to stop and change magazines…probably 30 round mags. That would be THIRTEEN magazine changes
in the 240 seconds. And it is reported he fired from both broken out windows in the room/s.”

“Survivors state there were shooting pauses and that is when they would run.”

“Let’s say Paddock managed to get off an amazing 300 rounds in 4 minutes (or 240 seconds) and hit someone with EVERY ROUND.”

“Remember, there were 573 killed and wounded according to late statistics.”

“WHO, then, fired off the other full-auto 273 rounds also without missing a single shot ?!”

Another man who apparently has significant professional background re weapons has sent me his detailed analysis:

“There is NO WAY in hell that this inexperienced guy was able to hit 500+ people, at a down sloping range of approximately 250-350 yards using a make-shift weapon modified to shot automatically. Here are some reasons why, and you can check with other experts to verify my points.”

“1. It was dark and no matter how well lit, there are many shadows to hide in.

2. Simple a ‘sear’ (pronounced see-er) modification would have only permitted one entire magazine to shoot all at once with no select fire (being able to start and stop).

3. There are some devices (like AutoGlove and Bump Fire) that can simulate full automatic fire, but they cannot be used accurately or effectively.

4. Even if the shooter was able to somehow obtain a full normal functioning automatic rifle, anyone with military experience can tell you that the rifles are difficult to control when firing more than 3 round bursts – especially a .308 or AK47 type. This is because the rifle will uncontrollably rise if automatic fire is constant.

5. After the first 15 or so seconds, the crowd scattered and took cover.

6. I don’t have a count of how many pieces of empty brass (fired rounds) they have recovered, but knowing how many shots were fired compared to how many people were hit will tell you the hit ratio. If this guy did this in 20 seconds, we needed him desperately in Afghanistan!

7. To fire 500 aimed shoots and swap out magazines would have taken him about 15-20 minutes, and there is no way that each shot would have hit someone – more than likely would have missed.”

“To put in perspective…. Say a guy purchases an expensive bolt action rifle in .308 with a nice expensive scope. Without experience, someone would have to mount the scope for him and do a rough sighting in with a laser. This individual then takes this rifle to a range in broad daylight with no stress and using a bench rest and breathing techniques and all the time in the world and fires at a target 300 yards.

It is possible, but doubtful if that person could hit a large refrigerator at that range UNLESS they had LOTS OF PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE. For every 1 minute (1/60th of a degree) of angle change at the rifle, the bullet would vary by 3 inches at 300 yards. For this untrained guy to be wildly shooting with a high heart rate at nighttime? Well, bullets would be going everywhere!”

I fully understand that the estimates of 573 killed and wounded, and the police statement that all the shooting took place in four and half minutes, may be off. These figures may not be precise.

Nevertheless, they are a good and proper starting point. And even allowing for later adjustments, the evidence for multiple shooters and against a lone amateur like Paddock is stunning.

So why won’t law-enforcement take notice?

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Because, in certain cases with great consequences, the overall agenda and the direction of an investigation are set from offices far higher than the positions of the actual detectives and agents on the scene.

“This is what we want to know. Only this. Everything else is off limits.”

But it’s not off limits for us.

More False Flag Ops As Deep State Is Losing On Every Battlefront

The script has been overused for some time, but as madmen they are, they must continue to unleash their MK-ULTRA assets whenever there’s a need to sway public’s attention away from the multi-pronged offensive against their well-built institutions of dominance.

The Mandalay Bay casino active shooting today comes right after ISIS claims responsibility for the Marseille knife attack that killed two people.

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This is the new normal as the Deep State is hemorrhaging financially, and losing power and influence globally:

90% of Catalonia residents have expressed in no uncertain terms that they will sever their allegiance from the Spanish Empire, more so after the disproportionate fascist crackdown yesterday;

Citibank is packing and preparing to move out of Russia. Goodbye fiat dollar;

Turkey is about to switch on its Russian-built nuclear power plant. Turkey doesn’t need NATO anymore, says Erdogan;

Federal Reserve CEO Janet Yellen is on the way out;

Spanish police crackdown on Catalonia referendum

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After they have raided the Russian Embassy in the US, the Deep State US Congress is now aiming for RT America shutdown. Fake news media must have no competition. Likewise, Google’s Perspective API filtering will take good care of the alternative online media.

Today, mainstream financial experts are also being puzzled as to why your paychecks aren’t growing as the economy. They point to “recession hangover” as one probable cause.

5. Could this be a Recession Hangover?

That’s almost certainly part of the problem. The 2007-2009 recession put millions out of work. When people finally landed jobs again, they took whatever pay was offered.

Businesses got used to keeping wages low during the crisis and are now reluctant to give bigger raises, even though the labor market is tight and they complain they can’t find enough workers.

Economists hope this will change as more unemployed people find work or start quitting to get better-paying jobs. Still, it’s clear that other trends are also in play, including globalization, technological innovation and the steady march of demographic change.

6. How do Globalization and Technology Factor in?

Over the past few decades, increasing trade and the establishment of global supply chains led to more competition from low-cost countries, such as China, especially in manufacturing.

With their jobs at risk, there was less room for American workers to ask for higher pay. Technological advances also made it easier for machines to replace workers, especially for routine and repetitive tasks. Artificial intelligence is even threatening Wall Street jobs.

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The truth is simply that the US government has been kicking the empty can for so long and its creditors have been pulling the ropes around its neck until it stops being the perennial bully to the rest of the planet.

There’s now a covert negotiation to establish a US National Bank, with the help of China, purposely to finance Donald Trump’s infrastructure projects. That’s the reason why the Federal Reserve is about to close down its fiat dollar manufacturing and distribution worldwide.

Janet Yellen and cohorts in the Babylonian monetary scam

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Only gold-backed and resource-denominated currencies will be honored in the foreseeable future. These are just some of the reasons why the West needs to endure more false flag operations as we go along.

The Western population must never know what’s going on with the rest of the world, i.e. how the resistance movement is gaining ground, day by day, against the empire.