Much as I’d like to get carried away and do a great big web page with hundreds of links, pimped out with pictures and memes and video previews, right now we need a quick way to share content that can be easily copied and pasted across different platforms and front ends, as well as shared by email. Something easy to copy and paste, that we can update and replicate as fast as it is censored. This information already is being censored, and censored hard. But we now have a tidal wave of new information exposing the corona hoax, arguably the biggest mind programming psyop in human history.

This is Version 1 (August 2021) – to get the ball rolling – For anyone wanting to learn more about the corona hoax, here are some recommended websites and posts, in alphabetical order:



AMAZING POLLY – Polly St George covers Agenda 2030, lockdowns, covid, and more

C 19 VAX REACTIONS – Actual adverse vaccine reaction stories

CORBETT REPORT – James Corbett’s research, podcasts, interviews, articles and videos 

CORONAHOAX LINKS – Frot’s collection of corona bookmarks on Raindrop

Northern Tracey – Proteins, Spikes, and Bio-weapons

Dwinblood – I could wait no more – Vaccines, isolates, and mandates…

Northern Tracey – What are people dying from?

FROT (NZ) – The flu renamed every two years is still the flu

SIFT (NZ) – Coronahoax Image Galleries

SPSG (NZ) – Interviews with NZ covid vaccine victims (coming soon)

Viruses Are Not Contagious