Is Steemit buggered?

I sort of lurk on Steemit too and check out what my Steemit friends say about stuff. This week it’s all about hardfork 20 – opinion ranges from “everything is fucked and I’m going to Weku”, right through to “this is the greatest advancement in the history of blockchains”.

I HAVE NO IDEA, BUT I WILL SAY THIS: When the original Honda CR 250 came out in 1981 a bunch of people said it was crap. It went on to be the winningest bike of all time. Sometimes things take time.

“The 1981 Honda CR250R leaped years ahead – in fact, it was too advanced. It was a little too much too soon”

Now here are some photos I took of strangers – I have no idea how their days are going, but I’m not too worried, it’s all beyond my control…

by frot (67)


nice sunny day up here – fork u
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Nosey fucker you. :p


The yz 465 was smiles more fun in 1981.


frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

Metal tank, air cooled, and mono-shock – get with the plot!

I never liked the little mx bikes, I rode the montesa as you know, the yz, and shared a maico with my best mate, we swapped bikes some weekends.



frot (67)  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I had a mate with an 82 YZ490 – Jesus it was fast (he won the NZ beach racing champs on it) – but so frigging heavy!

They handled compared to my Montesa, the monty just goes in a straight line at silly arm wrenching speed.


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