Here in New Zealand tourist season has just started, and as well as the usual constant stream of planes landing, there is now a multitude of giant cruise liners coming into the harbour.

This is a photo I took yesterday on our back lawn, of our weedy old chimney (It’s so 1928, but we never use it because we have air con), along with a cruise liner and plane.

What do tourists do? – They take selfies! And hopefully they also spend lots of money buying toy kiwis and sheepskin rugs.

Thankfully NZ has a natural boarder wall Рwe have thousands of kilometers of sea in all direction, with Australia being our closest neighbour at over 4000k away, (apart from six small island countries  ranging from 1450k to 3700k away РNorfolk Island, New Caladonia, Fiji, Vanatu, Solomon Islands, and Tavalu) and if any Aussies make it here we can tell them to bugger off back home Рunless they are tourists, in which case we can be nice to them for a few days.

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