How To Enable Your Body To Self-Repair From Virtually Any Disease

How You Can Restore Your Health And Enable Your Body To Self-Repair From Virtually Any Disease Or Affliction 

This article contains the key points from two interviews with Clive de Carle on the Cosmic Voice channel on Blogtalk Radio.
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The notes below were taken from the two Blogtalk radio shows featuring Clive which may be streamed online or downloaded from here and here.

About Clive

Clive de Carle is an acclaimed speaker in the field of natural health and longevity. A former organic farmer, for over 20 years he has worked in health performance optimisation, providing cutting edge dietary consultancy and enabling thousands of clients to reverse the signs of illness and regain optimum health.

Clive now holds his own events, speaks at many natural health and innovative events. He hosted The Health Revolution Show and interviews Health and Healing experts from around the world. Clive holds weekend workshops regularly visit his website and see the events page for all details of his talks.

Clive’s passion for natural health was triggered initially by a major health crisis in 1986.

A healthy man of 33, Clive was prescribed a course of antibiotics by his doctor for a skin condition, which left him hospitalised with Type 1 diabetes and advanced rheumatoid arthritis with no hope of a cure. With the doctors unable to help, Clive sought out a cure himself using nutrition and within one year Clive found he had completely reversed the arthritis.

Clives passion is helping people regain their health naturally, he see’s clients whenever he can, in person or via skype. If you’d like a consultation with Clive or you’d like to come to one of his events please contact him.

Some Truths About Disease

The flu is caused by a lack of vitamin D in Winter. There is no such thing a ‘flu season’ – that is marketing hype.

The human brain is made from water, fat and cholesterol. Low fat / low cholesterol / low salt diets are deliberately misleading, they will harm you and will eventually cause Alzheimers. Six tablespoons of coconut oil a day will cure Alzheimers as the fats allow the body to repair the brain.

There is no such thing as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol – this is disinformation. Your brain is largely made of cholesterol and this also is used by your body as a bandage for arteries.

Poisoning from Glyphosate (Roundup) can be reversed by taking brewers yeast.

A Russian scientist has proven that using frequency, GMO seeds can be reverted to their original non-GMO form.

People are told that their family history and genes determine whether they are susceptible to heart attacks or certain diseases – but much of this is programming. Any gene-based type of disorder can be eliminated by ensuring optimal health as described here.

90% of pharmaceutical drugs do not work on 60% of people – and this data came directly from an industry insider.

If Doctors know a cure for something they are under no legal obligation to tell you. 80% of Doctors would not take chemo, but they must recommend it to you for if they do not they will be struck off.

The ‘normal’ Doctors job is not to save your life but to put you on a treatment.

There are only 3 reasons why the human body becomes ill:

1. Physical damage, such as a car crash

2. Toxic poisoning

3. Nutrient deficiency

Nobody gets ill from a lack of pharmaceutical drugs, so how can these drugs ever be the answer?
(other than in a few cases).

Emergency Room (ER) medicine is very different from ‘normal’ medicine. ‘Normal’ Doctors can offer you drugs, surgery or radiation. They cannot give you nutritional advice and their training is shaped in such a way as to avoid anything that will really work. Their study only includes half a day on nutrition.

If you go into an ER, their job is to save your life. The ER Doctor uses Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) injections to stop heart attacks and strokes. ER Doctors know this trick but normal Doctors are not taught this, because a patient cured is a customer lost.

Ask a Chiropractor or an Osteopath: Can you cure Arthritis? If they say no they are useless.If they say yes they might be useful. Ask them if they do post-surgery cases as these are the most difficult ones. The nervous system is most often ignored by the mainstream medical apparatus.

Various Diseases & Cancer

If you are having problems with allergies you are most likely low in vitamins and minerals – you might be low in what is termed as “normality’. If you take fulvic minerals you might find this takes care of the issue alone.But it also could be the processed nature of the food that you are used to, it could also be the pasteurisation of dairy foods that you are used to.

It has been proven that many viruses may be defeated by high doses of Vitamin C alone. Add to that Colloidal Silver, Selenium, MMS and Iodine, if you start piling one thing on top of another you could walk through a Leper colony kissing and hugging people and be fine.

If the germ theory were true Doctors would be dropping like flies. It is about how healthy you are, not about the viruses.

The founder of German New Medicine was an Oncologist who canvassed his 20,000 patients to come to the conclusion that there are reasons why certain people develop cancers in certain parts of their bodies and it is quite often linked to a life trauma. He also noted that there are some parts of the body that just do not get cancer, such as the heart.

3BP: 3 Bromopyrovate – Goes into the cancer cells and turns the Mitochondria off which is the energy system of the cells and so cancer cells die 100% of the time.

And so it’s not “is there a cure for cancer”, because there are hundreds of them, it’s “which one?”

But, in the first week after a cancer diagnosis the chances of the person dying of a heart attack go up 25% because of the shock.

All of the charities that are begging for money to find a cure for cancer, they are not looking for a cure, they are looking to further line the pockets of the Pharmaceutical industry – and they are looking for a treatment, a drug that makes you feel a bit better while you die.

High doses of Vitamin C have cured cancer.

We are interested in health; and health by definition means that you are not ill.

Must-watch interview: Oncology nurse quits after discovering nutrition heals cancer

Restoring Health

What Clive recommends is that people learn how to be healthy again, because everybody is a self repairing unit.

Looking at a flock of birds or school of fish, and assuming that all the food they need is there – you can’t tell the young from the old. They all move at the same speed, and Human Beings left in the wild could also achieve that. If you put wild animals in captivity and change their food, they get the same diseases that humans get. If you cut your finger and you are very healthy it will heal much faster than if you are not well.

To get your health back you need about 100 vitamins, minerals, essential fats, amino acids, sunshine and proper water. Seventy of them are in one product alone, which is real [celtic] sea salt.

Many people who have a problem with fat, especially around the belly find that when they take these supplements that because they are de-toxing and re-mineralising that the fat just drops off because the body no longer has to store toxins in fat anymore.

Anybody who is not feeling 100% has to look at whether they are physically damaged, toxically poisoned or nutritionally deficient. Most people will be able to answer yes to the last two.


They call it Celtic salt, it is the natural grey wet stuff that amongst many other things normalises blood pressure. It is a very good starting point for restoring health as it contains many helpful minerals and trace elements.

Supermarket table salt is bleached and is no good for you. Rock salts are nowhere near as good for you as Celtic salt.

Your body is self regulating, you know exactly how much salt you want on your food. Forget everything you have been told about salt, they were probably lying or ignorant.

Salt is good for you and you can put a pinch of it in water to make it softer, easier to drink and much more hydrating to the cells, as the salt changes the structure of water.


Magnesium is like the opposite of Calcium, and is very good for arthritis. Magnesium spray used on sore or inflexible joints will work in 5 minutes. Magnesium carries oxygen to all of your cells.

A deficiency in Magnesium by be notes by symptoms such as muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, eye twitches, and anxiety, hiccups, panic attacks, heart attacks, cancer and strokes.

A stressed person burns up 3 times more Magnesium and Vitamin C that an unstressed person.

Magnesium is not best taken internally because too much will move the bowels – and so a Magnesium deficiency will cause constipation.

Calcium cause muscles to contract which Magnesium causes muscles to relax. Magnesium helps over 300 emzyme processes in the human body and it also relaxes you. Magnesium Chloride baths help with getting good sleep. People taking a Calcium supplement may want to consider stopping this as they may be getting too much Calcium.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin C is the answer to every virus because no virus can survive a high enough dosage of Vitamin C. It has been tested on everything from Anthrax, to TB, to Smallpox to Pneumonia, Mumps, Measles, Scarlet Fever and Dyptheria.

Everything they give you a vaccine for can be overcome with Vitamin C. This as been known for about 60 years and has been deliberately obscured and not taught to Doctors. This knowledge would be very bad for business.

High doses of Vitamin C have also cured cancer and helped to repair eyesight. With the prevalence of pharmaceutical drugs in recent decades, pretty drug reps with clever sales pitches have fooled Doctors (who know no better) into pushing drugs that cause more harm than good in most cases.

You should also take a good Multivitamin which contans Selenium and Zinc, along with a good multi-mineral. Minerals are just as important as vitamins.

If you are buying vitamins from the supermarket then you are pretty much wasting your time and money as they will be synthetic.


Doctors once had a much higher success rate using easily accessible, cheap materials. About 100 years ago Iodine was used as the great cure-all. Iodine is all about intelligence, IQ, proper hormonal balance, adrenals and glands.

A lack of Iodine causes thyroid issues and in pregnant mothers, will reduce the IQ of the baby. Many people who have brain fog find that Iodine helps this lift.

Iodine is a great protector against radiation.

Organic Sulphur / Methylsulphonyl Methane (MSM)

Organic Sulphur (Sulfur) is another essential that is missing from out food chain because of chemical fertilisers.

Among many other things Sulphur is helpful in tumour reduction because it binds with heavy metal toxins and allows the body to expel them.

Sulphur helps a range of things including eyesite, erectile dysfunction and the healing of scar tissue.

Onions, garlic, brocolli and cauliflower are good food-based sources of sulphur but in low quantities

Fulvic Minerals

On top of everything else we need soil-based plant-derived minerals and the best way to get these are by way of Fulvic minerals. These come from the earth and a few drops taken in water will make you feel years younger when you wake up the next day. People have reported many positive benefits from taking Fulvic minerals, including the elimination of morning sickness.

If you are craving sugar or chocolate, it is most probably because you are low in chromium. The Fulvic minerals give you the trace elements that are missing from processed foods and that have been filtered out of water because you can’t mix Chlorine with these minerals and Chlorine is present in tap water.

People who take the Multiminerals and Fulvic minerals notice that apart from having more energy that their apetite normalises.

Other Recommendations

Probiotics are also important because of the damaged gut we all have from chlorine in water and the use of antibiotics – which have also made their way into the water supply.

The best way is to fix the gut, because many people have a flora issue because of taking Pharmaceutical drugs or from too much Chlorine from tap water, and they have damaged their gut lining. This can be fixed by giving their stomach a rest from these things for a while and by using probiotics to restore their stomach lining to normal.

If you are over 40 then digestive enzymes are good to take as well because as we get older we tend not to digest food so well. These are taken just before meals.

People are enjoying incredible results in restoring their health, for example there is a product made from two types of egg plant that cured 96% of skin cancers in 85,000 people tested in Europe.

gcMAF is one of the most important revelations – it was discovered 24 years ago. It is a substance that is manufactured in the liver and it has been determined that if a person has a disease such as cance that it wipes out gcMAF.

European clinics that are using the gcMAF treatment are getting 84% success rates in reversing stage 4 cancer in patients, with an average tumor size reduction of 25% – 40% in one week. It is taken as a probiotic supplement and also by way of intramuscuar injection and sepository.

gcMAF re-starts the immune system and allows the body to heal itself. The treatment is also bringing 25% of Autistic children out of Autism, and so combined with other Autistic protocols there is much hope for these children to recover.

gcMAF is also helping with a range of other ailments including Alzheimers and Arthritis. The reason it works with so many ailments is because it is not about the illness, but the patients lack of health. gcMAF ‘switches health back on again’. gcMAF is expensive but it is very powerful and very fast acting.

30 years ago the Russians began experimenting with Peptides and in many cases people have actually been able to re-grow limbs that were cut off, including fingers with the nail.


Eating something with an ‘organic’ sticker slapped on the side of it doesn’t mean a thing. Clive notes that he was an organic farmer for 9 years and what he saw going on was terrible. That label was virtually meaningless. The definition of ‘Organic’ has been diluted to such a degree that the farmer can get away with most things and you are not going to know about it.

Crops can be grown organically in ground that is completely devoid of minerals, so the plant may look alright and not have been sprayed with chemicals but are you going to get any nutritional benefit from it?

With all of the hybridisation that has gone on we are eating unbalanced food. So many fruits and vegetables sold now are seedless – how can they possibly be any good for you?


In some places the water supply comes from recycled sewage and this should be avoided. Each year the remnants of prescription drugs that cannot be removed from the water are cycling around and around and getting stronger over time.

Distilled water is very good but it is unbalanced and so you should at least put a pinch of Celtic salt into it, as while the additives and impurities are removed – on an energetic level the water is dead.

Reverse osmosis treatment has the same issue as distillation although the RO process is quieter and less expensive to run than distillation.

The ‘Miracule’ system is excellent but it is very expensive. In addition to cleansing the water it also provides powerful Homeopathic advantages.

An interesting test was carried out on Homeopathy in Cuba where two million people were given a Homeopathic treatment for a disease that is common in the rainy season. They proved beyond a doubt that Homeopathy works as hardly anybody who had been treated as a preventative got the disease.

Bad Food

The fast food industry and cat / dog food industry have known for decades that if they remove minerals from food, the body on a subconscious level says “that food was empty, I must have another one”. The moment the minerals are back the cravings end.

The cheese used in fast food burgers has been formulated to such a degree that they have manipulated the Cacine so that it is as powerful from an addictive perspective as heroin.

Many people have left fast food out for months or years and it still looks the same. Bacteria and fungus won’t attack it because it’s not real food. It simply won’t decompose.

The problem with modern grains and carbohydrates is not to do with gluten so much but the fact that the farmers are under so much pressure to produce the cheapest bread ingredients no matter what, that they are spraying Glyphosate (Roundup) onto the crops about a week before harvest. This kills the wheat and forces the remaining nutrients into the seeds – along with the toxic chemicals.

The modern grains are not healthy and are very addictive. It’s not fat that makes you fat but carbs that make you fat.

Gluten is not really the problem. Our ancestors were not allergic to Gluten and so it is a new thing. It’s not the Gluten but what is being done to the wheat. The Gluten free thing is just a con and they have probably used some nasty method to get rid of the Gluten – and so there is no guarantee that it is even going to help.

In bars they provide peanuts because they make you thirsty and so you drink more. In restaurants they give you bread because they know it will give you a raging hunger. There is nothing good in the bread and so your stomach tells you that you need more food.

Cut out the breads and the biscuits and the pies and the rice and pizza and the pasta for a while and see how your weight responds.


The Nobel prize was won by Otto Warburg in 1931 for showing the cause of cancer. He showed that if you take a normal cell and deprive it of oxygen, it becomes cancerous. It changes from breathing oxygen (being aerobic) to utilising, metabolising glucose (which is anaerobic).

Of course, this is not taught in medical school. Neither do they teach the revelations about Magnesium or Iodine – because that wouldn’t be good for business. Of course talking about reversing or curing cancer is illegal.

The average patient cost for Allelopathic (mainstream medicine) treatment is about $US300,000.

Everyone has cancerous cells in their body and cancer occurs in every person about 6 times in a lifetime. So in going to get tested for cancer, there is a pretty good chance they will find it. But would you have died from it? Many people will have had cancer a number of times and survived it without even knowing they had it.

Everything we have been told about cancer is wrong. Which is more clever? Your body that handles about 4,000 quadrillion actions each second, or a Doctor?

The Doctor tells you your body has gone wrong – “we know better than your body and we are going to override your body’s natural systems” effectively.

When your body develops a cancer, is it a bad thing or is it protecting you from something worse?

The Doctors, in saying they are going to remove a lump is like taking your car to the garage and the mechanic saying “we have found the problem, it is a red light on the dashboard and we are going to remove the red warning light from the dashboard”. Now the cancer is cured?

They are assuming that the body did not know what it was doing. You might have some very dangerous toxins in your body which could have come from vaccines, food, air etc. The body can’t excrete them because they are modern chemicals and the body has no pathways to get rid of them. What’s it going to do?

Well what would an Oyster do? If an Oyster has a grain of sand in it, so they say, it coats the grain of sand in a Pearl so that its not an irritant anymore.

What if the body locks up the toxins in a tumour and parks it away somewhere. If you carry on taking on more and more toxins, then that tumour is going to grow. If you get rid of the toxins that tumour will have a chance to shrink.

But the Doctors know better and they want to do a biopsy, which involves rupturing the tumour with a large needle. This is madness, because this action spreads the very toxins that the body was trying to encapsulate. So the Doctor says “we have to cut it out”, and they give you poisonous drugs and irradiate you – everything will be fine.

The medical establishment have waged war on cancer – they have declared war on your body. This is NOT the way to heal any body – to cut it, burn it, poison it – declare war on it.

You need to nurture your body back to becoming well again, and this is why detoxification is so incredibly important. You have to assume that your body would not go wrong on you or let you down, it’s doing the best it can in order to survive.

By putting the minerals, vitamins, essential fats and essential amino acids in (which are the sum total of what we need to have perfect nutrition and therefore perfect health) you can love cancer away.

There may be people that say, oh but cancer can be caused by a virus, or a fungus or a bacteria and these observations are also true. But to understand the nature of healthy you need to understand it from the cellular level.


Candida is a fungus and a fungus survives by consuming dead things. Without Candida you would be dead, we need it as an integral part of our system. When the natural gut flora are damaged by toxins the Candida begin to take over and so balance needs to be restored.

If you have too much Candida it is happening for a reason. A Doctor will say “you have too much Candida, lets knock it out”. But if you have a lot of Candid there must be a lot of dead stuff for it to eat, some inflammation is going on leading to cell death. Also, if you are eating too much sugar or too many carbohydrates, processed foods; the Candida is going to be having a field day and you are going to feel ill. There is a huge link between Candida and cancer.

A tell tale sign that you have too much Candida is if you have a white or yellow coating on your tongue.

There are many things that can cause Candida overgrowth – but they all mean you are toxic. It can be as simple as a mercury filling. With mercury present, Candida levels can be 6 times normal and so it can be a sign of heavy metal poisoning.

Candida overgrowth can also be caused by the body being low on minerals and vitamins and so your body’s detox pathways can’t function properly. It can also be caused by a lack of exercise and sweating which is another way the body gets toxins out. A lot of people are being poisoned because they are not getting enough exercise and their lymph system is not moving.

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Health Restoration Packages

The reason Clive started a supplement company is that he had investigated the raw materials that most vitamin companies were using and found that about 98% of these companies were using the cheapest ingredients, as opposed to the best ingredients. The products that Clive sells are of the highest quality, which also makes his job easier as people don’t come back and complain.

Clive has formularised all of these supplements and in addition to many individual products, has two packages available via his website They are the ‘Health In A Month Pack‘ and ‘The Essentials Pack‘.

Everyone who takes either of these packages will notice a difference in one month, more energy, clearer thinking, no colds or flu. Once you remember what it is like to feel properly healthy again, you will be hooked!

With these combinations you are giving your body everything it needs to self-repair again. ‘The Essentials Pack’ is more expensive as it contains more products.

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This article contains the key points from two interviews with Clive de Carle on the Cosmic Voice channel on Blogtalk Radio, from November 9 and November 30, 2014.