Frequently Asked Milk Questions (FAQ)


Where can I find information about raw milk?

For a wide range of info about raw milk see

There is also a lot of good info on the main Weston A Price site:

Where can I buy raw milk?

Unusual sign advertising raw milk on a Pennsylvania farm.

We are forced by legislation to avoid publicising raw milk sales in NZ. Contact your nearest WAPF representative for further information – you can email us at

Where can I buy raw cheese?

It is available from the LeMarche shop in Thorndon, and they sell online too

Where can I buy organic butter in Wellington?

It comes in 25kg blocks from the suppliers, so we buy it from Commonsense Organics, and leave cutting it up to them (for the amount of work involved in cutting it up into useable sized chunks it’s worth it)

But note that this is butter made from pasteurised milk. At this time we don’t know of anyone retailing raw organic butter.

Are there any farms selling raw milk directly?

There are more farms selling direct to their customers around NZ now, such as Village Milk and Taupo Raw Milk



For more information, email us at