Some life changing pages on this website


Some of the most important pages on this website.

This site has around 400 pages and it pulled in well over 10 million hits last year. The traffic is growing rapidly, and it will soon be up over a million hits a week. But it’s safe to say that popularity and life changing content do not always go hand in hand.

10 million sounds pretty mind boggling, but in reality, more than half of those hits were bots, and most hits literally last less than the blink of an eye.

That does hopefully still leave a few million human visitors who stay long enough to actually see something, even if it’s only long enough to think “what is this crap” and hit the back button.

So I started thinking, which pages can I recommend as having potentially life changing information?

Some of the pages are here purely to pull in traffic, some are for entertainment, some are attempting to expose corruption, and some are here to show off my own stuff. But I think there are some pages here with content that could be life changing.

If for example you have a life threatening disease, finding out how to reverse it, is pretty important. So, ignoring popularity (sorry, that is going to wipe out all the porn pages), here are what I believe are some potentially life changing pages on this site – hopefully there are more, but here a few to get started with:

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BREAD – Widely promoted and consumed, but certainly not a good food to be eating

CONSPIRACIES – an overview of many of the con jobs widely promoted and believed at this point in time

FLUORIDE – Yes, our water supply is being poisoned, and no it’s not being done for the good of our teeth

FOOD 101Some Basics Of Eating Well (very different to mainstream misinformation)

GLOBAL WARMING – Seeing that this is all a con can be a foot in the door to understanding social programming

INCLINED BED THERAPY – This free and easily arranged therapy can help with a wide ranges of illnesses

MILK – If it’s pasteurised or homogenised, avoid it like the plague, Real milk is raw.

NIGHTSHADES – Problems caused by eating nightshades are very common

VACCINATIONS -Potentially lethal and totally ineffective

VITAMIN C – Taking a large enough dose in the right form can reverse many diseases, including cancer