The course is composed of the following 15 lessons. It is suggested you do one lesson a week, but it’s up to you how you fit it best into your timetable.

1. Breakfasts
2. Snacks for the lunchbox
3. Drinks
4. Breads, pancakes and pizzas
5. Stocks, soups and seasonings
6. Raw vegetables and salads
7. Baking
8. Meat, fish and vegetables
9. Grains, legumes and vegetarian dishes
10. Raw meat and fish dishes, and organ meats
11. Sprouted and fermented foods
12. Sauces, dressings and chutneys
13. Desserts and suppers
14. Takeaways, eating out and parties
15. Tying it all together

There are also some appendices, with extra information on:

  1. Basic metabolic typing
  2. Food for infants & expectant mothers
  3. Gluten, grain or starch intolerance
  4. Dairy intolerance (and how to make butter and ghee)
  5. Egg allergies
  6. Weight Loss

Recipes are now marked as WF (wheat free), GF (gluten free), SF (starch free or low starch, may also be low carb), DF (dairy free), EF (egg free) or NF (nut free). These are indicative only, so if you need to follow a special diet, please read the appropriate appendix before starting the lessons.