Back in the day, having a blog on WordPress or Blogger was pretty cool. There were plenty of comments and views, and we had this idea we were helping to wake up the world to psyops like 911. But these days all those old school blogs seem like dinosaurs and nobody really gives a toss.

Like many people I struggle a bit with letting go of shit, even if it is long overdue. I’ve been blogging and doing websites in various forms since 1998 – starting with Frontpage 98 and moving on to Blogger, Dreamweaver, and WordPress, before discovering Steemit and Hive. So over the past 23 years I’ve knocked out thousands of posts and webpages.

There were times when my posts seemed fairly popular, and before the days of sites like Fakebook they actually used to get a bit of engagement. As recently as 2015 my blog was still getting up to 2000 hits a day. But then Google put paid to that by hiding it in all searches.

The internet was a new frontier in 98 and I learned a lot, and imagined we might be changing the world too. But by 2008 I could see that it was gradually turning into a cess pit of bullshit. That first 10 years of online education was enough to red pill me though, and by the time “911” took place I had a pretty good idea what had happened, who was behind it and what the agenda was. The only thing that really freaked me out was that so few people grasped what was going on. Just like the convid plandemic now.


All along, as well as a blog, I always thought it was necessary to have a “real” website with full length pages about specific subjects.

In 2016 I set out to fully update my website but never actually finished the job. I got distracted by a new blockchain site called Steemit. And for the past six years it’s been on my to do list. But the truth is, I can’t be arsed because nobody looks at it anymore.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a new plan: I’ll give up deluding myself that I’m ever going to update all my old webpages and just start posting my updated content on a new blog site. Start fresh again for 2022.

The big difference between a page and a post is that webpages constantly need updating. Each page is expected to be current. If you have a hundred or so pages, this is just an ongoing pain in the arse, and a website is never up to date.


That is the beauty of blog posts – they are snapshots from a time and place, and there is no implied promise that they will be kept up to date.

So that is why I have decided to give up trying to have an up to date website and just go back to posting all my content on a blog.

If nobody is looking at it, why have a blog on my own server at all? The main thing for me is that on my own site I don’t have to stick to anyone else’s standards – I can post stuff that is too controversial for most platforms, and just copy and paste anything I feel like. So it’s like my personal scrapbook, but posted online.

At the moment this new blog www.sift.co.nz is little more than a rough sketch but it’s safe to say I have no shortage of content to post, and as I go, I’ll also give it a clear out.

So that it doesn’t become a vast and time consuming job I’ll just going to add a few posts now and then as the mood strikes.