400x280_DebGully-1824This website has been compiled by Wellington GAPS practitioner Deb Gully.

She has been a nutrition consultant since 2003, and has been using the GAPS diet with clients since 2008. She also presents workshops introducing people to the principles of GAPS, and walking through how to get started.

She is co-owner (along with Ian Gregson) of Nature Foods, who are the NZ distributors of Dr Natasha’s books and Biokult, and stockists of other GAPS friendly products.

She also has a Recipe site with lots of GAPS friendly recipes.

For information about her GAPS and health coaching services, and information on her other sites, visit www.debgully.com

If you are a GAPS practitioner and want to be added to the Practitioners page, or would like to contribute other information to this site, email me on dietnet@frot.co.nz