Nature Foods is an WAPF / GAPS based business owned by GAPS practitioner Deb Gully & WAPF Wellington chapter Leader Ian Gregson. You can pick up from us in Kilbirnie, Wellington, or we courier nationwide. We stock many of the resources and foods you’ll need to do GAPS, including:

Bones for broth

Locally you may find something suitable from a local organic store, butcher, or even your supermarket. Remember that you’re looking for knuckle bones and marrow bones for nutrition and meaty bones for flavour. They may be labelled as soup bones or beef bones. If you can’t find other suitable bones, cannon bones for dogs are a good source of knuckle and marrow bones. You will need the butcher to chop it up for you.

Or try some of the online meat sellers like Meat Direct

Your local health or organic store is a good place to look for

  • Organic meats and produce
  • Supplements (refer to the Supplements page for brands) such as:
    • Probiotics
    • Digestive aids
    • Fish oils
    • Nut and seed oils

Online stores

Enema kits

Some people have asked about where to buy an enema kit, if needed during the Intro. I haven’t tried them, so can’t vouch for them, but these sound reasonable: