Catherine Garney isĀ holding regular GAPS Introductory workshops in Tauranga.

Deb Gully holds GAPS seminars in Wellington, as required. She occasionally holds seminars in other centres by special request, if a number of people are interested.

We recommend you either read the book or watch the video on your own first.

Then the workshops cover:

1. Getting started on GAPS. You already know what GAPS is, and why you need to do it. This is a “How To” workshop covering a step by step approach to getting started.

2. Preparing for the Intro. Although Dr McBride recommends everybody do the Intro diet (a temporary elimination diet), other practitioners have found that it’s not always necessary. Once you’re settled into the full GAPS diet, if you decide to do the Intro, this covers how to approach it, and some trouble shooting tips.

3. Dealing with the emotional side. I also recommend using Emotional Freedom Techique (EFT) or tapping to deal with any stress involved. I run regular “Intro to EFT” sessions, which can be done before starting GAPS, or during it.

Email me to put your name on the waiting list, if you are interested in any of these.

For other areas, contact your closest GAPS practitioner.

Details of upcoming workshops will be posted on the Facebook page at