Although eating the right food is vital for health, it’s also important to get some exercise.

But there are a lot of misconceptions about exercise and fitness out there. How often have you heard someone use the term ‘fit and healthy’? It is often assumed that the two go hand in hand – a fit person is a healthy person, right? Not necessarily….

If you don’t have a reasonable level of fitness, you won’t be fully alive and healthy. But you can be very fit, and not at all healthy. Partly this is because fitness is only one requisite of health, and the others might have been neglected. But also it can be that to be fit, or at the top of your field, you need to sacrifice other aspects of health.

So one of the topics we’ll be discussing in this section is Training, and Overtraining. Other articles to come will cover ways to stay active, have fun and maintain a reasonable level of fitness, without trashing your body.

Also to be covered is Sports nutrition. The diets we’ve talked about in other sections are diets for health, and are suitable for someone who exercises for health. But a competitive sportsperson has a much higher calorific and performance need and would need to modify their intake accordingly.

More discussion of athletes’ special requirements will be coming soon, as this section gets a complete overhaul and update.

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Training & Immunity