Places To Shop in NZ

Ideally, the majority of foods you eat should be real foods – organic, fresh, in season, locally grown or produced, nutrient dense and minimally processed (preferably in the traditional ways that maximise the nutrient availability). And you may have special needs of some kind that mean you’re looking for some specific foods. This list is designed to help you find what you need.

This site is in the process of being updated in 2016, but at this point, this page is an archive.

Please let us know any changes that need to be made – please email us if you can add to this list.

For more up to date information, see the WAPF Wellington Resource List


This listing should be read in conjunction with the NZ shopping guide and lists some good places to shop within NZ, grouped by region.

First places to try:

  • Farmers Markets – there are now a number of markets in NZ selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Some of these are true Farmers Markets selling produce grown locally by the stall holder – for a full list of these see the Farmers Market website. Other markets may be selling mass produced foods, and are not likely to be organic. However, they can still be a good resource.
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – This is where you enter into a relationship directly with the grower. See this article on the NZ Organic Food Directory for more info on how they work. At the moment, the only one I know of in NZ covers Wellington and the Wairarapa. Please email us if you know of others.
  • Your local supermarket may be better than you expect, depending on where you live. Items that are often available in NZ supermarkets are bolded on the NZ shopping guide.
  • Your local health food or organics store. Remember that health food shops, even the very best ones, still stock foods that are not whole foods, so you still have to check the label.
  • Your local deli, or the deli section of your supermarket, is likely to have quality foods, and may even have raw cheese
  • Asian food stores can be a good source of cheap spices, legumes, or foods you can’t find anywhere else (ghee, duck)
  • Try Pacific Island food stockists for young green coconuts or other coconut products (also see Quicklinks below)
  • Halal butchers sometimes have goat, to vary your meats, and this is now available in some supermarkets as well.
  • Trade Aid stores – a not-for-profit fair trading organisation, sell organic coffee & tea. Or order on-line at New Internationalist

Look under your region below, and also look under other regions for online shopping – suppliers marked ** offer mail order or online services, or have suppliers nationwide, and are also listed by category.

If you’re looking for Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon, some libraries around the country now have it. If yours isn’t one of them, put in a request to buy. Your local WAPF chapter leader (see below) may have stock, and I often stock it. You can also buy it from Nature Foods in Wellington, The Slim Shed in Invercargill, Fishpond, or direct from Amazon.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price can be bought from Amazon or direct from the Price Pottenger foundation.

Some traditional foods are not commonly available through commercial channels, and can only be found through contact with other users. Email your nearest Weston Price foundation representative for help in locating a local contact for, or if you can help with supply of:

  • Raw milk – Ideally, you can find a local farmer who will be willing to sell you high quality raw milk. We believe that it is currently legal to sell, on the farm, 5 litres at a time to an individual, for their own personal use, subject to NZFSA regulations.
  • Kefir grains (milk or water) – (kefir powder is now also available from Curds & Whey and some health food shops.)
  • Kombucha “scoby’s”
  • Caspian sea yoghurt (viili)
  • Other traditional foods

Weston A Price foundation (WAPF) contacts:

If your closest WAPF contact can’t help you, or you don’t hear from them within a week, then email DietNet – but please try them first.

If you still can’t find what you want, do a search in The Organic Directory or check out the Organic Register or the Organic Produce Exporters list.


It’s Healthy, The Plaza, Kaitaia. Ph: 09 408 2606.
~ Northernmost stockists of organic fruit, veges, supplements, wholefoods and much more.

Koanga Gardens , RD 2, Maungaturoto, Ph: 09 431 2732, Fax: 09 431 2745
~ A Charitable Trust dedicated the preservation of our Heritage seeds, and promoting bio-diversity. Heritage seeds available online to members.

**Mahoe Cheeses and Yoghurt (Mahoe Dairy Products), State Highway 10, Oromahoe, Box 429, KeriKeri, Ph/fax: 09 405 9681
~ Organic, GE Free dairy products. Stockists nationwide.

Mills Farm , R.D.2, Kaitaia. Email:
~ Our Manuka Honey and Bee Venom is collected from a pollution free farm in the Far North of New Zealand.

Waima Hill Beef, Ursula & Erwin Eisenmann, Waima Hill, R.D.3 Kaikohe. Ph 09 405 3833, email:
~ Waima Hill Organic Beef. All cuts of organic beef + lean sausages at affordable prices delivered to your door. Contact for price list.


Canaan Cheeses Ltd, Factory Shop: 119 Lansford Cres, New Lynn, Auckland. Ph: (09) 820 5555, Fax: (09) 820 5554, email:
~ A range of fresh soft, kosher, vegetarian, low fat cheeses. Available in selected outlets nationwide.

Ceres Lifestyle Store, 181 Ladies Mile; Ellerslie; Auckland. Ph: (09) 579 7126. Fax: (09) 525 5509. e-Mail:
~ Fresh organic produce, Organic grocery and bulk wholefoods, Kosher products, Natural – Skin, Body, Hair and Cosmetic products, Extensive herbal, homoeopathic & nutritional supplement range, Organic wine and beer, Eco and people friendly household cleaners, Dairy and gluten free alternatives, Qualified naturopath for in store consulting, Books on spirituality, sustainable living, dietary, anthroposophical, Steiner and environmental issues; Recipe books for those with allergies.

Curds and Whey, Ponsonby, Auckland, Ph: (09) 377 2965, Fax (09) 377 6595, email:
~ Cheese making courses and equipment, plus kefir powder. The specific Kefir culture is called XPL-1 which you use in conjunction with the pure yeast culture called Swing LAF-2. The first culture lasts a minimum of two years kept cool in the fridge or deep freeze but the yeast has a shorter shelf life. These cultures are specifically developed to make kefir, are non genetically modified and the modern equivalent of the original kefir grain.

Clevedon Village Farmers Market, Clevedon A&P Sale Yards and Exhibition Hall, Clevedon Showground, Monument Road, Clevedon. Sunday mornings 8.30am to 12pm.
~ Extensive range of fresh produce, meats, baking, seeds and more. From early 2008, limited supplies of NZ’s first fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese will be available exclusively here.

East West Organics, 374 West Coast Road, Glen Eden. Ph: 09 818 9524; email:
~ Auckland’s vegetarian, One Stop Organic Shop. Fresh produce, groceries, dairy, flour, grains, nuts, nutritional supplements, remedies, body care, “green” household products. Gluten-free, sugar-free, macrobiotic, vegan, raw food spoken here!

**Eco-Organics , 153 Ararimu Valley Rd, Waimauku, Auckland, Ph: 09 411-8466, Fax: 09 411-8467, email
~ P.Y.O. organic fruit & veges online, directly from the growers – The Mathesons. Other organic grocery items also available. Mainly deliver Rotorua to Northland, but can deliver elsewhere at extra cost. Also now supplying Jan’s Organic meat.

**Ecostore , 1 Scotland Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, Ph: 0800 432 678, Fax: 09 367 8577, email:
~ Natural skin and body care products, household cleaners, organic gardening goods, organic cotton sheets & towels. Vist the store, see website for retailers or buy online or by mail order.

**Huckleberry Farms Greenlane , 240 Greenlane Road West, Epsom. Ph: 09 630 8857, Fax: 09 630 8859, email:
& Harvest Wholefoods Grey Lynn, 403-407 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn. Ph: 09 376 3107
~ Organic meat, salmon, dairy, free range eggs, fruit, vegetables, beans, grains, dried fruit, nuts, flour, natural organic groceries, gluten free goods. Goods can be ordered over the phone and delivered nationwide.

**I.E.Produce , 1 Barry’s Point Rd, Takapuna. Ph: 09 488 0211, Fax: 09 488-0221, email:
~ NZ’s first Certified Organic Retailer. The freshest organic produce & the largest range of gluten free food available in NZ. Nationwide delivery of online orders.

Kapiti Fine Foods, 136-142 Fanshawe Street, Auckland, Ph: 09 377-2473, Fax: 09 377-9615, email
~ Kapiti Cheeses & Ice cream. Although not organic, they are made with full fat, natural ingredients. The ice creams are amongst the very few listed as Compromise on the shopping guide (the rest Avoid). Also available at supermarkets nationwide.

Lotus Magik Ltd, 25b Bute Road, Browns Bay, Ph: (09) 476 5412, Fax : (09) 479 5424, Freefax (NZ only) 0800 456 887
~ We provide over 2,000 pure, natural and organic products, including 100% pure essential oils, aromatherapy products, vegetable & carrier oils, massage oils and raw materials for aromatherapy, health, beauty treatments and products so you can manufacture your own soaps, creams, hair, face and body skin care.
~ We are also supplying Himalayan Crystal Salts and Lamps

**MacNut Farms , 914 South Head Road, R.D. 1, Helensville, Ph (09) 420 2853 or 0800 622 688, Fax (09) 420 2856, email
~ Fresh, raw macadamias. They also sell a delicious macadamia oil, which can be used in desserts or as a massage oil, and a range of cosmetics.

Masonic Tavern & Fine Wines Shops, 29 King Edward Pde, Devonport Auckland
0-9-445 0485, Email:
~ Organic beers: Emersons Organic Pilsner from Dunedin (uncertified), Founders Long Black and Tall Blond from Nelson (certified), Miners Green Fern organic Pilsner/Lager from Westport (certified).

The Mediterranean Food Warehouse, 32 Gaunt St, Auckland, Ph: 09 377 4704
~ Wide range of wholesale priced foods like tinned tomatoes & beans, olive and other oils, dry legumes, nuts, herbs & spices, frozen berries, cheeses, asian foods. Mostly not organic.

Naturally Organic, Unit 9, 125 Rosedale Road, Albany, Ph: 09 914 2026, Fax: 09 914 2027, email:
~ Organic & Natural Food Specialists. Top quality organic produce, allergy free foods & products, organic meats & chicken, natural body care products, Eco cleaning products, speciality breads. Online or fax orders throughout greater Auckland area.

‘Ntolerance Ltd, PO Box 532, Pukekohe. Ph: 09 238 2323, Fax: 09 238 2322. Email:
~ New Zealand’s only one-stop-shop specialising in allergen free foods. The right place if you’re searching for gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, soy free, yeast free, products low in sugar and so forth. The store in Pukekohe has a wide range of breads, muffins, pies, dairy free butter, yoghurts and so forth which are chilled or frozenso can only be bought from the shop. But everything else can be ordered online.

Organic Bakeworks , Henderson, Auckland, Ph: 09 837-5308, Fax: 09 837-5309, email:
~ 100% Organic Bakery. Range of fresh breads, cakes, vege pies & more, including gluten/ wheat free. Note that not necessarily whole foods. Retailed through local Organic health shops – check site for listing.

Organic World, 181 Point Chevalier Road, Point Chevalier, Ph: 09 845 3249, Fax 09 815 3533, Email:
~ We bring organics to the community. We provide not only fresh fruit and vegetables but have a wide selection of organic grocery items, cheeses, milk, spreads, cereals, dried fruits, nuts and pastas just to name a few. Organic World is also a stockist of quality household environmental cleaners, shampoos conditioners and supplements.

Pacific Trading Company Ltd, 49B McIntyre Road, Mangere Bridge, Ph: 09 634 8094, Fax: 09 634 8099, email:
~ Trading in Cook Islands 100% pure certified bio-organic Noni Juice

Tropical Fresh Ltd, 54A Tidal Road, Mangere, Ph: 09 275 5200, Fax: 09 275 8455, Email:
~ Tropical Fresh Limited was founded in 1995 as an Importer & Distributor of fresh ethnic produce into NZ. Gradually TFL has increased the import volume of ethnic produce and has continuously expanded business importing other types of fruits, vegetables, canned products, dry goods and frozen goods into NZ. Contact them to find your nearest stockist of young coconuts, or other ethnic produce. NB: These may not be the same as the young green coconuts available overseas.

Waiheke Organic Food, 20 Tahi Road, Ostend, Waiheke Island. Ph: 09 372 8708.
~ Full range of organic fresh produce, dried goods, meat, eco-cleaners & toiletries. Stockist of Ecostore, Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Giovanni and Trade Aid. Bread, cakes and lunch foods fresh daily.

West Lynn Meats, 440 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland. Ph: 09 376 1439.
~ Organic beef, lamb, pork, chicken, venison, free-range eggs. Courier service.

Wine Circle, Shop 2, 329A, SH16, Huapai, Kumeu. Ph: 09 412 2258, Email:
~ Organic beers: Founders Tall Blond from Nelson (certified).
~ Bio Dynamic: Milton Vineyards, Gisborne.
~ Preservative Free Wines: Domaine Viret, Rhone, France


**Matatoki Farm Cheese , Corner of State Highway 26 and Wainui Rd, Matatoki, Box 294, Thames, Ph/Fax: 07 868 1284. email:
~ Organic, GE free, whole milk & sheeps milk cheeses. Suppliers nationwide, or order.

**Harmony Foods Ltd , 126 Normanby Road, Paeroa, Freephone 0800 242 766, email
~ Wide range of organic meats plus grain free sausages, and European style salamis and sausages. See their website for suppliers around the country.


Back To Eden, 1155 Pukuatua St, Rotorua, Ph: 07 348 8302, Fax: 07 348 1503
~ Retailer of Certified Organic Wholefoods, Fruit and Veges, Dried goods, Dairy and Meat, Gluten Free Breads and Products, Natural and Enviromental Products

The Gluten Free Goodies Company, Hamilton,
~ Makers and suppliers of gluten-free biscuits, baking mixes and baking powder for really light, delicious cakes, biscuits, waffles and bread. Products available nationwide, or order direct from the website.

Khyber Asian Food Supplies, Shop 6, 5 Cross Roads, Hamilton, Ph: 07 853 8003
~ Stock pomegranate molasses, and other ethnic foods

Ridge Organics , 1 Parkinson Road, P.O.Box 10 1030, Te Rapa, Hamilton, Ph 07 849 8164, Email:
~ Organic, A2 Dairy products – milm and cream. Available in whole food shops.

Seafood Bazaar, 64 Mahana Rd, Te Rapa, Hamilton, Ph: 07 849 8361
~ As well as seafood, they stock pomegranate molasses and other foods

Valley Oaks, 1151 Oreipunga Rd., R.D.2., Cambridge, Ph: 07 872 4703 Peter or Dyan, Fax : 07 872 4773, email :
   ~ Bio-Gro certified. Eggs and kiwifruit available for retail and household buyers. Eggs are sold in organic shops in Cambridge, Hamilton, Thames and Auckland. Local sales are delivered weekly to Te Awamutu, Cambridge and Hamilton.

Bay of Plenty

Waihi Beach Natural Health, 31B Wilson Road, Waihi Beach. Ph/Fax: 07 863 4350.
~ Organic & biodynamic fruit/vege, flours, seeds etc. Also frozen meats, breads, yoghurts, cheeses, tofu etc. Stockists of a full range of “other” natural health products.

**Cambrian meats 116 Birch Ave, Tauranga, Ph: 07 577 9558, Fax: 07 577 1436, Freephone: 0508 CAMBRIAN (0508 226 274), email:
~ Eco Farmed – New Zealand beef, lamb, poultry, and bacon delivered direct to your home or restaurant anywhere in New Zealand.

Comvita, Paengaroa, 35 minutes south of Tauranga.
~ We specialise in natural healthcare products with a bee focus. Products available NZ & world wide, or buy online.

**Pacific Coast Macadamias , Whanarua Bay, RD 3, Opotiki, Ph 07 325-2960, Fax 07 325-2960, email
   ~ Fresh, raw macadamias and manuka honey.

Pistachio Organics Ltd, Johns Produce Centre, 150 Oropi Rd, Tauranga. Email, Phone orders 027 3529964 Melissa or 027 3529899 Lynne
~ Organic and Gluten Free specialist shop. We have a fantastic range of organic and gluten free products, and also sell online.

East Coast

Wild Honey, Fax 06-867-4508, email:
~ Alpine-Clover Organic Raw Honey, packed in glass jars. Available in supermarkets nationwide.

Hawkes Bay

Chantal Organics, 45 Hastings St, Napier, Ph: (06) 835-8036, Fax: (06) 835-0718
~ Whole foods, organic fruit and vegetables, supplements, bodycare and more.
~ They are also distributors of Kaiora cold-pressed, unrefined, organic coconut oil; palm oil and many other organic items, which are supplied to health food shops around the country. For wholesale enquiries, contact details are : Ph: 06-835 5787, email:

Cornucopia Organic Foods, 221 Heretaunga Street East, Hastings, Ph: 06 876 6248
~ Your one-stop organic shop with organic café next door.

Te Mata Cheese Company, Factory & Cafe, 393 Te Mata Road, Havelock North. Ph: 06) 875 8282, Fax: 06) 875 8284, email:
~ Artisan – our cheeses are hand crafted, caressed and matured to perfection. Passion – every cheese is proudly and lovingly looked after in ideal conditions until perfect for you to savour. State-of-the-art – modern equipment, loving care and local milk are combined to bring you stunning examples of your favourite cheese styles. Range includes brie, blue, pressed, feta and curd cheeses. Summerlee (goat) & Te Ana (cow) are dry curd cottage cheeses that can be eaten if you are on a starch free diet such as the SCD. Update: Te Ana is no longer available. But maybe if there is enough demand they would consider reinstating it?

**yummy tummy organics , RD2, Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay, freephone: 0508 986 698 (yummy tummy); freefax: 0508 986 693 (yummy fax); email:
   ~ Our aim is to make top quality organic products available to as many people as possible – we currently deliver fresh fruit and vegetables weekly to homes throughout New Zealand’s North Island.


**White Cliffs Brewing Co , RD 44, Urenui, Taranaki 4655, Freephone 0508 464 537, Ph: 06 752 3676, Fax: 0-6 752 3676, mobile 025 505 672, email
~ Mike’s Mild Ale : Bio-Gro certified organic beer. Unfiltered, unpasteurised. An exclusive beer brewed using traditional methods, organic philosophies, and ingredients certified to international standards. Nothing but rainwater, malt, hops and yeast. Working brewery open 9-30 – 6pm, 7 days for sales and samples. For mail order phone freephone 0508 464 537 (delivery within 48 hours) – 1 case = 24 bottles.

Manawatu & Wanganui

Alt Energy Farm, Rongotea, 221 Kaimatarau Rd, RD3, Palmerston North.
Ph: 06) 324 8586, email:
~ Raw milk and free range eggs available for sale from the farm

**Biofarm Products Limited , PO Box 5230, Palmerston North, Ph: 06 354 8600, Fax: 06 354 8600
~ Acidophilus yoghurt and Biofarm Natural yoghurt. Available in supermarkets nationwide.

Just Organics, 264 Victoria Ave, Wanganui. Ph: (06) 347 7122, Fax: (06) 347 7124

Organic Living Healthfoods, Broadtop Shopping Centre, Terrace End, Palmerston North. Ph/Fax: 06 353 0546, email:
~ Manawatu’s complete organic grocery store. Also herbal and homeopathic remedies, natural skincare and more.


Simply Good Food (a CSA)
~ A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme designed to supply people in the Wellington & Wairarapa regions with a regular, year-round supply of quality fruit, vegetables, herbs and other seasonal foods. The Wairarapa Growing Company (WGC), a partnership of growers in the Wairarapa, is bringing New Zealand’s first CSA inititaive to the region, supplying fresh, locally produced food to you and your family. All of the produce is grown organically in sustainable ways, using heritage seed varieties where available. The food is unique for its outstanding taste, high nutritional benefits and natural vitality.

Farmers Markets in the area:
~ Wairarapa Farmers’ Market – Solway Showgrounds, Fleet Street Entrance, Masterton. Hours: Saturday, 8.30 am to 12.30

Moore Wilson Fresh Market, Dixon St, Masterton, Ph: (06) 377 5194
~ Deli with organics, fish, meat, fruit & vegetables, breads, and other edibles. A good place for imported or hard to find foods.

Taste of Martinborough, 8 Kitchener Street, Martinborough, Ph: 06 306 8383, Email:
~ Wine & Cheese Shop, featuring premier wine,chesse, olive oils and other NZ produce.

Wellington & Kapiti Coast

Simply Good Food
~ A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme designed to supply people in the Wellington & Wairarapa regions with a regular, year-round supply of quality fruit, vegetables, herbs and other seasonal foods. The Wairarapa Growing Company (WGC), a partnership of growers in the Wairarapa, is bringing New Zealand’s first CSA inititaive to the region, supplying fresh, locally produced food to you and your family. All of the produce is grown organically in sustainable ways, using heritage seed varieties where available. The food is unique for its outstanding taste, high nutritional benefits and natural vitality.

Farmers/Produce Markets (# listed with the Farmers Market Assn):
~ Central City – Victoria Street Market, on the corners with Ghuznee and Vivian Streets. Fresh fruit and vegetable market, stocking produce, flowers, herbs, eggs and fish. Sunday 6am – 1.30pm
~ Waterfront – Waitangi Park Market – a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, eggs, herbs and arts and crafts. Sunday, 7am – 12.30pm.
~ Porirua Market, city centre carpark. Weekly market of a close-knit ethnic community selling everything from eggplants and pineapples to colorful clothing to woven basketry and beadwork. If you get hungry, there are lots of food stalls selling curry and roti, chop suey, banana pancakes, and more. Saturday, 53.0am – 10am.
~ # Moore Wilson’s Farmers’ Fresh Market – 65 Kenepuru Drive, Porirua. Fresh Vegetables, pies, deli foods, cheeses, bakery sweets, olive oils, pickles and chutneys, spices & Artisan breads. Saturday, 8 am – 2 pm
~ # Lindale Farmers’ Market – Lindale Complex, Main Rd North, Paraparaumu. 20 stalls including fresh bread, homemade pate, organic fruit, veges, meat, chicken and eggs, traditional pork pies, deli delights, fresh coffee. Saturday, 9am – 2.00pm

**Commonsense Organics , 260 Wakefield Street, Wellington, Ph: 04 384 3314, Fax: 04 385 3383, email:
& Kilbirnie shop, 7 Bay Road, Kilbirnie, Wellington, Ph: 04 387 1751, Fax: 04 387 1752, email:
& Hutt shop, 37 Waterloo Rd, Lower Hutt, Ph: 04 566 4783, Fax: 04 566 4784, email:
& Kapiti shop, Shop 7A, Coastlands, Paraparaumu, Ph: 04 298 7205, Fax: 04 298 7215, email:
   ~ Organic meat, salmon, dairy, free range eggs, fruit, vegetables, beans, grains, dried fruit, nuts, flour, natural organic groceries, gluten free goods and food for people with other allergies, environmentally friendly household products, books and magazines, pet foods and products, seeds, seedlings and organic fertilizers and pest control products. Goods can be ordered online and delivered nationwide.

The Blueberry Farm, 1229 Akatarawa Valley Rd, Upper Hutt, Ph: 04 526 6788, Fax: 04526 6798, email:
~ Certified Organic. Open every day in January from 10:00 to 5:00, weekends during February and March. There are loads of things to do at The Blueberry Farm! – Eating (at the organic bakehouse), Picking, Swimming, Walking, Listening, Watching … Fresh & frozen blueberries available from Commonsense Organics.

Bluebank Blueberry & Emu Farm, 1301 Akatarawa Valley, Upper Hutt, Ph: 04 526 9540
~ Buy fresh blueberries fresh from the farm at good prices. Pesticide free.

Dixon Street Deli, 45 Dixon Street, Wellington. Ph: 04 384 2436, Fax: 04 384 8692, email:
~ The usual deli products and sometimes has raw cheese

ecoseeds , 13 Awarua Street, Thorndon, Wellington, Ph: 04 976 4448, Fax: 04 475 7385, email:
~ Mail-order and retail seed supplier – vegetable seeds, herb seeds and flower seeds. Our Seeds are Non Hybrid and some are Demeter. We are endeavouring to maintain these earth seeds for future generations. Local retail outlets are found throughout New Zealand, or order online.

Homestead Health Food Shop, Cuba Mall, Wellington, Ph: 04 802 4425, Fax: 04 802 4426, email:
~ Homestead Health was established in 1973 to provide Wellington with a selection of natural health products including nutritional supplements, aromatherapy, cosmetics, homeopathics, whole foods (both organic and non organic) and sports nutritionals. Product diversification means that our range now meets the needs of more specalised diets such as the Zone and Aitkin’s. With allergies and intolerances increasing in the population we can also supply foods that are wheat, gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free.

Kapiti Fine Foods, Lindale Tourist Centre, Main Road North, Paraparaumu, Ph: 04 298-1352, Fax: 04 298-3485, email
~ Kapiti Cheeses & Ice cream. Although not organic, they are made with full fat, natural ingredients. The ice creams are amongst the very few listed as Compromise on the shopping guide (the rest Avoid). Also available at supermarkets nationwide. They also stock NZ made extra virgin olive oils.

Lifestyle Organics, 220 Jackson St, Petone. Ph: (04) 939 7804, email:
~ Organic products at an affordable price to everyone. We have organic fruit & veges, herbals, gluten free products, dairy, bulk foods including grains, nuts & flour, and Himalayan Salt Lamps. If we have not got what you are looking for we will endeavour to find it for you.

Lord of the Isles. Email:
~ Wholesaler of pomegranate juice and other goods. Some of their retailers are Moore Wilsons (Greater Wellington), Scheckters On Trays (Petone), Touch of Italy (East Tamaki), Ballantynes Pantry, and Leith Distributors (Dunedin). You can email them for a supplier in your area.

**The Mediterranean Food Warehouse , 42 Constable St, Newtown, Wellington, Ph: 04 939 8100, Fax: 04 939 8105, email: Branches also in Nelson and Christchurch.
~ Wide range of wholesale priced foods like tinned tomatoes & beans, olive and other oils, dry legumes, nuts, herbs & spices, frozen berries, cheeses, asian foods. Mostly not organic. Online ordering available.

Moore Wilson Fresh Market, Lorne St, Wellington, Ph: 04 384 9906
~ A giant deli with organics, fish, meat, fruit & vegetables, breads, and other edibles. A good place for imported or hard to find foods.
& Porirua store, Kenepuru Drive, Ph: 04 237 8320
~ Porirua has a Farmers Fresh Market on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm. High quality, regionally grown food: Fresh Vegetables, pies, deli foods, cheeses, bakery sweets, olive oils, pickles and chutneys, spices and Artisan breads

Nature Foods, Kilbirnie. Ph: 04 934 6366. Email:
~ Sourcing some of those hard-to-find foods for you, in premium quality- Green Pastures products (Blue Ice high vitamin cod liver oil, Butter oil), top quality coconut oil from Tahiland, coconut flour, traditional peanut butter, natural vitamin and minerals, amino acids, books such as Nourishing Traditions and Cooking With Coconut Flour. Mail order or pickup.

Nut Store, 38 Ghuznee St, Wellington City, Wellington, Ph: 04 801 5645
~ Wide range of fresh nuts and nut related products

The Organic Grocer, 15 Kaiwharawhara Road, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington. Ph: 04 499 7208. Fax: 04 499 7209. Email:
~ We are a specialist grocery store and café, with a wide selection of gourmet products and a well stocked cheese fridge. We cater for special dietary requirements and have the best gluten free range in Wellington. If you have children, keep them occupied in our secure play areas. Come and experience what everyone has been talking about. We are your healthy habit. Hours of business: Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm

Welllington Halal Meat Ltd, 155A Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington, Ph: 04 380 0900.
~ Sometimes has goat meat, if you want to vary your meats. It tastes like mutton, and is cheaper. They also stock reasonably priced lamb & chicken.

Nelson, Blenheim & Golden Bay

**Arcadia Organics , 265 High St, Motueka. Ph: 03 528 7840, Fax: 03 528 4225, email:
~ We sell certified organic GE free products. Seasonal, fruit & veges, rice, flour, grains, pulses, wholefoods, meat, salmon, eggs. We have a selection of gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and vegan products. Let us pack your shopping, whilst you have a tea or coffee and muffin in our café. At Arcadia Organics Healing Rooms we practice Indian Head Massage, Holistic massage and Hopi Ear Candling.

Golden Bay Organics , 47 Commercial Street, Takaka, Ph: 03 525 8677, Fax: 03 525 8608, email:
~ An organic shop selling lots of whole foods and books, including Nourishing Traditions and other good books (eg. by Mary Enig, Weston Price, Toni Jeffreys).

The Kahurangi Organic Food Company , PO Box 156, Takaka, Golden Bay, Ph: 03 525 7679, Fax: 03 525 7671, email:
~ We are a new company committed to promoting nutrition and wholesome whole-foods. We sell a range of manual and electric grain mills and flakers and will soon be carrying a range of books as well.

The Mediterranean Food Warehouse, 23 Halifax St, Nelson, Ph: 03 546 7967
~ Wide range of wholesale priced foods like tinned tomatoes & beans, olive and other oils, dry legumes, nuts, herbs & spices, frozen berries, cheeses, asian foods. Mostly not organic.

**Golden Salami , Clifton , R.D.1 Takaka, Nelson 7172, Ph/Fax: (03) 525 9385, email:
~ A natural healthy food from home grown beef, available by mail order; delivery throughout New Zealand. These Golden Salamis do not need to be refrigerated making them ideal for tramping, camping, trips and lunch boxes. (Note: it does contain some sugar in the ingredients)

**Eat Right Foods , P.O. Box 1525, Nelson, Ph: 03 546 4501, Fax: 03 547 4501, email:
~ Makers of the “most allergy free and friendly cookie” – gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, yeast free, GE free, guilt free, and other delicious cakes and cookies. 100% certified organic flours. Retailers nationwide, or order online.

Barry James, Weka Hill Orchard, Weka Rd, RD 2 Upper Moutere, Nelson, Ph: 03 526 6738
~ Apples, pears, juices and wine. Mail order to shops and consumers.

**Richmond Plains , McShane Road, Richmond, Nelson, Ph: 03 544 4230, Fax 03 544 4231, email
~ Organic vineyard. We pride ourselves in our high quality wines. Suppliers in Nelson & Christchurch, or by mail order. See website.

**BIO Paints Limited , 106A Vanguard Street, Nelson, Ph: 03 539 0446, Fax: 03 539 0442, NZ toll free: 0800 4 PAINT (0800 472 468), email:
~ Natural building and living without harm to humans or the home environment. Rather than coat your home with plastic paints and chemicals it is possible to use our natural products on walls, floors, furniture, windows, doors and most other surfaces. Can order online.

**Natural House Company , 138 Awa Awa Road, RD1, Ruby Bay, Upper Moutere, Nelson, Ph: 0800 11 20 30, Fax: 0800 11 20 40, email:
~ Natural chemistry paints and decorator finishes. Couriered within NZ

West Coast

The Good Life Farm, 4 Waterloo St, Taylorville, Greymouth, Ph: 03 762 5535, Free Ph: 0800 466 354
~ Organic, dairy and soy free, sorbets on a stick. Also available at selected health foods shops.


**Breadman Organic Bakery , 72 Orbell Street, Christchurch, Ph/fax: 03 365 0990
~ Organic grains are freshly milled before each bake. Only by doing this do you get all the healthy benefits from your daily bread. The bread is made the ‘old fashioned’ way, starting the dough overnight to allow a proper fermentation process. The breads are made with Sour Dough or Backferment, a natural baking enzyme. No yeast or other raising agents are added! They also offer a yeast- and gluten-free loaf, as well as a wide range of crackers. See website for list of local stockists.

Claridges, 32b Sheffield Crescent, PO Box 39 068, Harewood, Christchurch, Phone: (03) 358-315, Fax : (03) 358-3156, email:
~ Claridges Herbal Products supplies a range of everyday organic herbal products including herbs, teas, coffee, raw honey, salt and life greens.

Earth Wise Gourmet, 38 Dallington Terrace, Dallington, Canterbury 8061. Phone: (03) 3812751 or 021 026 13443. Email:
~ Find us at the Sole Market, Arts Centre on Fridays, 12-3 & the Christchurch Farmers Market, Dean’s Bush on Saturdays, 9-12
~ Earthwise Gourmet specialises in traditional, hand-made, organic, small-batch crafting of health promoting foods. Using ancient wisdom and philosophies of cooking and preparation from the world over, our food and drink are teeming with natural nutritive value. We source local, seasonal and organic ingredients direct from Canterbury farmers we know and trust. Stocks, Cereals & Crackers, Sauerkraut & Cultured Vegetables, Kombucha, Kvass, Kefir, Coconut products, Sweets, Spreads, Soups & More.

Eat Your Greenz, Tuam St, Chch. Phone Steve on 03 329 5600 for more info.
~ Bringing you the freshest certified organic fruit and veg from Canterbury and NZ every weekend at the World Famous Canterbury Produce Market.

**Golden Fields Limited , PO Box 5095, Christchurch, Ph/Fax: 03 352 8205, email:
~ Natural coffee substitutes; stone grain mills and household hand grinders. Order online.

**Green Monkey , Ph: (03) 328 9515, Freephone 0800 GREEN MONKEY (0800 473 366), Email
~ Quality organic baby food, no additives, low allergy. Available nationwide, list of suppliers on the website.

Kapiti Fine Foods, 12-18 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch , Ph: 03 377-7077, Fax: 03 377-7076, email
~ Kapiti Cheeses & Ice cream. Although not organic, they are made with full fat, natural ingredients. The ice creams are amongst the very few listed as Compromise on the shopping guide (the rest Avoid). Also available at supermarkets nationwide.

**Karikaas Natural Dairy Products , 156 Whiterock Road, Loburn, Rangiora, RD 2, North Canterbury, Ph: 03 3128 708, Fax: 03 3128 208, email:
~ Cheese and dairy food free of preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers and colourings. Buy from the factory shop, your local supermarket or mail order.

The Mediterranean Food Warehouse, 322 Tuam St, Christchurch, Ph: 03 379 5122
~ Wide range of wholesale priced foods like tinned tomatoes & beans, olive and other oils, dry legumes, nuts, herbs & spices, frozen berries, cheeses, asian foods. Mostly not organic.

Ian & Gita Henderson, Milmore Downs, Amberley, R D 3. Ph/Fax: 03 314 3712.
~ Wheat, barley, oats, rye, lentils and dinkel (an ancient variety of wheat tolerated by most people allergic to modern wheats). Fine flour, kibbled, and flakes. Ask for a price list and/or dinkel information leaflet. We can courier to your door.

Natures Organics, Opawa Mall, 124 Opawa Road, Christchurch, 2. Tel/Fax: 03 337 0022
~ Certified organic food supply.

**NZ Biograins , 35 Dobson Street West, Ashburton, Ph: 03-308 7349, Fax: 03-307 0092, email:
   ~ Organically grown grains, flours, pulses, nuts and other organic products.

**Organics 2U , Mark McGrath, Ph: 03 376 6340, Fax: 03 376 6341, Mob: 0274 977 444, email:
~ A free weekly service delivering fresh, seasonal, organically grown fruit, vegetables and meat & free range eggs to your workplace or home, direct from the grower. Delivers Tue & Wed to Christchurch, and throughout the South Island.

**Piko Wholefoods Co-op , 229 Kilmore Street (corner Kilmore and Barbadoes), Christchurch, Ph: 03 366 8116, Fax: 03 366 8114, email:
~ Stock most organic groceries, including fresh fruit & vegetables, and specialising in food for special diets. Can deliver fresh anywhere in South Island, or dried goods (grains, etc) anywhere.

**Serra Natural Foods , 21 Brixton St, Christchurch, Ph: 0800 4SERRA (473 772)or 03 349 6062, Fax:03 349 7062. email:
~ Maker of Cyclops sour cream & organic European style yoghurt. Available in supermarkets NZ-wide.

Seven Fields Organic Grocer, Beckenham, Christchurch. Ph: 03 331-8552, Fax: 03 331-8553, email:
~ Seven Fields Organic is the first and only CERTIFIED ORGANIC RETAILER in Christchurch. AgriQuality Certification #NZ0490. Seven Fields Organic Grocer carrys a huge range of organic foods. All fruits & vegetables are organic. Organic vege box delivery service is also available with flexible options. Lower prices overall compared to other outlets.

Te Hua Farm, Oxford, North Canterbury. Email:
~ Will be offering a boxed produce scheme from spring 2005. Not just fresh, seasonal vegetables, but also eggs, honey and culinary herbs. A limited supply of strawberries and blueberries will also be available. Email Andrea for more information.

Totaraui Organic, Eleanor and Jim Jolly, RD 21, Geraldine. Ph/Fax 03 693 9906.
~ Organic hazelnuts. 1kg gift packs and bulk supplies.

The Twisted Hop, 6 Poplar Street, Lichfield Lanes, Christchurch. Ph. (03) 962 3688
~ Gluten free beer. Sold on the premises (and gluten free pizzas) or shipped anywhere in NZ.


Sunbury Park Orchard , PO Box 118, Clyde, e-mail
~ Buy apricot kernels direct from a NZ supplier – NZ produced and residue free. Cost: $50/kg plus freight.

**Kawarau Estate , PO Box 43, Cromwell, Central Otago, Ph: 03445 1315, Fax: 64-3-445 1325, email:
~ Range of premium quality organic wine. Available from any good bottle store.

**Organicland , 489 Main South Rd, Allanton, Dunedin, RD 2 Mosgiel, Ph/fax: 03 489 1814, email:
   ~ Certified organic veal, beef and lamb – they have many cuts of meat, including shin bone, good for making bone broth; liver/ organs; roasts; sausage;and much more. Can be delivered nationwide.

**Whitestone Cheese , 3 Torridge Street, Oamaru, Ph: 03 434-8098, Fax: 03 434-8011, email:
   ~ Award winning organic cheeses & sheep cheese. Suppliers nationwide, or order online.


To see Southland resources by category, and for latest updates see

Count Down Supermarket, Invercargill has some organic foods, including cheese, yoghurt, tea, Phoenix organic ginger beer, and other items.

Gore Organic Food Co-op, contact Glenda at 03-208-8080 or Anna at 03-208-9595
~ Has good selection of organic food, including meat, chicken, eggs, butter, cheese, produce, coconut oil, personal care products, and much more!

Health 2000, 132 Dee St, Invercargill, Ph: 03 218-8590
~ Has some organic items – will soon have coconut oil; can get you Sally Fallon’s book, Nourishing Traditions.

Kings Fish Market – 59 Ythan St – 03 218-8450
~ Fresh fish

Lorneville Freedom Eggs – visit their “egg farmstand” at Lorneville RD 6, Ph: 03 235-8577 (open Tues. thru Sat.) or available at Bin Inn, 150 Spey St. Ph: 03 214-5200
~ Fresh, Local Free- Range Eggs

**Mountain Valley Organic Meats , Fiordland, Ph/fax: 03 2255355 or 03 2255283, email:
~ Cert. Bio-Gro Highland Beef or Wiltshire lamb. Ask for soup bones, liver/organs, etc. Delivery NZ wide.

New World, Invercargill has a few organic items, including yoghurt, cheese, herb tea

Plaza Supervalue, 103 Yarrow, Invercargill, Ph: 03 218-2205 has some organic items , including Breadman bread

Salus, 29 Kelvin St, Invercargill, Ph: 03 218-6120
~ Ecologic laundry liquid, dishwash liquid & other household cleaners

South Coast Environment Centre, 154 Palmerston Street, Riverton, Ph: 03 234 8717, Fax: 234 8717 – email:
~ Has good selection of organic food, including meat, chicken, eggs, sour dough bread, butter, cheese, produce, personal care products, local southland honey, and much more! — Also has heirloom seeds.

Tall Poppy Books , 151 Esk, Invercargill, Ph: 03 214 3490 Fax: 03 214 3491, email:
~ Now stocking “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon and “Nutrition & Physical Degeneration” by Weston A Price

Windsor Crown Finest Foods – 18 Windsor St, cnr Windsor & Bourke, Invercargill. Ph: 03 217 9010
~ Fresh fish, fish heads for making fish broth [must order in advance], organic chickens (frozen) from West Wood Organic Farm, Kaiora organic coconut oil, shakkar (evaporated sugar cane juice from India, similar to rapdura). Will soon have available the book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston A Price, DDS – call to reserve your copy!

Windsor Health & Hire – 63 Bourke St. – cnr Windsor & Bourke – Ph: 03 217-7690
~ Fresh, Local Free- Range Eggs

Woolworths, Invercargill has a few organic items, including Alpine-Clover Organic Raw Honey , packed in glass jars.

Overseas Suppliers

Ultimate Nourishment:
~ Although this supplier is not in NZ, a reader costed all the grain mills in NZ, and found this one better and cheaper. “I’ve just done a bit of reasearch on grain grinders. After a lot of effort I’ve sourced a really good 240 v model from the US that is cheaper than anything I can find here. $264.95 + $76.05 freight (US $). Thought it might be the useful sort of info that your other readers might appreciate knowing.”