If you want to improve your health, fitness, and wellbeing, good nutrition is often the most important factor.

This website contains an overview of many effective diets, and the theories behind them. Some of this information is new and has not yet been published, while much of it has been known for over 50 years. What I have aimed to do here is group it all in one place, so that the similarities, and patterns of good nutrition become apparent. Much of what is widely accepted as normal nutrition in developed countries is decidedly unhealthy, and a change to healthy eating habits can often reverse illness rapidly. The changes in your diet required to achieve good health can be difficult and far reaching, but the results may be astonishing.

Common Dietary Advice

While there are many excellent dietary advisors around, some nutritional experts in the following groups have a comparatively narrow range of reference and may not be open to new ideas. (This shouldn’t be taken as a criticism of the good practitioners in these groups).

  • Dieticians or Nutritionists, who will tell you about the four main food groups, the food triangle and who know details about particular items, but who don’t seem to know that processed dairy products are not actually a good way to get your calcium and who think that wheat is good for you.
  • Sports Nutritionists, who know the basics about what makes you go better, but are sometimes not very knowledgeable about long term effects on health. They may focus on macro nutrient ratios, without making distinctions about high quality vs low quality foods.
  • Naturopathic Therapists, who know about allergies and the need for good quality, organic foods, but may not always be aware of an athlete’s extra nutritional requirements, or individual metabolic differences.
  • Dietary Theorists, who have discovered a way of eating that was spectacularly successful for themselves, and now feel that this is the right way for everybody.

My aim with this website is to provide a wider range of more advanced nutritional information, to supplement what you may have learnt from other sources. Much of what I have learnt about nutrition and sports nutrition, has come from reading and visiting other websites. The best of the nutritional books I have read so far are listed in the recommended reading list, while the best of the websites are listed on the links page. My own diet and health is an ongoing learning experiences, and my knowledge and opinions are continually developing as I learn more. From time to time I add new bits and pieces to the site. Any extra info you want to contribute in areas I haven’t explored yet would be great.

What you won’t get here is a one-size-fits-all answer – because there isn’t one. But hopefully I’ll give you enough information for you to make decisions based on your individual needs.

Covered in this site are:

The Basics of Nutrition

Reviews of Different Types of Diets

Includes discussion of some effective diets that have strong underlying research and theories. As these are overviews, I recommend you get more details by reading the original works.:

“How To” & Resources

Sports & Exercise

This section is now a few years old and will be getting a revamp soon.

Natural Therapies

Above all, remember food is the drug you take several times a day AND one of life’s great pleasures….

Enjoyable and rewarding scoffing,