Good Brands of Essential Oils : There are lots of good brands of oils out there, but you’re looking for oils that have been prepared using no heat or solvents. Examples of some good oils are In Essence, Absolute Essential and Young Living. Please let me know if you can vouch for other quality brands. (The websites of these brands all contain other useful information about aromatherapy)

Storage : Don’t store essential oils & homeopathics together as they will negate each other. Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dark place eg. wooden box. Keep bottles tightly capped, or the oil will evaporate. Off Essential Oils have a metallic/tinny and/or rancid smell. Citrus oils go cloudy. Wheat germ is generally off when you buy it, the actual germ is only good for about 9 hours after it is ground.

Oil Qualities : Look at where in the plant the oil is from to give an idea of its characteristics e.g. Sandalwood is from a 30 year old, straight tall tree, the oil itself is very strong, grounding and stabilising.

Lasting Qualities : Good Essential Oils can last up to 25 years although Clary Sage, the citrus oils and top notes contaminate the easiest.

Concentration of Oil : Use the strength of the smell of the Essential Oil as an indication of the strength/concentration of the oil in a blend.

Dosage : Depends on the type of application, but too much of an oil will give opposite effect. Unlike heroic medicine, essential oil dosages don’t need to be increased after the body gets used to them.

Blending Oils – Vaporising or Topical Application

Look at what kind of day is ahead – how do you feel, what do you need, what are you going to do etc.

Use three oils to get a synergy – add a fourth oil if you really feel you want/need to. Hold the three oils under your nose to get an idea of how the blend will smell once together.

Flower Pattern For Choosing Oil Blend – Put the condition in the centre of the flower eg stress, the petals are what happens to you from that condition then look at the oils that cover those issues, sort out which ones do the best for you.

OR – Look at two oils that physically address the condition and one oil that will help with “how I feel about the condition”.


1. Environmental Fragrancing (for mood)

Vaporisation : Vaporise for intentional design (i.e. romance, good party) or support (what’s missing now? Vaporise that oil now!), light your vaporiser an hour before you want your intentional design to happen. Use cold or room temp water to start. It will take 15 mins for the water to heat, and to start releasing the oils, so light the candle before adding the oils. Keep vapouriser on a plate or coaster.

Team of 3 oils better than a single (synergystic). Always try to include a citrus to get a top note. This would evaporate first, so use most drops of this.

To change the Essential Oil blend in your vaporiser when it’s been going put a tissue over the top of the water as the Essential Oils sit on top of the water. Jif is good for cleaning vaporisers.

In the Car : Make a tissue ghost, open it up to a flower shape, put up to four drops, stick the end in the car vent.

2. Topically (for physical or long term benefit)


  • Essential Oils are removed from the body by breath, skin and the kidneys (if someone has a kidney problem don’t treat – send to a qualified aromatherapist.)

  • Do not use topically for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, and don’t use herbal oils for whole 9 months.

  • Don’t use before bright sunlight (especially citrus).

  • Most oils should not be used directly on the skin unless they are suspended in jojoba oil, or added to a carrier oil.   Oils That Can Be Used Neat : Anything in Jojoba oil, Frankincense on old scars or in the occipital region for protection, Lavender for burns, Lemon for warts, Peppermint for hot, tense headaches, Tea tree. Use one drop only. Friction rub is the best way to apply neat oils (where appropriate).

Aromatic Dressing : A daily body rub stimulates circulation and adding Essential Oils benefits, invigorates, wakes and warms the circulation, wakes you up, is a nerve tonic and is good for implanting affirmations. Choose oils based on how you are feeling, how you want to feel and how your day is going to be. Measure carrier oil into small dish, carefully drop essentials on top, then swirl to mix. Dip fingers into bowl & rub hands together before applying briskly. Rub oil up legs, round stomach CLOCKWISE, up & around breasts (if small. Wipe oil up & under large breasts), down sides, up arms, down neck & shoulders, up back, down throat to finish. If using a facial blend, press oils into face instead of rubbing. Dilutions – 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 all OK – don’t use 1:1! Minimum dilution is 1 drop of essential oil to 2 mls of carrier oil, but if you use less essential oil you will still get some benefits from the carrier oil. For women, start with 10mls carrier/max of 5 drops essential. After a while, you will need less.

Massage : Massage helps you get “in touch” with your self, try affirmations/goals while you massage. Where the mind goes energy flows. One theory is : use aromatic dressing for your “what’s today like” stuff, use treatment oils at night. Same dilution as for aromatic dressing, but will need larger quantities : at least 20 mls carrier

Bath : Aromatic Bathing – Treatment not Treat – Good as a detox for the body three times a week. Epsom salts detoxify so only bathe in a bath with them for 10 minutes. OK to use bubble bath although the aromatics may be different. Run bath first, then put in oil (5-6 drops for an average day bath; 9 drops for a therapeutic dose, when you want to hit something on the head like stress or flu.) Agitate water really well to disperse molecules. Peppermint, Thyme and Orange can be irritating to the skin so be careful! Bath oil blends (if essential oils in a carrier oil blend type) give your body a massage afterwards as the essential oils are held tightly by the carrier oil and don’t go into the skin so easily in this state.

Aromatic Showering Aromatic Showering : Run the shower fairly hot, put two or three drops of oil in the bottom of your shower box, shake them out, turn the temperature down to your usual, shut the shower door, put the lid on your oil, jump in. Good for a morning jump start!! Try Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Peppermint for a good morning start.

Spritzer bottle : Must be a dark glass bottle, not plastic or terracotta, as they suck up the oil. 5 drops to a 90ml bottle (or even 45ml). Then fill with filtered or spring water. Shake well.

Compresses Compresses : The temperature of the water depends on the situation, eg. cold (with lavendar) for burns, warm for period pains. Add a few drops of oil to the water and agitate well. Lay a face flannel or hand towel on top of the water, then wring out. Apply compress to affected area.

Inhalations Inhalations : Always use a glass or enamel bowl, not metal or plastic. Fill bowl with boiling water, add oils, cover bowl with a towel and breathe for 5 mins. Especially good in winter, and for shock. Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lavendar is a good combination for a cold.