Line Dance

Line dancing is another great exercise for seniors that I’ve been enjoying lately. It’s good for both physical well being and for keeping the brain healthy.

There are classes all over New Zealand, but you can also access a lot of dances online.

First you will want to check out some tutorials to get familiar with some basic steps and their names, then scroll down for some dances. I like these tutorials by Kari. Note that she is teaching the basic concepts, but how a particular dance is choreographed or taught might use a slightly different version.

Common beginner steps

Beginner steps used less often

Later you may wish to check out more of her tutorials.

Easiest Beginner dances

Note that the name of the dance as shown below might not match the name of the song, if there was already a dance choreographed to it. Sometimes the same dance can also be done to different music.

More Beginner dances

Latin American style

Waltz time