Seated Exercises

This class is:

It is suitable for many situations including:

  • Seniors with osteo arthritis
  • Those with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Those with chronic fatigue
  • Those with degenerative diseases such as MS
  • Getting back into gentle exercise after heart attack, stroke or surgery
  • Anyone who is unable to exercise standing up

The aims of the class are:

  • To gently mobilise all of the joints
  • Improve strength, balance and coordination
  • Have fun!

Current class times:

The following video, from Arthritis NZ, is suitable for anyone who can’t get to my class, or who would like a sneak peak at some of the movements that we use. This routine includes the basic movements. Over the years I’ve added many more variations and a lot of different music, to keep things interesting. See the Resources page for a lot more routines on YouTube.