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"For nearly 30 yrs I have been a student of nutrition. This site is informed and real, considering all the angles. A great service to the suffering masses. Well done! Dr. G, Boulder Colorado USA"

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Where to Shop in NZ

WAPF NZ chapters

WAPF Wellington


Cod Liver Oil

How beneficial is it, and which brand should I choose?

Gut & Psychology Syndrome

Resource page for people in NZ doing the GAPS protocol

Snack Bars
 Are any of them safe for your children to eat?




Emotional Freedom Technique -

Health Therapist -


Good vs Bad fats
Eat healthy saturated fats, and
bin those vegetables oils!

Sugar's bad for you, but sugar free
sweeteners are much more toxic

Protein powders
Are any of them good for you?
and what to look for

Gluten and other Intolerances
Is wheat, or some other common food,
making you sick and tired?

Truth and Myths about Soy
One reason soy milk tastes bad
is that it's bad for you!

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Low Fat or Low Carb
Does either approach work?
As discussed on National Radio, Afternoons
with Wayne Mowat on 23rd January, 2007

Metabolic Typing
What type of diet is right for you?

Arthritis - Searching for the truth
Read Bob McFerran's not yet published book

Eat right for your blood type
A review of Peter d'Adamo's book

Syndrome X
Diets to overcome obesity, insulin resistance,
high blood sugar and high cholesterol

Liver cleansing diet
Review of Sandra Cabot's popular
liver cleansing book

More diet reviews... 


How to go Gluten Free
Guide to eliminating gluten from your diet

NZ Shopping Guide
The best and worst foods available in NZ

Where To Shop in NZ
Where to obtain quality foods

Summary page of recipes on the site

How to Enjoy Real Food
15 step plan to changing your diet,
including easy recipes

How to do an elimination diet
Find your allergies and transform your life

More helpful resources...

The good, the bad and the ugly
of cancer treatments

Weight Loss
Do you really need to lose weight?
If so, do it the safe way.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Tapping into your full health potential

Reactive Muscle Kinesiology
Getting your muscles working as a team

More ways to heal...
Body For Life
The reality behind the hype

Are you heading for a physical meltdown?

More about fitness and health...

How to tell if your cholesterol level is as bad
as you've been told, and how to fix it

Preventing Cancer
with food and lifestyle choices



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Some of the topics covered by DietNet include:

A natural, healthy, nutrient dense, organic diet can help prevent and recover from many diseases and disorders: insulin resistance, syndrome-x, obesity, cancer, chronic fatigue or illness, diabetes, high blood sugar or pressure, cholesterol, candida, constipation, exhaustion, insomnia, depression, overweight, anorexia and bulimia, weight loss or gain, getting thin, M.E., allergies (igg, iga, ige) and intolerances, lack of vitality, lo energy,

Info about: protein, carbs, saturated fats, vitamins, minerals, calories, kilojoules, whole foods, Weston Price foundation,WAPF, kefir, Kombucha, raw milk, viili, caspian sea yoghurt / yogurt

Learning about supplements: amino acids, tyrosine, gaba, 5-htp, 5HTP, DLPA, serotonin, NRG,

Healing Therapies: nutrition, naturopathy, sun light, cranio sacral therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reactive muscle kinesiology, sunlight; Gary Craig - Emotional Freedom Techniques; EFT to relieve stress, fears, phobias, worry; relaxation with Reiki. Testing for allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances to gluten, casein, eggs, nuts, milk, dairy, casine. More wholistic ways to lose weight than a nutritionist or dietician

Reviews of books by: Julia Ross - The Diet Cure, The Mood Cure; Sally Fallon & Mary Enig - Nourishing Traditions, Eat Fat Lose Fat; Sandra Cabot - Liver Cleansing Diet, Can’t Lose Weight, You could have Syndrome X; William Wolcott – Metabolic Typing Diet; Peter D’adamo - Eat right for your blood type; Susan Powter - Stop the Insanity; Barry Sears - The Zone; Dr Eades - Protein Power; Dr Robert Atkins – New Diet Revolution: Leslie Kenton – The X Factor Diet; Robert ( Bob ) Mcferran – Arthritis, Searching For the truth; Bill Phillips - Body for life; Michael Colgan Optimum Sports Nutrition; Harvey Diamond – Fit For Life ( Food combining ); Adelle Davis; Dr Mercola; Walt Stoll; William Walcott . Information on low carb, paleolithic, agriculturist, hunter gatherer, paleo, agriculturalist, elimination diets and keeping a food diary.

How to enjoy real food e-book. Cooking course with 15 step plan. Lessons include easy, tasty, healthy meals. Lots of gluten free recipes.
Weight loss, body image and health skills EFT workshops.

Site by:
Deb Gully, holistic wellness consultant, health therapist and EFT practitioner in Kilbirnie for healing and wellbeing. Areas covered Eastern Suburbs, Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti, Wairarapa, NZ.
I work face-to-face, by phone, by e-mail, by webcamera in New Zealand, world wide, International.
wellness coach and dietary coaching in Haitaitai, Mt Cook and Newtown, teaching about food and healthy eating.