Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This is a quick intro to EFT I posted back in 2005

Many of you will have heard of EFT, maybe through Dr Mercola’s site. Although it’s not directly a whole food topic, it can support your whole food eating habits in a number of ways, by:

  • Reducing cravings and addictions
  • Neutralising the emotions that lead to overeating
  • Helping deal with feelings of being deprived
  • Dealing with allergies or food intolerances (in conjunction with someone who can test you)

EFT is also invaluable in other areas of your life. Gary Craig, the founder, says to try it on everything. It has helped people with stress, anxiety, fears and phobias, trauma, anger, relationship issues, headaches and other pains, asthma, sports performance, sitting exams, goal setting, and many other physical and emotional issues.

The theory behind EFT is that all emotional upsets are caused by disturbances in the body’s energy system. Correct the disturbance, and the emotional upset evaporates. This doesn’t mean that we don’t feel any emotion, rather that we have a tool that can neutralise excessive emotion.

In EFT, you gently tap on points on your face and trunk to correct the energy imbalances. Some of the advantages EFT has over other therapies are:

  • It’s a simple technique you can use with a practitioner, or on your own
  • It’s easy to learn
  • No need for lengthy or distressing counseling sessions
  • Can clear many emotional upsets, even long standing ones, in minutes
  • Usually rapid, long lasting and gentle.
  • No drugs or equipment involved.
  • Often works where nothing else will.

To learn how to use EFT, you can download a manual from Gary Craig’s website or purchase his video sets, learn direct from a practitioner, or attend a workshop. There are several practitioners in New Zealand now, and about 5 trainers. For more details, see my EFT page.