Client Resources

DietNet questionnaires

(click to open in Word or Adobe, right click to save to disk)

To answer one of the questions in the questionnaire – consult the chart to the right to see what type of stool you usually pass.

  1. For a GAPS consultation
  2. For a full nutrition and health evaluation:
  3. For a diet overhaul:
  4. For a personalised menu:
  5. For muscle testing for food sensensitivities:
  6. For carrying on with a food diary if you want to, after the consultation:


Read these pages before our session:

If I have asked you to eat from the Healthy Eating Square prior to our appt, download it here. This is a basic one, for a healthy person, which hasn’t been adjusted for your specific needs.

Cooking course

hCG Weight Loss Protocol

If I have suggested you listen to my Info talk on the hCG weight loss protocol:

EFT resources

  • Download the 13 minute EFT demo, showing Gary Craig working with people: on a rat phobia, smoking, past trauma and physical pain. (Right click to save to hard drive, large file 86Mb)
  • Download the video teaching you the tapping points (coming soon)
  • The EFT shortcut page (printable version)
  • The EFT Metabolism and Immunity protocols

Energy exercises

  • (coming soon)