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Resources for using the HIVE blockchain

If you are an absolute beginner then I recommend reading over the following guide so that you can gain some general understanding about the Hive blockchain:

If you want a good news feed for the Hive blockchain then I highly suggest subscribing to the Chain News Badge here:

If you need a history lesson on why there is a Hive blockchain then the following article provides a good summation of events:

If you already have a Steem blockchain account and just want a quick crash course on how to login into Hive with your Steem credentials then read this:
I Have A Steemit Account: How Do I Switch to Hive?

A simple beginners guide for Hive can be found here:

There is also some really good information about Hive in the following two articles:

Hive FAQs: The Basics

What’s different about Hive compared to mainstream social media platforms?

Hive Beginners Tips is a Community dedicated to helping new users:

Beginner’s Guide 11 Fatal Hive Mistakes To Avoid:

I recommend keeping an eye on the Unofficial Hive Beginners FAQ as it gets updated with information. It is still a work in progress but looks promising.

A nice article about the use of Tags on Hive can be found here:

19 Ultimate Hive Tips For Brand New Users:

Hive Video Tutorials:

Lesson 1 – Creating an Account & Signing in
Lesson 2 – Participating Successfully
Lesson 3 – Money Matters
Lesson 4 – Useful Tools & Features

Accounts, Sign In Options & Interfaces:

Personally I highly recommend using the interface and logging in via one of the following methods:

Another good login and account creation option is eSteem for Mobile or Desktop:

For more on Esteem read the Esteem FAQ 3.0

The official Hive sites are and

Official Hive account creation portal with a list of ways to create an account:

Create a Hive account via Blocktrades:

Create a Hive account with Hiveonboard:

Invite people to join Hive:

PeakD Community on Hive:

PeakD launch information:

Download and installation instructions for the Hive Keychain from Github:

How to use Hivesigner (Hive version of SteemConnect)

Tutorial: Working with Hive Keychain and Steem Keychain.

How to use the Steem Keychain with Hive by changing the api endpoint:

How to view and change your Recovery Account:

Hive Account Recovery:

Hive Account Recovery GUI:

Trading/Managing HIVE, HBD & Tokens:

You can now give HIVE and HBD Tips via PeakD:

Hive wallets for multiple platforms can be found here:

Trade HIVE and HBD on the internal market:

Buy HIVE on BlockTrades:

STEEM and HIVE pairing on BlockTrades:

Trade STEEM For HIVE on BlockTrades:

How to buy and sell HIVE on the Ionomy exchange:

Tutorial: How to transfer HIVE to Bittrex:

Tutorial: How to Remove & Make HivePower (HP) Delegations

Hive-Engine is Steem-Engine for Hive but with more features:

Convert EM and ENG to BEE or WORKER BEE tokens:

Witness Related:

PeakD Witness page:

Official Hive.Blog Witness page:

Detailed Witness information:

Hive Witness Essentials on Github:

Hive Tools:

I Love PeakD is a Chrome (Brave) web extension for those who love PeakD. This extension redirects various frontend articles to the

I Love PeakD on Github:

Esteem Search is a search engine for Hive:

HiveDesktop is a desktop application for the Hive blockchain:

HiveDesktop installers for Linux, OSX and Windows on Github:

HiveBuzz is SteemitBoard for Hive:


Hive-Converter is for switching between blockchain sites:

SteemRSS is now HiveRSS and how to use it:

HIVE Ticker Extension for GNOME desktop environment:

Hive-Now is a site for retrieving information and stats for a Hive account:

HE Explorer is a Hive-Engine blockexplorer:

HE Explorer on Github:

Hive.Vote is Steemauto for Hive:

Tagbot is an upvote bot:

Hiveblocks is a Hive blockexplorer:

Hive-db is a Hive blockexplorer:

HIVE WHAT is a Hive blockchain Search & Directory:

Hive2csv makes it possible to download Hive blockchain data in .CSV format:

Engage is a Hive Community management tool:

Jarvis is an automatization tool:

HiveURL is a URL link shortener for Hive and includes analytics:

Hive Images:

Official Hive brand assets (images) can be found here:

Hive Image Kit:

Hive Wallpapers for Desktop:

Developer Resources:

Hive developer portal:

HiveDevs Community

Hive Source Code on Github:

A list of current Hive projects can be found here:

Hive Developer Portal Quickstart:

Hive Developer Portal Resources:

Hive dApps directory:

Hivejs Tutorial: Introduction for beginners:

Hive Javascript libraries:

HIVE compatible Steemfeed-JS:

Beem is a python library for Hive that also includes the CLI tool beempy:

Beem documentation page that also includes tutorials:

Hivesigner Python Client:

Lighthive is a light python client to interact with the Hive blockchain:

Hiveengine a python library for Hive-Engine:

Hive-ruby is a Ruby API for the Hive blockchain:

Hive-Ruby setup guide:

Go-Hive is a Hive library for Go:

Hivescript is a script/json to keep app URL structure of all Hive apps:

SuperHive is a PHP blog engine for embedding Hive posts on a website:

Hive Games & Gaming:

Gamers Badge on PeakD where you can subscribe to a gaming feed of Badge holders:

EXODE Hive Game:


EXODE Getting Started Guide:

Rising Star Hive Game:

Rising Star Tutorial:

Dcity Hive Game:

Dcity Information:

Qlabs Hive Game:

Qlabs Hive Blog:

BROcity Hive Game:

BROcity Hive Blog:

Battle Games Hive Frontend:

Battle Games Hive Blog:

Angry Warlord Hive Game:

Helpful Discord Channels:

The Official Hive Discord server can be found here:

The Official PeakD Discord server can be found here:

The Discord link for Palnet that never expires can be found here:

The Beem developer Discord channel can be found here: