WHAT IS REAL MILK? To drink milk, or not to drink milk, is a question that isn’t easily answered. There are a lot of conflicting theories about dairy products, depending on where you’re looking for your information. Dairy producers will tell you that milk is good for you. They’ll also tell you about all the […]


A visit to the farm  Back before a new wave of government harassment of raw milk farms in late 2019 drove so many small farms to close, this is where we used to get our raw milk from. Alt Energy Farm Co-op Organic A2 Jersey cows, eating a full range of fresh feed including sunflowers, […]


WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND CHAPTER OF THE WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION     NZ  CHAPTERS To find your nearest chapter see the NZ Chapter List Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price is free to read online here  BECOMING A MEMBER You can join up by going to the Weston A Price Foundation site and clicking on […]


Comments and Quotes If the consumers do not speak up and tell MAF what they want, they will assume that consumers do not want to be able to buy raw milk and essentially it will be unavailable to most Ben Warren – health coach – It appears that MAF’s intention is not to stop […]


Fresh, Unprocessed, Whole Milk – Safety, Health and Economic Issues The Safety of Raw Milk by The Weston A. Price Foundation – Published 2009 PROTECTIVE COMPONENTS Raw milk contains numerous components that assist in: Killing pathogens in the milk (lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin, leukocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, antibodies, medium chain fatty acids, lysozyme, B12 binding protein, bifidus factor, […]


  Our Goal Open access to organic raw milk for all New Zealanders, along with easy access to a full range of locally produced organic dairy products. Encouraging News Raw milk is freely sold in most countries Raw milk is freely sold in most countries throughout the world – New Zealand, Australia, and Canada being […]


Submissions to MPI – July 2014 These were our submissions to The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) on proposed options for the sale of raw milk to consumers back in- July 2014.  The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) was seeking public submissions on a consultation document that outlines options for the future sale of raw […]


Raw Milk Producers Association of New Zealand submission on discussion document This was a submission on sale of raw milk to consumers – MPI Public Discussion Paper No: 2014/22 Thank you for listening to the submissions presented to the last round of consultations in 2011. The RMPANZ was formed in the light of the anticipated law […]


This was our first submission on raw milk from back in 2011 Submissions to MAF – Nov 2011 Submissions on MAF Public Discussion Paper No: 2011/11- “Proposals for continuing to legally provide for farm gate sales of raw drinking milk” The document we were making submissions on is available for download HERE A Summary posted […]


Eat up your butter We originally posted this article to help counteract the one man misinformation campaign being spread by Auckland epidemiologist Rod Jackson, which made headlines around the world. (Epidemiologists study the frequency and distribution of diseases within human populations, but they are not known for their knowledge of nutrition) It’s sad that someone […]