In times gone by, we used to read fiction to explore imaginary realities. Now we live in a reality so bizarre even Philip K Dick probably would have needed to up his drug intake to deal with it… I once […]

How the Tavistock Institute Invented The Beatles

The Manufactured Invention of the Beatles by the Tavistock Institute “The fact that “The Beatles” had their music and lyrics written for them by Theo Adorno was concealed from public view.” John Coleman, former MI6 agent. Stones Logo: Sticking your […]


Confronted by a globalist scam so monumental it is sometimes hard to comprehend, the never ending onslaught of “we are fucked” messages can leave us worn down and defeated, close to giving up. A lot of people have been asking […]


You know that feeling when you are looking at your webpage about trannies and you think “what this page needs is a tranny picture galley”. These are the sort of feelings when you are burned out from going on about […]


Something I’m gradually doing on my Transvestigations webpage is looking through the whopping list of possible trannies and adding some thumbnails. Here are the latest updates: Aimee Semple McPherson Alanis Morisette Allison Janney Amal Clooney Angelina Jolie Anthony Daniels Brad […]

Puppet Masters Of Media Propaganda

Puppet Masters Of Media Propaganda  In this day and age of vast amounts of news and media that bombard and compete for public attention fewer and fewer are able to discriminate fact from fiction. Shocking tabloid headlines, once reserved for […]


PUNCH AND JUDY ARE PUPPETS! And like many puppets they are controlled by hands up their arses. They are grotesque, ugly, and violent puppets who have different names and appear to hate each other. They like nothing more than to […]

CIA Controls CNN

Insider Confirms CIA Controls CNN Our CNN insider had been out of touch with us for several days. We were starting to wonder what was going on, but in our latest communication, our CNN insider did confirm our biggest fears. The […]

No science here, we’re PC…

The five biggest anti-science FAILS of the progressive Left When it comes to topics like climate change, the progressive Left claims a monopoly on “science.” But a closer examination of the Left’s whacky beliefs across the scientific spectrum reveal a […]


Leaked Secret Recordings Expose The Truth About CNN James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas recently released covertly captured, previously unheard audio footage from within the CNN newsroom. But unlike his usual undercover sting operations, this footage was allegedly […]

Exposing The Mainstream Consensus Reality Complex

Exposing The Mainstream Consensus Reality Complex Some things never change. In the 21st century, people in power are still attacking independent voices for speaking up for what they believe, and for sharing their opinions. Related: My Memories From the Fake News Business The […]

Hype Fake News Now, Muted Retractions Later

Hype Fake News Now, Muted Retractions Later – MSM Death Throes The corporate mainstream media networks are now experiencing massive symptoms suggesting, without any shadow of doubt, that they are in their death throes. They are now deliberately publishing unverified […]