There have been books warning about the death jabs for the past 134 years

They actually go back further but this is a pretty good list: 1889 Jenner & Vaccination. Charles Creighton, M.D. 1892 Vaccination Tracts Garth Wilkinson, M.D. 1892 Sanitation-Sanatory Remedies or Vaccination and the Drug Treatment. J. Pickering 1893 The Recrudescence of Leprosy William Teeb M.D. 1895 What about Vaccinations. Alford Mines M.A. 1896 A Century of […]


For decades I have to some extent gone along with ideas of copyright, accepting that it’s not cool to just copy and paste other peoples web pages, but this is 2023 and there are now so many sick jabbed people around, I think it’s more important to pass on any information that might help them, […]

The flu renamed every two years is still the flu

Virus theory is all complete bullshit anyway. This post was originally done in March 2020 but it’s just as important two years later! Viral disease is poisoning. Corona started with industrial pollution and 5g rollout in Wuhan. Spanish flu was vaccination and aspirin poisoning Polio was DDT poisoning Flu is air pollution (inc emf) and […]


VACCINATIONS –Potentially lethal and totally ineffective. “Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity”- Dr Herbert Shelton Supporters of vaccinations believe that they are for the greater good; that parents who choose not to vaccinate are selfish, and a threat to other people’s children. But for a public health policy to be for the […]

Vaccinated Kids Have 470% Higher Autism Rate

The First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study Of Vaccinated Vs Unvaccinated Children Showed Vaccinated Kids Have A Higher Rate Of Sickness, 470% Increase In Autism In a development that autism parents had long anticipated, the first-ever, peer-reviewed study comparing total health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children showed autism to be significantly higher in the vaccinated group. According […]

Another mumps outbreak among vaccinated students

This post is originally from May 19 2016 – back then, long before the coronahoax started, like many people, we were trying to expose the “vaccination” scam. Even amongst people who are aware of the many vaccination cover ups that are going on, it seems to be rare for anyone to say publicly that the […]