Like most people, sometimes I wake up in the night, soaked in sweat and freaking out that I have turned into a gimp. For more than 20 years I’ve been researching “conspiracies” and posting stuff online that freaks out normies. […]


I’m really not into American politics, but if this clown show is about to fuck up the global economy before the end of this month, it’s only fitting to share some photos of Democrat party supporters preparing to riot. I […]

The Great American Fart – A NOVEL

Inspired by the monetisation of serialized novels, I have commenced writing my own masterpiece: I sit at my desk and begin writing my new novel. I type each word with intense concentration, sculpting my novel into the great American masterpiece. […]


A BUNCH OF ARSE? Four years ago I was obsessed with arses. It was an unfortunate stage that I was going through. I have since recovered… sift666 (65) in #life • 4 years ago (edited) Americans say ass when they […]


HOW TO GET FIRED UP When I’m slouching off to planet nodville but need to get one of my remaining cylinders firing I often use some sounds like this to get myself going. A lot of people seem to use […]


I JUST SAW A MOVIE I LIKED And that doesn’t happen very often… Given that I recently did a post saying “all modern music is UTTER SHIT”, what about movies? While I do proclaim MOST modern movies are utter shit, […]


Like all American presidents, Trump is working for Israel Check out a few choice quotes from Trump the loyal zionist bend over and squeal boy… “The only [candidate] that’s going to give real support to Israel is me. The rest […]

Not Safe For Americans (NSFA)

The internet is being made safer for Americans. This is long overdue as many Americans have been offended. Sites like Fakebook and Youtub are now leading the move to protect Americans from gratuitous offense danger (GOD). Here are some offensive […]


Americans know how to dress themselves better than any other nation. The key to making America the greatest nation on earth again is for Americans to be proud of their bodies and their sexuality, and to stop being inhibited – […]

The golden age of American motoring

From the Laurel and Hardy school of motoring: Fascinating photos capture the thrills… and spills of the golden age of American motoring  Wrapped around a tree, nose down in a ditch and dangling precariously over water. Fascinating photos from the […]


MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Official story of Las Vegas shooting unravels; physical impossibility of lone gunman makes narrative ludicrous It’s all bollocks. The “official” narrative of how things went down in the Las Vegas massacre is so full of holes that it […]


THE MOON LANDING HOAX “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; […]

False Flag Terrorism Isn’t A “Theory”

False Flag Terrorism Isn’t A “Theory”: It’s Admitted And Widespread Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police Admit to False Flag Terror. Although some have not, just quite yet: Where are your wings, Mr “Airplane”?  In the following […]

40 American Products That Are No Longer Made in America

American icons that are made in China American corporations have been abandoning their American factories for years. Many iconic American products aren’t made in America anymore and are assembled and produced in cheaper and more efficient factories in countries like […]

The CIA Murdered Bob Marley

Bob Marley was murdered Like the Clintons, the CIA murders anyone they see as inconvenient President JFK of the USA made a speech warning us that they ARE Vast Global Conspiracies afoot (just before he was assassinated), and the CIA […]


AMERICAN GODS JUST BLEW MY DOORS OFF Yesterday we sat down and watched episode one of the new American Gods TV series. We’ve been anticipating it for a while, but I was a bit uncertain that it was going to […]

Government – The Enemy Of Freedom

Government – The Enemy Of Freedom We’re being played for fools. On paper, we may be technically free. In reality, however, we are only as free as a government official may allow. Related: When the Police Become Mother Hens “Rights […]

CIA Controls CNN

Insider Confirms CIA Controls CNN Our CNN insider had been out of touch with us for several days. We were starting to wonder what was going on, but in our latest communication, our CNN insider did confirm our biggest fears. The […]


American Food “Science” Is Totally Corrupt And It’s All A Failed Decades Long Diet Experiment Although we have been saying most of the stuff for many years, it’s interesting to see this information becoming increasingly mainstream. And to see McDonalds […]


Vault 7 Bombshell Just Vindicated Every Conspiracy Theorist – The CIA Can Spy On Anyone Through TVs, iPhones, Smart Phones And Windows PCs Another deep state bombshell just hit the ‘net with WikiLeaks’ release of over 8,000 pages of once-secret […]


Leaked Secret Recordings Expose The Truth About CNN James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas recently released covertly captured, previously unheard audio footage from within the CNN newsroom. But unlike his usual undercover sting operations, this footage was allegedly […]

Even more fraud from killary klinton

Con Artist Clinton –  Millions Of Dollars In Fraud Revealed After Clinton Foundation Server Hacked and House Oversight Committee Sends Request To FBI Director Comey For Hillary Clinton’s Server Contents Julian Assange has been suggesting that Wikileaks would soon drop […]

America – the truth could be satire

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Says Boy He Raped Should Pay Back Hush Money Since He Broke His Silence In April of last year, Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House and admitted child rapist, was sentenced to 15 months in […]

The Continuing Decline of McDonald’s

The Continuing Decline of McDonald’s by James Corbett Long-time Corbett Reporteers might recall my 2015 video, “Celebrate! McDonald’s is Dying!” where I detailed the many, many woes the fast “food” giant was dealing with at the time, including: The first […]

US Deep State In Deep Trouble

US Deep State In Deep Trouble  and A Deeper Understanding Of Technocracy US ruling power is in deep trouble because there are growing signs that the mass of citizens are no longer beholden to the supposed authority residing in Washington. […]

How The CIA Invented “Conspiracy Theories”

How The CIA Invented “Conspiracy Theories” With the sudden, bizarre rise of the “Fake News” accusations throughout the entire Corporate Media megaphone and the equally bizarre and totally unsubstantiated CIA allegations that the Russians had stolen the election for Donald […]

What Killary Klinton is hiding

Hillary Clintons Medical Records Revealed No one is promised tomorrow, anything could take place to bring your life to an end. Some people like Hillary run out of time sooner than others, she has debilitating problems that have just been […]

Establishment Losing Control Over The People

The Empire didn’t believe Brexit was possible. Brexit leader Nigel Farage said the globalist establishment is bewildered over Brexit and clueless on how to regain control. “The Empire is befuddled,” he said on The Alex Jones Show Tuesday. “The Empire doesn’t get Brexit […]

Fictional Climate Change

Fictional Climate Change Hollywood Sci-Fi Filmmakers Tapped To Dramatize Fictional Climate Change To Scare Everybody Into Voting For Climate Totalitarians I’m almost rolling with laughter watching all this unfold: Because democrats refuse to face the real threats facing America – […]


Dow Chemicals – Manufacturing Toxins and Breast Implants What is it about powerful US companies and their tendency to do absolutely anything to maximise their profits with no regard to how many people they kill off if it makes them […]