Transcending the Pandemic Narrative

How do we transcend the pandemic narrative and move into a new paradigm? To address that ques­tion, first I want to discuss the fallacies, manipula­tion and lies that this narrative has exposed us to, with a special focus on science and health. Then, I’d like to talk about how we figure out what is actually […]

Why are we doing this?

At some point I think a lot of us who start to see the narratives for what they are – a load of bollocks,  start out with the intention of “waking people up”, red pilling them, and we go to quite a bit of effort to do so, I know I did, but over much […]

There have been books warning about the death jabs for the past 134 years

They actually go back further but this is a pretty good list: 1889 Jenner & Vaccination. Charles Creighton, M.D. 1892 Vaccination Tracts Garth Wilkinson, M.D. 1892 Sanitation-Sanatory Remedies or Vaccination and the Drug Treatment. J. Pickering 1893 The Recrudescence of Leprosy William Teeb M.D. 1895 What about Vaccinations. Alford Mines M.A. 1896 A Century of […]


For decades I have to some extent gone along with ideas of copyright, accepting that it’s not cool to just copy and paste other peoples web pages, but this is 2023 and there are now so many sick jabbed people around, I think it’s more important to pass on any information that might help them, […]

The next phase of the psyop

This may sound a bit callous but I must admit that for the past year or so, seeing all the news stories of people dropping dead playing sports or keeling over on TV give me a certain sense of satisfaction. After trying to warn people about the covid (Certificate Of Vaccination ID) death jabs for […]