Treating Cancer with Apricot Kernels

One of several effective treatments for cancer that are being kept from the public to protect the cancer industry, is B17 from apricot kernels  There is a great deal of controversy over the treatment of cancer using supplements containing Vitamin B17 (laetrile). Most commonly this is taken in the form of apricot kernels. Doctors, particularly […]

Sir Faul McCartney

Just how many Paul McCartney’s are there? A bizarre cover up that I find endlessly fascinating is the story of The Beatles. And a major part of that story was the replacement of Paul McCartney. Because the man (or men) now known as “Sir Paul McCartney” sure as hell is ( or are) not the […]


 Like most people, sometimes I wake up in the night, soaked in sweat and freaking out that I have turned into a gimp. For more than 20 years I’ve been researching “conspiracies” and posting stuff online that freaks out normies. Most of my ex-friends think I’m a complete tool. It’s one thing to write about […]

Vaccination’s false premise

It has been long known that both germ theory and vaccinations are utter bullshit. But this latest virus plandemic scam brings home yet again that most people just don’t understand the basics… Like much other medical information published over 60 years ago, the classic anti-vaccination book “The Poisoned Needle” by Eleanor McBean (1957) reveals many […]


I’m really not into American politics, but if this clown show is about to fuck up the global economy before the end of this month, it’s only fitting to share some photos of Democrat party supporters preparing to riot. I have no frigging idea where any of these pictures originated from. But that is the […]