Lets spread it all around.

It’s the 20’s now and shit is different. After using the internet for 22 years, lately I keep finding bookmarks I go back to, seem to have disappeared – it’s not just Fakebook that’s censoring everything – the whole internet is being purged of real information, and flooded with propaganda.

Living outside of the fascist control of England, Europe, and America, and having almost unlimited server space that can’t easily be censored, I’m in a unique position to be able to share good content on my blog. So I’m going to start doing that more often.

A shift in mindset, is to let go of ideas like “copyright” and all that outdated shit. We are all on the internet, anyone can copy and paste anything in seconds. I have over 2000 web pages of original content online that anyone can copy and repost. Good! – I hope they do. From this point, if I like something, I’m going to copy and post it here on my blog, on my own server.

If you are the author of something I have reposted and would like me to remove it, feel free to email me. I’ll happily take it down. If you are some lawyer threatening to sue me for copyright infringement on the other hand – your reply is in the mail…