My favourite fridge magnet is a holographic skull that I’ve been trying to make into a picture. I’ve done several edits but none seemed quite right. Yesterday I think I nailed it – this is the look I was after.

“Holographic Skull 666” (2020)

This magnet has always reminded me of the time when I was a young idiot, and I went to a holographic art exhibition. Before going in I took some art appreciation substances, and then things got a little freaky.

Once inside the exhibition it became clear to me that I had stepped through some sort of portal into a parallel universe where everything was a hologram. It was pretty cool really but after a while I became very hungry and couldn’t work out which hologram I needed to step into to get back to the regular world with food in it.

Eventually I found a door and went through it – and like magic it worked! I found myself standing in the street, feeling a bit lost. Buildings were making strange humming noises and passing cars left trails of sound in vivid purple colours

I had the idea I needed cheese and walked to a service station. Somehow I managed to open a fridge and select a block of cheese. Luckily I had a $10 note in my wallet and was able to buy the cheese without speaking. Hopefully I nodded or smiled or something when I bought it because I’m sure I didn’t speak.


Experiences like this may have been influential in shaping my perceptions I suspect. Remember to always eat your cheese!


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