Every year on November 1st “WORLD VEGAN DAY” is promoted – clearly it is important to acknowledge this day… For some reason there is not a day to celebrate omnivores (which is what humans actually are), but in these days of men getting pregnant all the time, I guess any mention of actual biology could […]

The state of things in NZ

These are pretty fucked up times. Here is an email I just sent to a friend in Australia – now posting it here just to give you all a look at what it’s like in NZ: They are definitely going to pull a global monkeypox lockdown, it’s just a matter of guessing when – it […]

A few lols at the new world

Back in the day (and when I say that I usually mean somewhere between 10 and 30 years ago) funny emails were a big thing. There was a lot less spam and a lot more funny emails. These days they are so rare that I send a copy of my mass mailouts to myself because […]


It’s the “Queen’s birthday” long weekend holiday here in New Zealand. I actually think the evil old hag died some time ago and has been replaced by a stand in, but never mind that conspiracy shit – let’s keep up appearances. The Queen was really into memes, when she wasn’t worshipping Satan she loved a […]

When things get dire we need more LOLS rather than more FUD!

Lately I’ve been a bit too busy to send out emails or to do blog posts. But yesterday I did a send and receive and watched 83 new emails download – all 83 of them went straight to junk mail, and it struck me that on top of these testing times, our incoming email is […]